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The following terms and conditions (T&Cs) apply to all the users of Online CBD Store. These T&Cs will govern your access to the website. Purchase, return, refund, and shipping, will also be subject to the policies mentioned here. By visiting our website, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions, and you will eventually be bound by them.

You must read the terms and conditions carefully before visiting our website or accessing it for the purpose of information and purchase. If these terms and conditions are not acceptable then you will be not allowed to access any part of the website.

Product Usage Terms

Customers agreeing to the terms and conditions showcase that they are of the legal age and give us their consent to further use the website for the purchase of products.

As long as you are using our services, illegal and unauthorized use of products is forbidden. You are also not authorized to violate the laws stated under the jurisdiction of your province.

All our buyers must seek information and product details from our website to form the basis of the purchase. Any breach of law, codes, or terms and conditions, will result in immediate termination of your services.

Products on our website are available online at all times. These products are subject to return, refund, and exchange under the shipping, return, and refund guidelines given by Online CBD Store.

We have displayed all our products with accurate information and image display on our website. Any product that appears different than the original image due to the monitor display or poor connection is not our liability.

We reserve the right to change the structure, navigation, and content on our website anytime without notice. And we also reserve the right to discontinue any product if the need arrives. Any offer or discount given on the product is subject to amendments, and we can discontinue the offers anytime.

We do not guarantee that the product quality, material, and services information given on our website will meet your expectations. Any error in the service does not hold us under any sort of obligation at any given time.

By continuing on the website and opting in for some of our services you agree that you will receive automated marketing messages and/or telephone calls from representatives of Online CBD Store. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Message and data rates may apply.

Warranties Disclaimer

We do not guarantee that the use of our services and website will be error-free, secure, and uninterrupted. We also do not warrant that the search results obtained from our website will be precise or accurate. The results may differ and will not meet your expectations from time to time.

We are not liable to give notice to you upon cancellation of service or removal of products for an indefinite, short span of time.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you exclusively agree that you are using the website and services at your own risk and discretion. The products delivered and purchased on our website will be provided to you as it is and we will not entertain any sort of claims, warranties, or conditions thereby implied.

In no case shall Online CBD Store, its employees, directors, suppliers, third-party retailers, affiliates, and partners be liable for damage, loss, injury, whether direct, indirect, consequential, special, or of any kind incurred as a result of our services and the use of our online store.

Billing and Account Information

At our sole discretion, we may limit or cancel an order for any reason. This includes,
but is not limited to orders that are placed by or under the same account, the same billing address, or the same shipping address.

You agree to provide us with current and accurate account information for all transactions. You can also update your account and other personal details by sending us an email. Your personal information and miscellaneous details are governed by our privacy policy.

We are not liable to address any transactional errors on the customer’s end. You will solely be responsible for the same. For technical errors, if any, Online CBD Store will immediately cancel the order. You will be required to place the order again or check in with our customer executives for further inquiries.

Account Termination

Online CBD Store reserves the right to suspend, deactivate, and terminate your account and access to the website without prior notice, return, or refund to you. It’s our sole discretion to decide whether to terminate the account on grounds of a policy violation or not.

Your access to Online CBD Store will automatically stand nullified upon your violation of refund, return, shipping, and T&Cs. You must understand that any type of information submitted to our website before account creation or after that will be terminated. This includes your feedback, comments, and personal account information.

User-Generated Content

The content generated, received, or suggested on our website will remain Online CBD Store’s property. Reviews along with feedback, comments, emails, social media content, or any written and published content associated with our website, such as suggestions regarding our website shall be monitored and controlled by us under all circumstances. We may share the feedback and customer information with our employees, partners, and affiliates from time to time.

We also reserve the right to treat the information provided by you as confidential, but we will not be liable to treat suggestions, comments, and feedback as sacred and confidential whether posted on our website or elsewhere.

Without restrictions or limitations, Online CBD Store will use feedback, reviews, and product reviews as future marketing content. We will be entitled to advertise, market, and promote user-generated content for commercial and marketing purposes without any notice or compensation to you. To an extent, after submitting user content, you will willfully allow Online CBD Store to use the content without plagiarism or copyright issues. You will also agree that your content has legal third-party written permission in case of copyrighted material or material owned by someone else.

You acknowledge that you will be solely responsible for the material you have submitted to us and that you will always be responsible for feedback submission, reviews, and other information, including its legal ramifications, copyright information, and appropriateness.

Online CBD Store reserves the right to delete, edit, accept, refuse, and modify, user content without informing you.

Copyright Information

Content material including designs, graphics, and write-ups belongs to Online CBD Store. The material related to the entire website is protected under the U.S. international copyright, trademark, and proprietary rights. Except as indicated in the public domain, you may not copy, modify, transmit, display, or sell any of the aforementioned proprietary information.

We rightfully own the material and information published on our website. From documents, guides, blogs, product descriptions, graphics, and content displayed throughout the website.

By agreeing to all our terms and conditions, you agree to not copy, challenge, market, publicly display, or otherwise impair our ownership rights to the website and its content.

Considerations for Local Regulations

Under these terms and conditions, you hold yourself solely accountable for purchasing products from our website. You agree that every purchase made from our website whether knowingly or unknowingly was done under the provisions stated under your local jurisdiction.

Online CBD Store will not be responsible for knowing whether the product you purchase is legal in your state, county, city, or residence or not. We suggest that you check your local laws before placing an order on our website.

We reserve the right to cancel an order, not ship, and deny delivery to areas where jurisdiction prohibits users from possessing and purchasing hemp or CBD containing less than 0.3% THC.

If in case you purchase these products without addressing the state regulation first, you will hold responsibility for possessing, using, and further selling hemp-derived products.

Drug Test Disclaimer

The products displayed on our website contain less than or equal to 0.3% of THC. They have been diagnosed and assessed keeping the quality standards in mind. All our products also have a third-party lab report. However, upon testing, low amounts of THC may be detectable in the products. In other words, you are at risk of testing positive for THC while using our products.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Disclaimer

As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), making therapeutic claims is a legal offense. Therefore, we must inform our customers that the product-related statements on our website have neither been approved, regulated, or evaluated by the FDA. From ingredient list to cannabinoid percentage, the FDA does not diagnose these products. Even the information presented to you as a therapeutic alternative is a mere idea behind our expertise and experience.

These health claims here are not meant as a treatment alternative from a licensed health physician. The products are not intended to cure or prevent the symptoms of normal to highly debilitating medical conditions. Kindly consult your healthcare professional before using the products listed on Online CBD Store as a treatment for specific conditions.

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