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Innovation Meets CBD

Water-Soluble Nanotechnology

Nutrients travel directly to the bloodstream for maximum effects

Self-Emulsifying Nanotechnology

Oil soluble nutrients for multiple health benefits

Skin Retention Nanotechnology

Complete skin barrier protection at molecular level

Potent and Effective CBD That Can Last a Lifetime

For your daily routine, CBD Living brings forth a delightful range of tinctures, beverages, skincare, topicals, edibles, capsules, and CBD for pets.

CBD Living - the Best Way to Experience CBD

Less in Price & More on Potential Health Benefits

CBD Living is committed to not only producing the highest-quality CBD but also ensuring the delivery of essential nutrients through their products.

Top business minds, thought leaders, and global scientists came together to make CBD Living a brand that’s making its mark across the US and internationally for good reasons. The brand has truly embraced innovation and nano-technology to develop three different proprietary technologies – water soluble nano technology, self-emulsifying nano technology and skin retention nano technology. Each one makes CBD Living’s products not only highly effective but also unique. The fresh and innovative aspect of each product lets you clearly feel the difference between CBD products created by CBD Living and that of other brands in the market. Boasting an enormous catalog, you can rest assured to find a perfect fit for your health routine with CBD Living.

Organic! Cruelty-Free!

CBD Living - Prioritizing Quality Experience

By using the best technology and manufacturing techniques to produce a range of CBD products, CBD Living makes sure that the overall experience of consumers is given the highest priority. From palatability of the product to the effects one shall receive, everything is taken care of by the team and tests are performed at every step. CBD Living thrives to consistently manufacture exceptionally high quality products that benefit the consumer in the best way possible. From organic hemp to cruelty free practices, everything is ensured to make CBD Living products the best in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all CBD Living products go through rigorous third party lab tests to ensure that the quality standard of the products is upheld. These unbiased quality tests ensure that the THC content does not go over the legal limit, while also making sure there are no detectable contaminants like microbes, pesticides, solvents etc. We recommend only buying products that have a certificate of analysis available as it proves that the quality of the product isn’t compromised. OnlineCBDStore proudly engages in sales of CBD Living products knowing that the consumers are receiving value for their money.
Yes, CBD Living has a wide range of pet products that are a great way of keeping your pets healthy and happy. The brand has multiple options for different purposes such as the Calming Cat and DogTinctures, CBD Pet Calming Water Booster, Pet Shampoo, Conditioners and Moisturizers, Breath Sprays, Nose and Paw Salves, and more.
Yes, all CBD Living products are free from all traces of THC. While brands can legally use upto 0.3% THC in their products, all formulations of CBD Living are without the cannabinoid. The absence of this intoxicating component ensures that consumers experience no ‘high-like’ effects rather go through an experience of relief and relaxation. It is crucial to remember that the THC we are referring to here is Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol and not Delta 8. The brand does have a line of Delta 8 products, but this cannabinoid does not have the same effects as Delta 9.
CBD Living obtains its hemp from a licensed farm and extraction facility that are responsible for quality testing the produce before it reaches CBD Living, where it is quality tested again. The farm and extraction facility is licensed under the Colorado and Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Program.
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