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Lab Tested

All products tested for safety and potency

Less Than 0.3% THC

Contains USA sourced broad-spectrum hemp extract

Standardized Serving

25 Mg CBD per serving

Get Sparkling Water for Hydration & Gummies for Supplementation

Created using broad spectrum hemp and real fruit extracts, Wyld CBD understands that to live life to the fullest one needs to have the correct companion. Every product is created to impart excellent value and high efficacy.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Wyld CBD - Created With Nature in Mind

Wyld CBD has a great lineup of THC-free, real fruit-infused CBD product options. They are completely vegan and are batch tested to ensure that every product has less than 0.3% THC as required by the 2018 Farm Bill. These products are non-psychoactive and act as a great addition to your daily wellness routine.

Wyld CBD is an Oregon based company that’s slowly working its way up in the CBD market. The brand is all about serving real CBD to its consumers with quality gummies and beverages. Wyld CBD successfully keeps the natural side of their products intact by using only organic hemp and real fruit. Whether you like your CBD in blueberry, strawberry or lemon flavor, you can rest assured that you are getting the real deal. No artificial flavors or harmful ingredients. Even with a small range of products, Wyld CBD is a customer favorite brand. Gluten free, vegan formulas and THC free products make the highlight of the brand’s bestsellers.

Advocates of Nature

Progressive, Eco-Friendly CBD Products
Wyld CBD is a brand that is constantly working on improving their manufacturing process in order to be eco champions. Perhaps, providing highest quality CBD products is not their only goal, bringing a positive change in the market and encouraging other businesses to become eco-friendly is another goal Wyld CBD strives for. The brand has already achieved the tag of being a carbon neutral company and aims at redesigning environmental friendly packaging. The brand has already gained a significant number of consumers even with a limited range of products and aims at improving even further to a point where they are not only the best CBD manufacturers but best for the environment as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Wyld CBD Gummies are THC free and therefore do not lead to any intoxicating effects. These gummies, however, are infused with high quality CBD, CBG and CBN along with other terpenes and fruit extracts that strengthen the entourage effect. CBD gummies in the absence of THC can have a more relaxing and calming effect as opposed to a euphoric experience.

These additional minor cannabinoids serve different purposes, CBN or Cannabinol has a more sedative effect and acts as the perfect addition to night gummies or sleep gummies.

CBG or Cannabigerol helps in restoring and rejuvenating a tired body and mind, helping you maintain the perfect balance throughout the day.

Almost all products from Wyld CBD contain somewhere between 20mg to 25 mg of CBD along with other cannabinoids, terpenes, fruit extracts and other ingredients.

All beverages and flavored gummies, namely, Huckleberry, Raspberry, Lemon and Blackberry contain 25mg of CBD per serving. While the Elderberry CBN gummies that promote better sleep also contain 25mg of CBD, they are infused with 5mg of CBN.

The gummies can be found in varying strengths so you can make your choice depending on whether you want them to last long or if you’re simply trying out a flavor.

  • Organic hemp products
  • Third party lab tested
  • Ultra entourage effect
  • Variety of products
  • Diminished high

The ease of consumption of these products coupled with the benefits makes for the perfect CBD experience.

Yes, Wyld CBD gummies infused with CBN are great for sleep. The Elderberry gummies have been infused with 25 mg CBD and 5 mg CBN to promote a better and more relaxed sleep. The minor cannabinoid CBN is a non psychoactive and weaker version of THC with sedative effects that helps promote sound sleeping habits.

The elderberry extracts added to the gummies are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that provide immune support, reduce occasional stress and promote relief & relaxation which helps improve the quality of your sleep.

Yes, all Wyld CBD gummies and sparkling waters contain broad spectrum hemp extracts. This means that all products from the brand are free from any THC or have undetectable traces of the cannabinoid.

On the other hand, the products are infused with high quality cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN along with fruit extracts and terpenes that work in synergy to give an entourage effect.

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