What Is CBN

What Is CBN and What Are Its Benefits?

  • September 4, 2021


Across the world, people have happily hopped on the bandwagon of using cannabinoids as an alternative form of treatment for their many health disorders instead of opting for the traditional form of regressive therapy. All this sudden popularity is accredited to the Farm Bill of 2018 as well as the simply amazing experiences that patients have had after the switch.
The most effective cannabinoids that have contributed to this phenomenon are CBD (Cannabidiol), CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBN (Cannabinol). Out of these three cannabinoids, CBN is the lesser-known but one of the most effective, let’s find out why and how.

What Is CBN and What Are Some of Its Effects?

CBN or Cannabinol is one of the 100+ identified cannabinoids that can be extracted from the cannabis plant and be used for the health treatment of patients. It is derived from oxidizing tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THC-A) and was surprisingly the first-ever cannabinoid to be discovered back in 1899.

cbd-sleep-tinctureOn its own CBN is believed to be completely non-psychoactive or very mildly psychoactive as compared to other THC-derived components that occur naturally. This arguably also makes it one of the strongest sleep-inducing cannabinoids identified till now which means that it gives quite a strong sleepy or drowsy effect to the user who is consuming it. This in turn makes it the perfect solution for sleep for many patients who are suffering from severe insomnia. It reacts against the CB1 and CB2 receptors and biologically aids the user in reaching the relaxation stage that leads to good sleep.

So instead of spending your night twisting around in your bed, it would be advisable for you to take a good CBN tincture and sleep the most peaceful that you can ever possibly do.


What Are the Benefits of CBN?

There are many potential benefits of CBN that have been identified. Let’s go through a list of the 9 most important benefits of CBN so that a user can become more aware and well informed about what they can use CBN for.

CBN as a Sedative

As mentioned before, CBN is a highly sedative compound that works effectively if you want to sleep or treat your insomnia. There are also deliberations on it being supremely effective if taken alongside THC. As per studies it has shown such effects on mice and hopefully in the future if more research studies are conducted a lot more proof can be collected on the claim of it working well for humans too.

CBN as a Pain Reliever

As a pain reliever CBN has multiple possibilities as it influences the activity of neurons similar to the way that capsaicin which is found in chili pepper affects the body. Hence to reiterate CBN is an efficient tool to relieve your immense pains.

CBN as an Antibiotic

In a study done in 2008, it was found out that CBN can treat bacterial infections providing yet another benefit for the body of the patient. This makes us believe that CBN can prove to be an effective antibiotic to treat other such bacterial infections and can possibly replace the ancient method of treatment.

CBN as an Anti-Inflammatory

All cannabinoids including CBN are known to help with the treatment of inflammation. Like its counterpart CBD which is a recognized and highly popular cannabinoid giving anti-inflammatory benefits, CBN is another one which can be added to this list. It reacts with the receptors in the human endocannabinoid system to give such a therapeutic effect.

CBN as an Appetite Stimulant

With all the research that keeps happening in order to find out other benefits of CBN, another one that was found out to be true was appetite-stimulating one. For any patient who undergoes loss of appetite due to their severe health issue, CBN can become an effective appetite stimulant for them.

CBN as a Cancer Fighter

While the studies in this area are considerably less, there have been huge talks of CBN having cancer-fighting capabilities. They can both help in slowing down or completely stopping the growth and spread of cancer cells in humans. With such a brilliant possibility it would do us good to wait for further research and studies which will validate this property of CBN.

CBN as an Anticonvulsant

Like CBD, CBN also has anticonvulsant properties, which means that it can help in the treatment of epilepsy and its seizures. The effects are not as strong as they are with CBD or THC, but nonetheless, this important benefit should not be without mention.

CBN for Bone Healing and Growth

Research has indicated that many cannabinoids can help with bone healing and production of a new bone. CBN stimulates the production of new bones by activating the stem cells which helps in making new bone cells which further leads to the production of a new bone. Some physical experiments have also promised the skin healing benefit where topical application of CBN has helped with the treatment of psoriasis.

CBN as a Glaucoma Therapy

CBN has shown great promise in the treatment of glaucoma as per verified studies done in order to expand the potential benefits of CBN and its products. It gives protection to the nerves that are situated in the back of the eye which is referred to as ‘neuroprotection’ and reduces the intraocular pressure in the eye as well. This enhances the overall benefit of using CBN in the ocular field.


While more research is desperately needed to prove most of the benefits of CBN, there remains not an ounce of doubt in it being a highly effective medicinal cannabinoid mainly due to the research that has already been done. To be patient and watch out for the latest updates and studies being done in respect to this, is advised to every person who is even minutely interested in using CBN to treat their issues.

If you are interested in trying it out now, we have a curated selection of products for you which you can choose as per your needs or desires. Happy buying and happy trying y’all!

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