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Toast™ Pet delivers 125 milligrams of American-grown, full-spectrum hemp extract. For dogs, the Woef tincture features wild Alaskan salmon oil and organic flax seed oil. The Miau tincture is designed with wild anchovy oil that cats will love. Both fish oils are certified by Friends of the Seas.

Available in 30-millilitre bottles, these drops are travel sized and convenient. An included easy-drop applicator lets you apply the perfect micro dose to food, water, or directly into your pet’s mouth. This supplement is lab tested for quality.

39 reviews for Toast Pet – Wild Anchovy

  1. Damien Craig

    Excellent product for cats. Mine loves the taste and not eagerly waits for the food, she’s much healthier and calm. Perfect match, effects are subtle but yes it’s effective. Just ordered another bottle.

  2. Eva Perez

    My cat has had feline immunodeficiency virus for a year, she has had difficulty in getting up and walking for a long time and even eating too. Since last month I am using this product which one of my colleagues suggested who also owns a cat. I have noticed some positive changes in her behavior, she seems more mobile and happy. I didn’t know this for sure until a week, now I am confident about this product. Would suggest all who own a cat to get this.

  3. Harper.T

    Didn’t work at all, waited to show any sign for a week, my whole bottle is up, nothing happened/

  4. mia lee

    Excellent product, helped my cat overcome her anxiety issues. Have never seen her so calm and assorted.

  5. noah

    Wasn’t sure if this product helped my cat with the pain or not but, after 2 days only it felt that she’s more calm and playful. This is a sign of improvement, she seems all normal

  6. Susan Brown

    My 4 yr old cat, Gimzo had minor surgery last month and since then she’s been acting a little low. I tried taking her out for a drive and meeting friends but didn’t notice much of a behavioral change. Was starting to get a little worried but then my friend suggested this product which she herself uses for her devon rex. I added 3-4 drops in her diet, On day one she seems a little more responsive but I couldn’t tell much. Within a few days, I could see her normal self coming out. It’s strange how easily your pet’s mental health issues can go unnoticed. Glad my Gimzo is back. I’ll come back for a refill as this gets over.

  7. Ethan

    The description says that it can be applied to food or water or directly into the pet’s mouth. But it doesn’t tell about the amount. I have no idea how much to do for my 3 yr old Maine coon who has been having anxiety and anger issues for some time.

  8. Charlotte

    I have a 3 yr oil Balinese with me at home, she was having some issues in breathing and eating 2-3 weeks back. My vet told me that she’s got a respiratory infection due to inflammation in the lungs. I have added miau oil along with her immuno boosters and she’s recovering well now, almost healed. I will continue this product for some more time with her diet.

  9. Missy Moore

    Just recently came across toast products and found that they have hemp oil for cats. I didn’t know how different it is from the hemp oil that we use. But I guess, anchovy oil has an impact on canines. Both my cats seem to love it. They’re eating well, seem relaxed, and spend more time sitting with me.

  10. Angel Mona

    Just recently adopted a kitty and got to know that she has anxiety issues. Louie is a 3 yr old cat who is really hyperactive. I believe anyone could have trouble with him after some time. But giving up on him was no option, I stumbled upon this product while looking for hemp oil. Have to say it has done wonders for us. Just with the second use, I could see the results, yes directly putting in the mouth works much better than adding to the food. He’s much much calmer now. We both are happy, and will be ordering 2 bottles more.

  11. James Brown

    My13 yr old munchkin is having a rough time taking walks in the evening. She is having breathing issues for some time and as she’s also old, I am avoiding taking supplements. Got this hemp oil last week and have been adding 2-4 drops in her meals. It didn’t affect me at all in the beginning but then after 2 days, I tried giving it to her directly through her mouth, this way I could notice an improvement. I could tell she’s more active and has been responding to me well too. It’s great how this product has worked for us. However it would be helpful if dosing guidelines are more elaborate.

  12. Amelia Jones

    Read several reviews of this product before trying it out for my cat who has an autoimmune disease. She has difficulty in sleeping and eating and has anxiety phases. She takes her supplement rich diet but I wanted to add hemp oil to it. I am glad that she is responding well currently but hard to tell if there’s any difference with the addition of this product to her diet..

  13. James.J

    Is it a hemp oil or cbd oil? I tried it for a week and nothing happened.

  14. Mason .H Harper

    “My 11 years old cat, Kiki was diagnosed with FIV, it’s an immunodeficiency virus that is slow acting and severely weakens the immune system over time. She has been taking Immuno booster supplements and has been recovering too. But I have been noticing that this also hampered her mental health and she’s not been interactive lately. However, there are some positive changes I have noticed since last week as I have been adding a few drops of hemp oil in her food along with the supplements.
    Kiki seems more at ease and is eating properly too. Will continue this for some more time.”

  15. Christina.H

    My cat seems to enjoy this product. He seems to have forgotten about the foot injury he had last week. Just a few drops in the morning is all he needs. It’s amazing how this oil works.

  16. Ethan.Evans

    I bought this product for my 6 yr old Burmese cat. She has been taking chondroitin supplements for her arthritis along with a few drops of hemp oil (which I added last week). She has been recovering well with this combination and I have noticed some positive behaviors change with the addition of hemp oil.

  17. Loki Hernandez

    It’s the second hemp oil bottle I am ordering from your store. My cat seems to love these products. It’s affordable and shows positive results.

  18. Maria. M

    This hemp oil is so organic, I used it myself a few times out of curiosity, the effects are mellow and calm. Me and my cat both seem to LOVE IT.

  19. Sophia Miller

    I have been using this product for months for my cat who is super moody and has not been eating properly for some time. She loves this product and does not resist taking it. I add it sometimes in her food and sometimes in the milk. We spend more time and she seems in a much more stable mood. Will get a refill soon

  20. Skeeta

    The effects are quite prominent. My hyperactive cat mellows down within 20minutes after the meal. In the first week. I add 4 drops in the milk now and will try decreasing the dose and see what happens.

  21. Anna Willians

    To be honest I still can’t tell the difference. She seems a tiny bit more calm but, can’t say it this thing worked

  22. Woody. B. Goodey

    I have two cats at home, both American short hair. I add 3-4 drops of toast oil in their meals for their general wellness. They are healthy and more active.

  23. Aaron. Cambell

    Last year I rescued a 6 yr old cat from the shelter, who is also blind. Lately, I have noticed that she’s got a bit more anxious and not been eating properly. So, I took her to the vet and he suggested using CBD oil and recommended a dosage based on her weight. She’s calmer since I am using this product and has started to eat better.

  24. Joey Lynch

    My darling and friend Lola(my 7yr old cat) started having seizures last month. I took him to the vet, there also he was having some difficulty. Doc told him these are grand mal seizures that can cause abnormal behavior in cats. I used phenobarbital for 2 weeks, it didn’t suit him well and he vomited also twice during this time. I wanted to try hemp oil but didn’t take it as a reliable option, however, ordered this product anyway. It’s been a week and Lola has been acting stable and hasn’t had any episodes during his time.

  25. Oscar.B

    Still don’t know if it works or not. Yes, my cat eats her food well, but yeah that’s what she was doing earlier too.

  26. Jack. B

    Chloe my 2 yr old cat) was facing a lot of skin issues. I would always notice her biting her neck or body. He is a British shorthair and it’s visible to the eye if there’s something wrong with the skin, which I felt was too dry. Took her to the clinic twice all they said was it’s behavioral and natural. It was bothering me too cause I knew something had to be done about it, so I stumbled upon toast hemp products and found that you have hemp oil for cats. Been applying the oil to the skin and also adding 5 drops to the food 3times, after a week I can see the changes. I don’t know how exactly it works but I can notice she stopped chewing her paws and the dryness has reduced significantly. He seems healthier and his coat looks amazing.

  27. Jo. Hackett

    My 3 yr cat is a cancer survivor, with vet bills piling up I thought of giving hemp oil a shot. Have to say this product has helped Max cope up with the side effects of the illness. I can notice a change in his behavior, he’s more active and seems more relaxed. I’ve decreased his medications and it seems to be working for us.

  28. Ema.Kelly

    My 7yo cat has been acting a little anxious lately. Don’t know if it’s an age factor or what. Bought this product last week and been giving a few drops daily. She’s calmer, active, and seems happy.

  29. Nala.G

    “Received my product 2 weeks back. Wanted to try hemp oil for my cat, who is perfectly healthy.
    Giving her a few drops in the food. She loves the taste I can tell and hangs around more often than before.”

  30. marshmello

    I have 3 cats at my house, one of the female cats is too aggressive and is always making a fuss and scratching furniture. I received this product last week only and have been adding a few drops to her diet every day. On the first day, I could tell the difference. She was so calm the whole evening and it worked well for her. I’ll continue this for some more time.

  31. KimJ

    My little kitty was diagnosed with arthritis in her legs. It broke my heart to hear that. I could see that she was having discomfort in getting up and walking. I ordered this oil after doing a little research and am giving her 5 drops in the morning and in the evenings. She’s a lot active & climbed stairs too, though have gotten a bit moody I think, which is alight :p. Will get a refill once this one is over.

  32. Lily

    Bella injured her hip a few months, my 10 yr old brother accidentally fell on her while playing. Hemp oil has helped her to cope up with the pain during this time and helped her with the recovery. It takes 1-2 days to know, but it’s effective.

  33. Delilah

    I received my product just now. Thanks for the on-time delivery.

  34. Molly Draper

    I have two 2 Abyssinian Cats(Amelia and Alicia) with me at home. Alicia gets a little hyperactive during the night time, and it becomes an issue for me to clean up the mess in the morning. She’s been scratching furniture and doors and anything and everything. I stumbled upon this product while looking for hemp oil for cats. Been giving 5 drops to her with food and I think she seems to like it too. She’s calmer now and behaving well

  35. Aaron

    This product says hemp oil but doesn’t talk about CBD concentration. It’s hard to compare two products without proper labeling.

  36. Jo Boy 12

    Received my package on time. I regularly use miau tincture for my 2cats, for their general well being. Two drops in their meals keep them healthy and active.

  37. Elle

    Simba knows when it’s time to leave, yup right after eating the food, he comes on time too. He is a street cat(2.5-3 yrs old), who often comes to pay a visit, we have a good understanding now and are almost like friends. I ordered miau toast from your website, and received it last week, just to see if he likes it. The first day I gave him 5-10 drops of milk, he finished his meal, sat down like he would sometimes do and then went away like always. But he hung around the house for a much longer time and came back after a while and just sat there. Simba never does that. It’s been a week. I am giving him the same dose, I can tell he likes it, and we hang out more often. He even has started coming in the house, is less scared and anxious. Yes it almost is like a bribe but again as I told you, we have a good understanding. Good product quality. Will come for a refill

  38. Joe. Vance

    Back pain issues are common in cats as they age. My 9 yr old persian cat has slowed down a little and wasn’t eating properly when I noticed, 4 weeks back. Before taking her to the vet, which I had an idea would prescribe an NSAID straightaway, I wanted to try hemp oil. It’s been 3 weeks since we are using this product, I add 5-8 drops in her food two times. And I have noticed she’s more mobile and eating well. I would definitely recommend this product for pets.

  39. D. Bowden

    I have a 3 yr old dog at home, Milo. 5-6 months back I noticed he has not been eating properly and has difficulty getting up. So, I took him to a vet. He said there’s a tumor in his stomach. I was afraid to give him dog aspirin due to the possible long-term side effects and I came across this product while looking for an alternate. I am impressed with the results, he’s been eating properly and is more active and less anxious. Surprisingly the size of the tumor has shrunk too. This product has definitely helped us during this time.

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