Toast Full Spectrum Hemp Extract - Cold Pressed Lemon


Toast Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – Cold Pressed Lemon


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Made in the USA, the Toast™ Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is formulated with premium CBD and organic, fractionated coconut oil. This formula is offered in four strengths, each with .3% THC or less.

The Everyday tincture features 250 milligrams, while the Extra Strength tincture contains 500 milligrams; both strengths are offered in compact, 30-millilitre bottles with easy-drop applicators. The Barista option delivers 1000 milligrams in a 120-millilitre bottle, and it’s equipped with a spray cap to add a quick boost to your beverage. The Maximum Strength option contains 2000 milligrams of CBD in a two-ounce bottle. The dark-colored bottles protect the hemp extract from sun exposure, maintaining both flavor and integrity.

Bottled from the source, the hemp extract is produced in small batches to maintain key cannabinoids and deliver the highest quality formula. This formula is available in a variety of organic flavors—including cold-pressed blends—and is free of gluten, pesticide, and herbicide.

Read our guide to learn more about full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate tinctures.

13 reviews for Toast Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – Cold Pressed Lemon

  1. Max Wilks

    I ordered this to help my dog who is suffering from cancer. It did help her in getting through the day and with symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

  2. Fenella Craft

    I bought this product for my partner who has irritable bowel syndrome and faces nausea every day because of that. After using this hemp oil, he has seen changes in his health in a positive way and is happy at using the hemp extract.

  3. David.S

    I like the way this hemp oil helps effectively in reducing my arthritis pain both in my feet and hands. Highly recommendable.

  4. P Molloy

    The hemp oil is fantastic in relieving pain in my muscles. I like that it comes with an easy drop applicator, with which I can easily take the oil.

  5. Darell Thomas

    This product helps with nothing. Even the taste is not good. This one is definitely not for me.

  6. Trent C

    This product works best for my stress issues and helps me calm down, the main reason why I bought it. The overpowering lemon flavor makes the whole experience a better one.

  7. Emett Dolan

    The hemp extract is incredibly tasty and healthy. I use it generally at night as it helps me with my sleep problems.

  8. B Rollins

    Didn’t like the product at all. Not working for my ailment.

  9. Neil Andrade

    I ordered it for having a relaxing effect but didn’t feel anything. Since I liked the taste I use it for cooking and salad dressings.

  10. Lacie Preston

    I’d like to recommend this hemp extract to everyone who has anxiety issues. This product has helped me a lot with my anxiety and is very effective.

  11. Alexa F Smith

    I love the hemp extract. It works perfectly for my migraines and helps me in having a good sleep.

  12. Tadh Moon

    I like that the oil comes in a glass bottle, which can be re-used. The easy drop applicator makes it easier to take the correct amount of hemp extract. I like the taste and quality as well.

  13. Moses Pymer

    The hemp extract is packed with the fresh flavor of lemon. To get the maximum of this formulation, I put a few drops of this in my juice to get my daily dose. Though I was skeptical about its results, they surpassed my expectations. Arrived early.

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Toast Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – Cold Pressed Lemon


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