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Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower


Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower


(6 customer reviews)

The classic Sour Diesel Hemp Strain will never lead to disappointment. It has the perfect potent effects and pungent flavors. Too good to be refused at this price point.

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Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower hails from the Sativa dominant family of strains. With hints of green and orange hues, this strain is infamous for providing quick and powerful effects with every use.

A favorite of farmers and consumers alike, Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower can be the perfect addition to your day. Its dense and sticky buds are perfectly cured to deliver an abundant deal of trichomes. With a perfect balance of bitter, sweet and sour flavors, it delivers the necessary effects with a pleasant taste. 


If you are a CBD enthusiast, you cannot go on without giving Sour Diesel a try. It is locally grown and one of the best hemp strains on the market. Its impressive lineage is the primary contributor to its high CBD concentration and strong effects. Pinpointing its parents is not an easy task. However, there are some speculations that suggest that Sour Diesel is an offspring of Chemdawg 91(Hybrid) and Super Skunk (Indica dominant). 

While the former has strong gasoline notes with hints of skunky aroma, the latter goes by its name to give a strong skunky fragrance and a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. Sour Diesel exhibits a good amount of both its parent’s characteristics in terms of flavor as well as effects. 

Cannabinoid Strength  

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower boasts a highly concentrated and impressive chemical profile. It contains about 20 percent CBD and 0.09-0.12 percent Delta-9-THC. It’s the result of cross-breeding between premium quality strains that helped decrease the THC levels in Sour Diesel CBD hemp flower to less than 0.3 percent THC. So, you get a CBD strain that complies with the limitations of the Farm Bill.

The high level of CBD makes it a fast-acting strain that is best suited for people with a significant level of tolerance and chronic or severe health issues. 

Its terpene profile is also worth mentioning. It contains most of the primary terpenes such as Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene and Caryophyllene. Not only do they contribute towards its flavor and aroma but also contribute to its soothing effects. 

Aroma and Flavor

Sour Diesel gets its strong and pungent aroma and flavor from its parent strains. The buds hit you with hints of tangy, sweet and sour aroma from the first sniff. Once you light it up, you may get a strong gasoline scent too.

The flavor of Sour Diesel is a mixture of tanginess and sweetness. It often leaves a coating of sweetness on the tongue after consumption. It also has a slightly bitter and grassy flavor that joins in with the prominent sourness. 


Right from the beginning, you will be overwhelmed with the pungent aroma and strong flavor of Sour Diesel. But, it’s not just the scent and taste that will get your senses, the high CBD concentration is another aspect that will surprise you. 

Sour Diesel works almost instantly. You may start noticing the effects within a few minutes of your toke. The 20 percent CBD enters the body to lift you up and drain away any inhibitions. It’s known to improve confidence and courage. In addition to giving a boost to your personality, Sour Diesel is ideal for relieving cognitive and physical discomforts. 

Suggested Usage

Sour Diesel is one of the strongest CBD hemp flowers. It’s advised to use it responsibly as it is extremely potent. While it will benefit people with high tolerance, people with low tolerance may not be able to handle the strain. It’s not intoxicating, but the effects may not be tolerable for beginners.

6 reviews for Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Martha

    I love it. Buds are big and have perfect moisture. They smell good, taste good., and offer relaxing effects, which also helps me stay focused. Will definitely order more from here.

  2. Adam

    Amazing! Works great and effects are very potent. I often use it to get some relaxation. 5 stars from my side.

  3. Leslie Turner

    This strain has everything you want. The quality is very good and the smell of Sour D is just wonderful. It is very relaxing. But I the packaging can improve.

  4. Tony P.

    I love the taste of this flower! It is very relaxing and offers a very soothing buzz. Would definitely recommend it to my friends.

  5. Elliot Black

    I ordered these buds a few days ago, and I really liked them when attey arrived. The smell is good and the taste is amazing too. It helps me feel relaxed and clear headed.

  6. Moses Bell

    Got this hemp flower delivered just a few days ago, and I’m really impressed with its quality as well as effects. I’m using it with DaVinci IQ vaporizer that I got from vapeandcbd only. Working great for my social anxiety.

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Sour Diesel is one of the most familiar names in the cannabis industry. However, this time, you can have the experience without getting intoxicated. With Sour Diesel CBD Hemp flowers, you get the flavor and aroma of Sour Diesel and the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

It comes from the family of Sativa hemp strains and delivers uplifting effects for the consumer. It’s a favorite of many consumers for its taste, aroma and effects. We’ll go through each of these aspects separately, as well as other important characteristics of the strain to give you an idea of the overall quality of the Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower.

Origin (5/5)

The Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower is locally grown in Colorado and Columbia strain that falls under the list of one of the strongest Sativa strains. Its identity lies in the strong and pungent aroma that catches your olfactory senses as soon as you open the packet. This overwhelming aroma is a result of the crossbreeding between Chemdawg ‘91 and Super Skunk.

SD’s parents are two of the original strains with a very impressive taste and flavor profile on their own. This is why you get bits of each parent’s characteristics in Sour Diesel. The cerebral high and gasoline notes from Chemdawg ‘91, and the pungent skunkiness and citrus, sweet taste from Super Skunk.

However, Sour Diesel does not have strong THC content. It’s a CBD hemp flower that is purely meant for experiencing medicinal properties.

Aroma (5/5)

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower lives up to its name. You don’t even need to take a deep sniff to get the pungent and potent aroma. It has a strong smell without a doubt. You get hints of sourness as well as a diesel-like or gasoline-like scent. Some also describe the aroma as skunky with bits of pine and herby notes.

Even though the smell is strong, it’s not unpleasant. It almost feels like the THC variant of Sour Diesel. For those who enjoy the aroma of their buds, SD is a good choice. But, it can fill up your room if you leave it in an open space for a long time.

Appearance (4/5)

The buds of Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower are decent looking. They have a good trim but it has some leftover leaves and stems. Overall, they are good, dense nugs that almost look like a small Christmas tree.

It has good shades of dark and light green with hints of muted yellow and very little purple. They carry a good deal of trichomes which is always a plus point. The buds also have a good cure proving that they are quality strains.

Flavor (4/5)

Sour Diesel Hemp Flower shows a great variety of flavors. Right off the bat, you will get the very distinct gasoline flavor. It’s overwhelming but very pleasant. The next in line is the earthy hemp taste. You will get the herbiness from the drag after you settle on the strong gasoline flavor. By the end, the sour, tangy and bitter notes kick in. It also leaves a sweet coating on the tongue and leaves your mouth with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

The flavors are very enjoyable. In simple words, it is a tasty strain.

However, the flavors do not do complete justice to the aroma. While the scent of the strain is strong, the taste gets a little muted compared to how it smells.

Effects (4.5/5)

Sour Diesel is supposed to be an uplifting strain and it sure is. Right after your third puff, you will feel the effects kick in. The mind calms down and you feel relaxed. But, at the same time, you will feel like you can climb a mountain. It wakes you up, makes you more aware and improves your focus. You can be more productive after a session of Sour Diesel.

It’s a great daytime strain that can put you in the zone and help you get more work done. However, you should not use it during the night or before sleeping.

The drags are very smooth on the throat. It doesn’t give you a cough reflex. However, some may feel a slight not-so-overwhelming bite with use.

Cultivation Process (5/5)

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower is a premium quality strain that shows. It is indoor grown which is a clear sign that it’s grown in the best conditions and facilities. You can see the result in the appearance of the buds. They exhibit loads of crystals visible on the surface and no seeds.

All the hemp is locally grown in the farms of Colorado and Colombia. So you get a quality product made in your home at the best price.

Safety (4.5/5)

When dealing with flowers, it’s important to know the quality and safety standards of the product. The Sour Diesel ensures that you get a safe product that only delivers therapeutic effects.

The CBD hemp flower goes through different testing processes to be 100 percent sure that it is safe for use. You will find a certificate of analysis done by a third-party laboratory with your package that will give you an idea of the chemical profile and test results of the strain.

In addition to this, the strain is Farm Bill compliant which means that it has less than 0.3% THC. So, it’s safe from all the intoxicating effects that come with THC.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile (4.5/5)

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower comes with 20-25% CBD and less than 0.3% THC. It also has some detectable levels of CBC and CBG.

Sour Diesel is not just rich in CBD but also a large number of terpenes. It has almost all the prominent terpenes such as Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene and Limonene (which explains the sour taste and aroma). With such a rich presence of terpenes and cannabinoids, you get the enhanced effects of CBD, commonly called the entourage effect, from the strain.

Benefits (5/5)

Sour Diesel is particularly effective in getting your mind in one place. It will clear your thoughts and freshen you up. Its high CBD concentration soothes the body but at the same time, the Sativa lineage helps you be aware and alert. You get things done faster and will see a noticeable difference in your productivity. It becomes more apparent when you compare the results before and after a session.

Potency (4.8/5)

Sour Diesel belongs to the list of one of the potent hemp flowers in the industry. Depending on the cultivation of the plant, you can get a CBD content of anywhere from 20 to 25 percent which makes it a very soothing strain that’s effective in relaxing the body and mind.

The high CBD content is the reason why it is fast-acting and gives you the desired effects within a few minutes. And once you start feeling the effects, they can last anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on your level of experience and tolerance.

Usage (4.5/5)

Sour Diesel is potent even as a CBD hemp flower. It’s not intoxicating but the effects can be strong. 25% CBD is a high concentration. Such a high ratio of CBD is good news for experienced consumers. But for beginners, the strain can be intolerable.

Sour Diesel is a perfect daytime strain. It’s uplifting and razor-sharp concentration attributes are perfect to complete work better. You can roll it into a joint, fill it up in a vaporizer or use it with a water pipe.

While the vapes and joints are enjoyable, the water pipe drags can be slightly harsh.

Shopping Experience (5/5)

Getting a hand on Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower is very easy. The online order was pretty smooth. It’s easy to checkout and the delivery is quick too. The customer support is always ready to answer your queries. So, there are no issues with the shopping experience.

You get the strain in a vacuum seal packaging that comes with the COA and the paperworks of the Colorado rules of agriculture. Everything is pretty transparent.

Value for Money (5/5)

You get 3.5 grams of flower for $29.99. It’s a steal for a family of Diesels. The hemp flower is potent and a very effective strain. And along with effectiveness, you get a powerful yet pleasant flavor and aroma. Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower at such an affordable price is clearly a steal.

Overall Review (4.5/5)

Sour Diesel delivers what it claims. It checks all the boxes of a good CBD strain. From the strong aroma that can overwhelm your room to the strong gasoline flavor that makes every drag enjoyable, it’s obvious why it’s a customer favorite.

The best part about SD is that it is very smooth. The flavors are consistent with every puff and you can feel the effects right from the second or third toke (depending on your technique and duration). The buds are pretty dense and look beautiful with its hints of yellow, orange and purple.

The only slight drawback is the flavor. The aroma prepares you for a gush of gasoline and citrusy flavors. But, when you take a drag, it’s not as strong. Though the flavors are great and make the strain a tasty choice, it’s not as strong as its smell.

Overall, Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower is a great pick. Whether you are a flavor chaser or one who likes strong effects, you can get it all for a price of $29.99.

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