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Social CBD Pet Drops 750mg blends broad spectrum hemp extract with coconut oil to deliver a vegan CBD product designed for your companion. These CBD drops can be applied over the top of food, mixed with water, or dropped directly into the animal’s mouth. Flavor options include bacon, chicken, peanut butter, and unflavored.

20 reviews for Social CBD – Pet Drops

  1. Jacob

    My aged dog needed something badly to calm her uneasiness. And the CBD drops actually worked perfectly in soothing my dog. Very affordable product.

  2. Steve Barker

    I’ve been giving these drops to my dog for his seizures. He gets instant relief from his seizures. I would highly recommend it.

  3. Kesha Grey

    I’ve been using the drops twice daily on my dog for two weeks but haven’t noticed any change in his anxiety symptoms. Didn’t even feel any changes in the mood as well. Felt disappointed.

  4. Rayce Evans

    My old labrador had severe arthritis pain in his shoulder. On adding the CBD drops to his food, he is relieved from the pain and even goes for a run with me now.

  5. Pete Waker

    It was difficult for my dog to undergo ACL surgery due to his age, so I gave him the CBD drops. Only after a week, he started walking again and is relaxed from the pain due to the injury.

  6. Maria

    My dog had been anxious for a long time and I’ve been trying so many different products but the CBD drops are the best of all. It has edged off my dog’s anxiety and has been acting normal now.

  7. Linda

    Bought on the recommendation of someone but it didn’t work at all for my dog. Though he tolerated the drops well, there was no change in his condition. So I had to find another one.

  8. Katey

    My sweet little cat was limping due to a knee injury and a friend of mine told about the drops. I was confused as there were so many brands in the market but I’m glad to buy this one for my pet. The limp has almost gone and she feels more active now.

  9. Joey

    Great product, it helps my dog with his recovery from the spine injury. Has helped a lot in relieving him from the pain and getting him back to his own self.

  10. Velle

    My little munchkin had a terrible skin condition and she felt grumpy and miserable because of it. The CBD drops have worked perfectly well in healing the skin condition. My kitty is happy now and I will definitely buy it again for her.

  11. Ben

    My 13 yr old old dog had arthritis and that had badly affected his appetite. But the drops have helped a lot and being a pet parent I’m highly pleased with the product.

  12. Cady Bell

    My cat was diagnosed with cancer and was losing weight post that. But with the help of CBD drops my cat runs around like a terror actively and has even gained weight.

  13. Smith

    My older dog was stressed out on the arrival of a new pet and used to hide in the shed all the time. I thought CBD drops would help but they only calmed him down and he sleeps a lot on taking them.

  14. John

    This product is a real deal as it helps my pet with his pain problems and relaxes him well.

  15. Jennifer Brown

    This product has worked fantastically well for my dog’s seizures. I ordered the chicken flavor and I mix them in his food. My dog loves it.

  16. Glen Black

    I adopted a Pitbull from shelter homes but he was unable to walk properly due to arthritis pain. I gave him the CBD drops in his food and in just a few days he was up and walking and loving life. The product is actually a life changer for my pet.

  17. Gabe Guyy

    I gave the CBD groups to my cat for anxiety but didn’t see any noticeable changes in his condition even after a week of giving the medicine.

  18. Nicky

    This product might work for some pets but it doesn’t work for all. I was hopeful that it would work for the cognitive problems of my 15yr old dog, but it made him highly thirsty and agitated.

  19. Colby

    By this for sure for your pet. My cat had severe appetite issues and was throwing up badly. But on giving these CBD drops, her condition has improved and I am happy to listen to the meow meow again.

  20. Reed Mendez

    My pet was suffering from cancer and the tumor was shrinking. These drops helped him tremendously from the side effects of the medications given for cancer. I wish I had ordered it a little earlier.

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