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Social CBD Rest Body Lotion


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Treat your body and mind to our luxurious CBD Sleep Lotion. Infused with powerful natural ingredients like CBD extract, magnesium, and arnica to support relaxation, along with deeply moisturizing shea butter, coconut, and argan oil. This night body lotion will transform your bedtime routine with essential oils of soothing lavender, calming chamomile, and relaxing bergamot to create an aromatherapy melody designed to put you in the right headspace for a great night’s rest.

  • 300mg of CBD Extract Per Bottle
  • Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky, Fast Absorbing
  • Natural Essential Oil Fragrance
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Rest & Relaxation: CBD Body Lotion

Calming Nightly Ritual
Before your head hits the pillow, treat yourself to Social’s CBD Body Lotion to help wind down with CBD and other gentle natural ingredients.

Soothing lavender, calming chamomile, and relaxing bergamot create a three-note aromatherapy melody designed to put you in the headspace for a great night’s rest.

Full-Body Experience
Massage our lotion into stiff shoulders, dry arms, and tired legs for a calming full-body experience. Made with deeply moisturizing and nourishing shea butter, arnica, argan oil, magnesium, and other natural ingredients.

Active Ingredients

Isolate CBD
Shown to help improve the body’s natural response to stress, Isolate CBD is pure CBD extract from the hemp plant. All additional phytocannabinoids are carefully removed, leaving nothing except CBD.

Shea Butter & Argan Oil
Deeply nourishing and moisturizing.

Arnica & Magnesium
Relaxing and soothing properties.

3 reviews for Social CBD Rest Body Lotion

  1. Azaria B

    I’m not sure if I liked this product from Social CBD too much. The effects are just fine but do not last for too long.

  2. Oscar L

    This is great. I use it every night to get some relaxation and that’s exactly what it helps me with. The smell is soothing too.

  3. Maya Chapman

    I have tried other products from Social CBD also, but this body lotion is not their best one. While it has a pleasing smell, it is a little oily, more than what I expected.

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