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Select CBD Foot Renewal Cream


Select CBD Foot Renewal Cream


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Social CBD has combined organic hemp extract with natural ingredients to deliver a hydrating cream to soothe your feet. In addition to 250mg of CBD there is shea butter, avocado oil, and menthol to help smooth skin.

28 reviews for Select CBD Foot Renewal Cream

  1. meeryn J

    I used the patch for getting pain relief in my sprained back. It did help a little but the adhesiveness is not great. The patch rolls out itself in an hour.

  2. Rile

    I tried using the patch for my spine pain but felt disappointed as they are not strong enough. The pain relief did last for some time but not up to my expectations.

  3. Thomas Wells

    I was struggling with my knee pain for years. This patch gives me 8 hours of pain-free bliss and this is why I love using it.

  4. G Bryan

    I am happy that my fingers don’t get messy as I don’t have to massage the topical to my skin. I simply slap it on my affected area to get hours of pain relief.

  5. Kate Porter

    It feels so amazing applying this patch. It relieves me from my back pain and I love the product in every form.

  6. K Judy

    The patch sticks so firmly that it is so difficult to remove it from the affected area. Didn’t provide any relief to my pain.

  7. Amy Murray

    I have bad sciatica pain and wasn’t able to walk properly due to that. And on using this patch the nerve pain started decreasing and gives a cooling effect that stays for a long time.

  8. John

    I’m amazed at how quickly these CBD patches work and help me calm down my anxiety and thus in sleeping as well.

  9. Ash White

    I like how these patches help me with my arthritis pain, especially the pine area of my body. I can easily use them without taking anyone’s help for application to areas out of reach.

  10. Chip K. Britten

    Wow! Wonderful mix- good to be applied on the skin. It repairs the dryness of my feet that I have been struggling with for a year. This was recommended by my Dermatologist after considering my sensitive skin.

  11. Deborah Wright

    Been using it for a long time, after moisturizing and hydrating the skin, it soothes the skin and protects from any kind of skin irritation.

  12. Amanda

    I have tried pretty much every foot cream available but a layer of Social CBD Foot Renewal Cream did wonders when the feet skin was rough due to steroid consumption. And it does not make your feet greasy.

  13. Joshua Nelson

    This formulation of this product beats the other foot creams. I apply a thick layer of it before going to the bed and wake up with young-looking smooth feet.

  14. Ashley Carter

    I have extremely cracked feet and after applying this every day, the skin is hydrated and silky. It worked really well on my dry spots.

  15. Betty

    After spending a weekend outdoors, the skin of my feet started to peel off. Then my mother offered me this foot cream and within three days, I could see the condition improving.

  16. Sandra Lewis

    While placing the order I mistakenly added my old contact number, I realized this after placing the order. So, to correct it I got in touch with the customer care representative and he corrected it within five minutes. Liked the Prompt service.

  17. Linda M. Baker

    This foot cream does not have any fragrance but does the job of moisturizing the feet very well.

  18. Patricia

    Ordered after a friend’s recommendation. Been using it for a month to soften the skin of my feet.

  19. Christopher Sanchez

    This is a completely plant-based product made with pure CBD and essential oils to improve the skin. I’m hooked to this product for good skin.

  20. Richard P

    Acted on the foot in a few days. But the size is smaller as compared to the image shown.

  21. Paul Gomez

    Happy with the results of this foot cream. Would definitely be ordering more skin products from them.

  22. Gabriel L. Johnson

    Ordered the first time from the Vape and CBD website. Worked nicely on me. A good variety of products available at reasonable prices. delivery should be improved

  23. Melissa

    I have tried various products to renew my foot cream, but nothing really worked. In my experimentation phase, I ordered this foot cream as well. Great consistency and have seen noticeable changes in my skin after regular usage.

  24. Andrew Mitchell

    Bought this at a sale price. Loved how after two days of application, the feet have become soft and subtle.

  25. Rona K

    A good combination of natural ingredients, safe to be used for anyone above 18. Now I love flaunting my feet wearing cute flats.

  26. Ali French

    In winters, the skin of my feet used to become dry and flaky. After regularly applying this for a week, my feet have become soft.

  27. Mary W Nguyen

    Whenever I walk for more than 5 minutes, I have dry spots on the feet. Now after applying it to my feet, not only the texture improved but I could also sleep better.

  28. Gavriel O’Brien

    I had tried other foot creams also available in the market, but this one stands apart from the crowd. I love the ingredients as they perfectly soothe and moisturize my feet. Got the delivery also on time.

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