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RVDCBD Gummy Pack 300 Mg

RVDCBD 300mg Gummy 3-Pack


RVDCBD 300mg Gummy 3-Pack


(5 customer reviews)

A “One-of-a-Kind” CBD Gummy RVDCBD Peach Rings are an easy and delicious way to incorporate CBD into your everyday routine. Each package contains 30 individual CBD (Cannabidiol) enriched gummy rings in a sweet peach flavor. Enjoy them at home or on the go – but wherever you enjoy them, give two big thumbs up for R-V-D.

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RVDCBD 300mg Gummy 3-Pack – Neon Rings ONLY, RVDCBD 300mg Gummy 3-Pack – Peach Rings ONLY, RVDCBD 300mg Gummy 3-Pack – Sour Bears ONLY, RVDCBD 300mg Gummy 3-Pack Variety (1 Ea.)

5 reviews for RVDCBD 300mg Gummy 3-Pack

  1. Maxwell Kelly

    I bought these for my brother to help him get rid of some relief from anxiety and stress. These gummies have been working great for him and we can see the effects clearly. Going to order more of these now.

  2. Ben Jones

    Great taste, easy to consume, and effective – these gummies are amazing!

  3. Peter M.

    I use these to get relief from anxiety, and I must say I’m really satisfied with the effects. However, these gummies take some time to show effects.

  4. Lane Moss

    One of the most effective CBD products I have ever used. These are not just delicious, but also extremely effective. My friend recommended this to me and I’m really satisfied. An affordable option to enhance my health and overall wellness.

  5. Harold Porter

    These gummies are delicious and very effective! And this pack of 3 makes it even more affordable overall. Highly recommended.

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