Redwood Reserves Menthol CBD Cigarettes

Redwood Reserves Menthol CBD Cigarettes


Redwood Reserves Menthol CBD Cigarettes


(26 customer reviews)

The Redwood Reserves Menthol CBD Cigarettes come in a beautifully designed pack of 20. These smokes feature smooth and cool flavors with silhouettes of earthy tones. The cigarettes are packed with high-quality, organic, sun-grown, and slowly-cured CBD flowers. Redwood Reserve also offers a discreet smoking experience through these smokes. They are the best alternative to tobacco.

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Our organically grown Redwood Reserves Menthol CBD Cigarettes are rich in phytocannabinoids, in particular, cannabidiol (CBD). The uniquely grown flowers of CBD are specially bred in industrial hemp farms. This also means that these smokes contain fewer amounts of THC. Each flower is bred with care and picked and dried without the addition of chemicals or harmful toxins.

Crafted to provide calm and relaxing experiences, the Redwood menthols smokes are also free of nicotine. They are discreet, easy to carry, and you will always find yourself in a clear headspace after using one of them. Because each tightly rolled cigarette contains 80-100 mg of CBD, you will get exactly what you were looking for – an anxiety-free experience or a stress-free day. Also, these hempettes do not contain a high concentration of THC, which means that you will never feel a head high. And that’s just to name a few of the reasons why you should purchase Redwood Reserve Menthol CBD Cigarettes. For more, buy one pack today and witness everything for yourself.

Redwood Reserves Menthol CBD Cigarettes Specifications:

  • 100% hemp flower
  • Total CBD: 13.28%
  • A pack of 20 cigarettes
  • 1200mg CBD per packet
  • Each smoke contains around 80-100mg of CBD
  • CBD breed and cured in Willamette Valley, Oregon
  • Sun-grown with no chemical additives
  • A strong terpene profile: 1.10%
  • Natural menthol flavor
  • Cotton filters
  • Contains a perfect blend of three strains: Golden Redwood, Carolina Dream, and Wild Bourbon.
  • Low concentration of THC

How to Dose CBD Cigarettes?

As per your dosage requirement, you can smoke these cigarettes during the day or night. That is completely a personal choice. However, it’s mandatory to keep the dosing guide in mind. Like with any other smoking product, CBD cigarettes can have some side effects such as lung irritation. One of the biggest reasons why you have to take the consumption habits and dosage into consideration. As for any CBD and hemp-derived product, we also recommend that you start slow and smoke once a day. This will give you an upper hand in managing the effects while you will also be able to adapt to your smoking patterns accordingly.

26 reviews for Redwood Reserves Menthol CBD Cigarettes

  1. Izabella Howard (verified owner)

    This flavor is unique, and it smokes like a conventional cigarette in my opinion. It has a stronger minty scent. It also smokes easily and smoothly. I’m surprised that I now prefer CBD cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. Although it has been challenging, I no longer worry about the adverse effects of tobacco cigarettes.

  2. Hans Eineborg (verified owner)

    This felt like a traditional cigarette to me. I enjoyed the same kind of high I get smoking a normal cig. And I gotta say this, the flavor is really cooling. Like you can feel it going down your throat. And its slow-burning, so gives you the feel. Nice product overall. If you like that minty or menthol flavor, maybe you can try these.

    Redwood Reserves Menthol CBD Cigarettes
  3. Kumi

    I enjoy smoking these CBD cigs to socialize with my friends without the hassle of dealing with cigarette smell or stinky breath. It has a unique menthol flavor that keeps you relaxed. Way better alternative for a quick menthol fix.

  4. Bobby K (verified owner)

    Nice product. I usually go through work stress and taking this cigarette in between work helps me to relax. Price wise it’s also convenient.

  5. Marry Watson

    I love this product for its soothing long-lasting effect. I would say purchase this if you are looking for a relaxing experience.

  6. Dave

    Nice product! I’m a CBD oil consumer but I can say smoking is a lot more effective and better. One cig at lunchtime and my day go well, smooth. The menthol flavor is kinda strong but it is good, at least not the harsh smell and taste of regular cigarettes. I have ordered this for the first time and had a good experience. Have also tried the other cigs of this brand but I liked this one more.

  7. Rhoda Morgan

    I love this brand. I always go for their menthol flavor, smells good as shit. The best thing about redwood reserve is that they use premium hemp flower. and these are super smooth. Some music and some puffs, and I am just like flyinn! Definitely recommend this.

  8. Mason (verified owner)

    These cigarettes give a smoother taste and offer a calming effect. Amazing product.

  9. Kashif M

    Cigarettes have good effects and are also nice but the menthol flavor is strong. Relaxing and calming these cigs are, a must try if you like menthol or at least can stand it. If you can’t, don’t buy. No hard feelings tho

  10. Katie22 (verified owner)

    Ordered this smoke pack with a great expection but it’s kinda normal. I did not feel any different than the normal tobacco cigs. though it says it all natural but the taste was pretty much the same. This pack was good for a one-time experience but not sure if I’ll buy this more.

  11. Jake47

    This flavor is quite different and it smokes like a regular cigarette to me. Smells more minty. it also smokes pretty smooth and easy. The reason I use more of this smoke is coz It’s all natural tobacco substitute . Amazing job done here.

  12. Jane Claborn

    This menthol flavor is better than your other products. I smoke only 2 times a week but it works wonders for me.

  13. Annie Stacy (verified owner)

    It’s surprising for me that I now prefer cbd cigs over tobacco cigs. The journey has been difficult but now I don’t stress out much about the harmful effects of tobacco cigs. These cigs are nicotine and tobacco-free, so that’s something really nice about them. Pretty satisfied with these.

  14. Penn

    In love with this product. The fact that it allows me to smoke a cigarette without affecting my health! I love smoking cigarettes, they give me peace and when I came across this product that is a cigarette but still offers benefits, I had to give it a try. I did and I was really satisfied. So relaxing, similar, if not better, effects to normal cigarettes and less toxic. No pungent flavor, no problematic smell, pure love..

  15. Brett Powell

    I have tried many CBD products but this one is now becoming one of my favorites, especially because of its sweet menthol taste.

  16. Charles John

    Damn great product man didn’t expect it at all. The menthol flavor is refreshing but not pungent and the cigarette actually helps you relax. I thought it won’t affect me as I am used to smoking weed but they do. However they are pretty subtle and the effects are not as strong as weed joints I roll but yeah CBD is fun man!

  17. Mikey

    I have tried normal CBD cigarettes and the menthol version of these as well. I prefer the menthol more than the other one. They are smooth and have a nice mint taste. I can take multiple hits and not feel any kind of harshness in my lungs. I would definitely recommend you give these a try.

  18. Ray

    This is an excellent product. Great packaging and really good quality. Will buy them again.

  19. Brit (verified owner)

    I like this menthol cig. It smells like flower and taste like cbd. Gives me a calm nice high. I think hemp-based cigs smell better and taste better than the tobacoo cigarettes. had a really enjoyable smoking experience. And the packaging is also awesome and appealing. They did a good job on everything. Would surely recommend this.

  20. Emily

    As far as CBD is concerned I have had my share of products that I have tried out. Tinctures, gummies, vape juice, you say it I have tried out. But this cigarette has to be my favorite. Instead of the mild hemp taste that one usually gets from something like this you actually get a nice sweet menthol taste. It is actually pretty good.

  21. Leo

    These are an excellent alternative to the tobacco that most people indulge in. For the longest time, I have been a cannabis smoker but these give me a feeling of calm without the associated high. I Will for sure recommend it.

  22. Michelle20

    I’ve been using these since quite some time now. Everyday after work I smoke this cig to just calm my mind after shower. The menthol flavor is so refreshing and it helps me so much in getting over the stress. Releases physical tension and helps me sleep better at night. I have been taking CBD since quite some time and have tried tinctures and gummies, but the effects smoking this cigarette gives me is beyond perfection.

  23. Aimee

    I love the way these cigarettes offer the feeling of calmness. I would recommend it to more people.

  24. James N.

    This one tastes quite well. I have tried other brands as well but none of them are as good as this one. This one isn’t too strong. Additionally, the house does not end up smelly funny when you smoke these.

  25. Alex Meltzer (verified owner)

    Flavor was pretty cool. Good product.

  26. Jean

    Taste is addictive but considering its hemp it’s not all that bad. I do keep my consumption to a minimum, however.

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