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Mary's Nutritional | Small Muscle Freeze

Mary’s Nutritional | Small Muscle Freeze


Mary’s Nutritionals – Remedy Oil

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Mary's nutritionals - Large muscle freeze


Mary’s nutritionals – Large muscle freeze


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Say goodbye to unwanted aches with Mary’s award-winning Muscle Freeze. This paraben-free topical is infused with full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD and other whole-plant nutrients to provide quick relief and a soothing, cooling effect.

25 reviews for Mary’s nutritionals – Large muscle freeze

  1. Yael

    On finding out that my friend got pain relief, I also ordered one for myself. It has been of great help for my neuropathic pain and I’m glad that I bought it.

  2. Sofia

    I bought it for my pain issues but on applying it I got rashes all over the area and it did burn my skin also. And when I cleaned it with water, it caused very bad inflammation.

  3. Eliza

    I had excruciating pain in my ankle for around 6 months and even had mobility issues due to that. But after using the muscle freeze, the pain has decreased up to 80% and I feel more relaxed because of that.

  4. David

    This topical is really amazing. I have swollen and aching joints and I prefer using the muscle freeze while going to bed. The next morning I donât feel any pain and even the swell gets decreased.

  5. Luke

    This is the best pain relief topical I’ve ever bought. This one is my favorite as it provides intense cooling and soothing effect.

  6. jamal

    This topical is really amazing. I have swollen and aching joints and I prefer using the muscle freeze while going to bed. The next morning I don’t feel any pain and even the swell gets decreased.

  7. jamal

    I love this product. It is wonderful in providing pain relief for my muscles.

  8. Colin

    This is the third time I am buying this product. It works great for my sore muscles. Love the muscle freeze.

  9. Alan

    I didn’t like the product at all. I have sensitive skin and on using this product my skin became red. Had to apply ice instead all over it for normalizing.

  10. Bono

    Muscle freeze is a miracle product. I like the cooling effect it gives on the sore muscles of my neck area. I would surely suggest it for getting instant pain relief.

  11. Carlis

    This is the best one I’ve found. I’ve tried other brands as well but they were not worthed at all. It provides me great relief and soothes me from my body aches.

  12. Ross Burns

    I have been using the muscle rub bought from them and was eager to try this one as well. But I didn’t find it much effective as the muscle rub. I’d rather like to switch back to muscle rub than the muscle freeze.

  13. harvey black

    The product is not that effective as expected. Initially, I did get relief but after a week the effects almost vanished. Would rather try some other stronger product.

  14. Glen

    I love the cooling effect muscle freeze provides to my arthritis pain. The best thing is it has zero side-effects and is a purely natural product.

  15. Gary

    I had severe pain in my hips and was also limping because of that. On using the muscle freeze, I have not only got relief from the pain but can even walk properly now.

  16. Patrik

    The day I tried this muscle freeze at my friend’s place, I decided to stick to this brand. So, I ordered it for myself from vapeandcbd for getting relief from my neck and back pain.

  17. Larry

    Earlier I used to take medications for controlling my pain but they had so many side-effects. The muscle freeze not only provides relief from my arthritis pain, but it also doesn’t have any side-effects.

  18. george

    I had severe glaucoma pain in my right eye for some time. I used so many products but didn’t get relief but on using the muscle freeze I get relief so quickly. Highly thankful to vapeandcbd for delivering it on time

  19. Mary

    Muscle freeze is perfect for getting relief from my migraines. The size of the bottle is so good that it fits easily in my purse and I can use it anytime I want.

  20. Ethan

    I just love it! No other product has taken care of my aches and pains better than this muscle freeze. This one is absolutely amazing.

  21. Frank Green

    I used it for a month but didn’t notice any change in my back pain. Felt disappointed at spending money on it.

  22. Daniel

    I use it for calming down my foots neuropathic pain and gives me instant relief from the pain. I am liking my muscle freeze a lot.

  23. Linda

    I just love the way this muscle freeze works effectively for my back pain. Would surely recommend it.

  24. Richard

    I have metal rods in my arm due to my car accident and had severe pain and inflammation after that. I’ve been using this product for quite a while now and it is helping me perfectly in soothing my pain.

  25. Liam

    Muscle freeze has helped quite a lot in reducing my pain, which I was suffering for over 6 months. The effects are long-lasting and the product is very easy to use.

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