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Jack Frost CBG Strain

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Jack Frost CBG Strain is one of the original CBG flowers to be cultivated by hemp growers. Packed with crystals, it’s one of the leading medicinal hemp strains on the market right now. A sweet flavor in combination with potentially calming effects makes it a great smoke.

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Are you looking to try a CBG flower, then Bulk Jack Frost CBG Strain is your best bet. Grown indoors, this CBG flower is made up of a unique blend of cannabinoids with CBG. This flower is best known for its frosty, white, and silver trichomes which contain a sweet citrusy aroma.

CBG stands for cannabigerolic acid which is the precursor to THC and CBDA. But in this case, it does not turn into THC and instead is kept in this form to provide you with a unique smoking experience. Both CBD and CBG do not have any euphoric effects making it easy for you to get through the day.

This particular strain is a blend of four potent strains. Namely Jack Herer, White Widow, Northern Lights, and Rainbow Kashmiri. Perfected over a course of 5 years, you can be sure that you
All flowers are lab tested to ensure that they contain containing <0.3% Δ9-THC. Apart from this, in the analysis, you will also see that there are tests for moisture content, terpene analysis, potency analysis, foreign matter inspection, mycotoxin screening, heavy metal screenings, and pesticide residue analysis. All of these are carried out by an independent lab to get the best product for you.

Jack Frost CBG Strain Specifications:

  • CBG: 15.74%
  • Available Quantity: 112 grams, 225 grams, 1lbs
  • Smell/Nose: Strong nose for CBG flower
  • Color/Look: Light green and frosty
  • Bud Size: Medium size
  • Taste: Sweet citrus & woody
  • Density: Spongy
  • Seeds: None

3 reviews for Jack Frost CBG Strain

  1. Steff

    The effects are really good. I like the flavor and smell of this flower. It helps me feel relaxed and calm.

  2. Brian

    I like these buds a lot. The color is good and the flavor is great too.

  3. Dan Dotson

    From all the hemp flowers that I’ve tried until now, Bulk Black Frost has perhaps helped me the best in managing my knee pain. Been using it for a month now. No complaints until now.

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Jack Frost is one of the most popular CBG-focused hemp strains in the market today. Packing 15% CBG content, the strain sure packs a punch. Coming from a complex lineage of four ancestors, the strain is grown indoors and is packed with crystals. It has been influential in propagating in the movement to create and produce more medicinal and diverse hemp strains. CBG is known for its ability to fight both cognitive and physical annoyances. This makes the strain perfect for people looking for quick relief against any discomforts.

Origin (4.5/5)

The CBG Hemp Flower, Jack Frost was developed with over 5 years of persistence. The strain is a blend of four power-packed strains. During these five years, the farmers cultivated and improved its potency and effects. Today it is a versatile cultivar because of the effort that went into producing the flower. The four parent strains have lended their features to the flower.
  • Jack Herer - Jack Frost inherited its sativa dominant effects and subtle notes of fruity flavor from Jack Herer.
  • White Widow - The herb provides an explosion of energy which it has inherited from the ever-so-popular White Widow.
  • Northern Lights - During the first phase of toke, you will experience balanced, calming effects reminding you of its Northern Lights heritage.
  • Rainbow Kashmiri - Jack Frost is known for its rich and intricate flavor which is a trait that the flower has inherited from Rainbow Kashmiri.

Packaging (4.3/5)

The flower comes in a small box. It contains a single sealed package of the CBG bud. It also contains a 1 gram Boveda humidity control pouch inside. The packaging is really good. There is no smell from the box. The package also contains a letter to USPS, law enforcement and a basic laboratory report.

Appearance (4.3/5)

Jack Frost is an attention grabber. Its fuzzy and frosted exterior makes it shine among other flowers on the top shelf. Its glorious trichomes give the bud a whimsical appearance that any flower enthusiast would easily fall in love with. They are oversized and very delicate that is why you need to handle it with care. The nugs are loosely packed and risks breaking off with subtle shakes or if it is handled ruggedly.

Aroma & Flavor (4.1/5)

In terms of satisfying your olefins, the frosty flower does not offer much aroma. There are subtle notes of honey and fruit which can be picked up by sensitive noses but others may have difficulty in detecting the aroma. Mostly, it is the organic grassy aroma that dominates the experience. When first opened, a light fruit dank smell summarises the experience.

As far as the flavor goes, the flower delivers a mouthful. It may lack a little in the fragrance part but it makes it up with its consistent and enriching flavor. The flower proves that there is much more to the herb than what meets the olfactories.

Effects (4.6/5)

The flower has a very delicate structure where the nugs shrug off easily with a little or moderately rugged handling. That is because, to experience the best therapeutic effects of CBG, the herb needs to be dried up to perfection. CBG is known for its ability to combat both cognitive as well as physical health conditions. The flower provides calming and soothing effects which is perfect for people looking for fast relief for all sorts of discomforts.

The effects arrive in waves. That means, you will experience different types of effects as you continue consuming the flower. The multi-faceted experience is a delight. It begins with a mild euphoria. The buzz is really mild so beginners have nothing to be worried about. You will experience a ringing sensation that sends a stir to course through your feet. You will feel a little elevation of energy. Here you may feel a little disbalanced and disoriented.

Gradually, you will experience an overwhelming sense of calm. It will push you to sit and relax. Bask in the pleasant experience of the buzz. As the effects increase, the flower will add palpable weight to your arms and legs which will lock you to your couch. Moving into the final stage of the effects, a strong sense of sleepiness will take over your body. Forget a lullaby, the flower will sing you to sleep.

The slumber lasts well into the morning. So, the strain is perfect for people who are looking to get a good night sleep after a hard and stressful day at work. Although, people who are just looking for a mild buzz and therapeutic effects in a flower, Jack Frost might not be the best strain for you.

Cultivation Process (4.2/5)

The CBG rich strain takes about 7 weeks to reach the flowering phase. It produces a moderate harvest of about 4 ounces per foot of height. While growing this strain, the farmers speed up the process to prevent CBG converting to THC. Depending upon the quality of the strain, the plant reaches heights up to 6 feet.

Jack Frost is an ideal full spectrum CBG flower. Its therapeutic effects are not limited to CBG only as it contains other cannabinoids as well. It has a strong genetic profile and distinct effects that produces hard-hitting extracts. The strain is grown indoors in the United States where each step of the process is monitored with precision and detail to ensure the quality of the product.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile (4.1/5)

The flower contains about 4.5% of terpenes. These include Linalool, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Caryophyllene Oxide, Limonene, Humulene, beta-Pinene, and alpha-Pinene.

Overall the cannabinoid percentage in the flower is 15.9%. This includes CBG-A, CBG, and CBC. The flower falls under the rules and regulations of the Farm Bill 2018. That means it contains delta 9 THC less than 0.3%. It is legal to be purchased and used to manage health without any hassles. Taking a look at the cannabinoid and terpene profile, it is definitely not the best in the market in terms of potency.

Potency & Medicinal Benefits (4.2/5)

The box contains high-quality CBG hemp flower which provides a range of therapeutic health benefits. In terms of potency, it packs up a whopping 15% CBG. CBG is often referred to as the mother of cannabinoids as it serves as a parent to several other cannabinoids. It is useful in relieving pain, reducing intraocular pressure, and calming inflammation. Although, there are flowers available which have higher potency of CBG. In case, that is the criterion for your purchase, then you may reconsider your choice. Otherwise the flower sure is effective in providing the therapeutic benefits it claims.

Value (4.4/5)

Jack Frost is available in four choices - 112 grams, 225 grams, and 450 grams with prices ranging from $120 to $350. With all that the flower offers, the price definitely is justified. In terms of therapeutic benefits, CBG profile, quality of the flower, Jack Frost passes off with flying colors. It is definitely worth the buy.

Suggested Usage (4.6/5)

As the flower packs a punch especially after a few puffs, the flower may not be the best choice for novices. But if you want to give it a try, start with smaller amounts of the strain that can help with your health without risking overwhelming your system. On the other hand, the flower is great for veterans. They can simply enjoy the euphoric and therapeutic benefits Jack Frost provides. The strain is best consumed before sleep, as it minimises movement. It will help relieve your stress and induce sleep.

Shopping Experience (5/5)

Purchasing flowers online is quite simple and hassle-free. Most users report a smooth buying experience from Vape and CBD. The hemp-derived flower is available in three different size options - ¼ lb, ½ lb, and 1lb. You can easily select the size online and add it in your cart. They offer guaranteed safe checkout with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payment options. The website is easy to navigate and they also offer customer support.

Overall Score (4.3/5)

Jack Frost is domestically grown indoors by professionals. Each step of the manufacturing process is monitored with utmost detail. The full-spectrum CBG strain packs up about 15% of the cannabinoid. Upon closely examining and using the flower, the flower sure provides therapeutic benefits for multiple health conditions. It is best used for pain-relief, improving sleep, stress-relief, and for anti-inflammation. Its roller-coaster effects may be a thumbs down for some but others would enjoy its multifaceted nature. The flower can be enjoyed by both the first-timers as well as the cannabis veterans. It is virtually void of delta-9 THC meeting the requirements of the Farm Bill 2018. That means you do not have to worry about the legality of the flower.

The bag is packaged well and is labeled with all the necessary information. If you are comfortable with a CBG strain that may lock you to your couch restricting any movement, then this strain fits perfectly for you.

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