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HHemp.co Lollipop Variety Pack


HHemp.co Lollipop Variety Pack


(11 customer reviews)

Our CBG+CBD Energy Pop helps with energy production by fueling your body with vitamins and superfoods.

Our CBG+CBD Immunity Pop is packed with the goodness of Elderberry and a boost of essential Vitamin C, E, B12, and Zinc, to help keep your immune system running strong.

Our CBG+CBD Chill Pop is specially blended with organic ingredients that help counter mental tension and the acute effects of stress.

Quantity: Pack of 3 lollipops, one of each flavor.

Shipping: Free Delivery Above $70


11 reviews for HHemp.co Lollipop Variety Pack

  1. Andy

    Product is great. It is easy to use.

  2. Jason

    I bought these lollipops a few days ago, and I love the flavors! They taste great and their effects are fine as well.

  3. Randy

    I was expecting it to be stronger. But the flavor is good.

  4. Minnie 

    My friend wanted to see how this would work. The product was packed very nicely, and delivered on time. But, don’t expect a ‘high’ feeling. That’s not what you will get. Overall, the product is kind of fun, and very portable.

  5. Sully 

    We are loving it so far!

  6. Nonnie F

    I am a single mom, and there are times when you are stressed because of work. Ok so, I normally don’t use CBG or CBD or any other stuff, but to be honest lollipop’s have been great. Good product.

  7. Drollin and Karen 

    I love the packaging. We use lollipop almost every single day.

  8. Vanessa

    I like this pack of three with different flavors. I wasn’t able to decide which one to buy and then this showed up. Works a sample. Loved the berry one.

  9. Marvin

    The delivery was surprisingly quick. These lollipops were the best product in my order. I never enjoy chocolate mint flavor but in this, it was great. Loved all three.

  10. Brady G

    They are flavorful and everything but the dose didn’t do me justice. I like the idea of CBD in a lollipop but I hope it was stronger.

  11. Maggie

    The orange and berry were my favorite. Reminds me of pops I had as a child. But, it’s strong. At least for me it is.

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