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Puff your way up into the cloudy CBG smoke and enjoy a combination of relaxation and relief with our HH The White CBG Flower.

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The White CBG Flower is bred especially to grow a CBG potent hemp variety due to its highly beneficial therapeutic effects. 

This beautiful strain of seedless light(colored) flowers is organically grown, slowly cured, and hand-trimmed so you get your hands on only the best of the best. 

A jar contains 4 grams of high CBG potent flower with an overall concentration of 17.69%. 

To use, grind all the hemp flowers and mix well! Now go on, smoke some. 

To store, find a cool, dry place; away from sunlight. 

Product Description:

  • Strain: The White
  • Type: Flower- Cured
  • Full Spectrum CBG & CBD flower
  • CBG, Indica dominant hybrid
  • Quantity: 4 gms per jar (.14oz)
  • Potency: CBGa 17.69%
  • Aroma: Cypress pine, floral, black pepper
  • Extracted from organically grown hemp
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Third-party certification of analysis 
  • Primary terpene profile:
  •  α-Bisabolol 
  •  Guaiol
  • β-Caryophyllene
  •  α-Humulene 
  • β-Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene Oxide
  • Non-GMO
  • Microbials: ND
  • Heavy Metals: ND
  • Pesticides: ND
  • Mycotoxins: ND

FDA Disclaimer:

No statements were made by us and approved or supported by the FDA. The purchase and consumption of the product are at the sole discretion of the consumer. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. Consult your physician to learn about potential interactions with other medications and other possible complications. 

Drug Test Disclaimer:

The flower contains less than 0.3% Delta 8 THC and maybe detectable via stringent testing. We do not claim that the consumer will pass a drug test. 

Check Local Regulations Before Purchase:

The CBG White Flower is federally legal, having been extracted from organically grown hemp. However, the state legislations vary across the country. It is your sole responsibility to check your local regulations before buying any Hhemp.co products. The company holds the right to deny delivery of your order if your state does not allow the possession, consumption, or sale of hemp products. 

10 reviews for HHemp.co – Flower Jar – The White CBG

  1. Victor G

    HH flower “the white” is a really nice strain. Ive started using this product and I have noticed improvements in my overall mood and sleep. Thank you guys!

  2. Tina D (verified owner)

    I received a recommendation from my friend to buy a flower jar. In my opinion, the packaging is really nice and the strain quality is good.

  3. Mathew

    It’s relaxing but takes time to show effects.

  4. Taylor B (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this flower to get relief from my anxiety issues. The calming effects of this strain are extremely helpful.

    HHemp.co - Flower Jar - The White CBG
  5. Steve 

    After being an alcohol addict for 10 years, I am presently undergoing CBD therapy. I purchased the flower jar as recommended by my doctor. I am not disappointed.

  6. Kassman 

    I am documenting the effectiveness of strains. The white strain sends a very earthy aroma when you open a jar. It’s very relaxing, I like my product. Good work.

  7. Roby (verified owner)

    My wife uses CBD oil and I personally use CBG to relax from daily stress. It’s very effective.

  8. Woody 

    I am exploring the strain in order to match my condition. The strain quality is good. I really liked the packaging. Overall, I think the price here is cheaper. Highly recommended.

  9. Reggie F.

    My friend told me about this strain for my anxiety issues, and I’m glad he did. This strain works great and helps me stay calm. It has a lovely smell and provides relaxation. A great strain to use for sleep issues.

  10. Charlie Bean

    This is one of the best strains out there. I love the smell of this one and its effects are just amazing.

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HHemp.co – Flower Jar – The White CBG


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