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Contains 2 grams of The White CBG hemp flower and 2 grams of Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower in each jar. 

  • Potency – CBGa 17.69%, CBDa 17.30%
  • Dominance – CBG, Indica-dominant hybrid and CBD, Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Smell – Tropical fruit and flowers with undertones of earthy pine
  • USA grown, triple lab-tested, non-GMO, non-psychoactive, and less than 0.3% total THC-delta9.

Ultra Entourage: CBG+CBD creates an ultra-entourage effect. Isolated CBG and CBD each have their own beneficial properties, but when CBD and CBG are taken together the benefits are amplified.

Instructions: Grind all hemp flower, put back into the jar, and shake well to mix together. It’s ready to enjoy.

Store in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight. Do not leave the product in your car. 


  1. Michael Julius 

    I gave it to my brother. He is not disappointed.Excellent work.

  2. Jacob Lee.      

    I purchased one for my friend. He is getting married. In my opinion, its good quality and cheap price. Overall, I liked the packaging. 

  3. Jeff Z 

    I use CBD products to overcome work-related stress. The flower jar is my latest collection. I am satisfied with the product. I am giving four stars just because I expected an early delivery. Highly recommended.

  4. Deborah

    I am 28-years-old and re-examining my life. I am taking supervised dosage of CBD oil as recommended. I was purchasing the same product for $37.97 for a couple of months. Here I found out that the same product is being sold at $30.00. Now I save $7.97 on each purchase. 

  5. JiaYing 

    I just begin with the flower jar, it makes me more talkative. Overall, I really like the product packaging. I am giving five stars.

  6. Erin H

    The quantity is great for 30 bucks. I rolled about 7 joints out of it and there was still some left. It’s strong in a good way. Helps me get through the day without any anxiety.

  7. Robert

    It is affordable, effective, and has decent flavor. What else do you need? Definitely a great buy.

  8. Gina Martin

    I was worried that it will be strong for me but it wasn’t. It definitely calms you down and not in the stoned way which is great for me as I have two toddlers.

  9. Ryan

    If you are a beginner, this vaporizer can be a great choice for you. These guys are providing a quality vaporizer at a very affordable price.

  10. Kevin k

    The buds are surprisingly good. The cure is decent and they do hit perfectly. On top of that, the brand is very affordable. I can buy a three jars at a time.

  11. Troy Gibbans

    Not at all bad for the price. It hits good, very flavorful and buds are beautiful.

  12. Randy

    The buds are of decent quality, and they are offering a good quantity at a very low price. It is also effective in helping me deal with anxiety away the entire day.

  13. Colin

    This was my first time trying Hawaiian haze. Great flavor and very fruity aroma. Loved it.

  14. Lemmy

    The hit is perfect and the quantity you get at this price is also amazing. The buds are beautiful and of good quality.

  15. Carry

    I don’t generally use CBD. Tried it anyway. Not a big fan. The flavor’s fine but the hit didn’t work for me.

  16. Nathan

    I have used other Yocan products too. This device is another very good product from them. I haven’t faced any issues with it till now. Really like it.

  17. James D.

    For this price, this product is really good. It is flavorful, you get a good hit, and the buds are beautiful.

  18. Michael

    I bought this 2 weeks ago after a friend told me about it. The effects are really satisfying and it is working great for me.

  19. Josie

    If you’ve got a tight budget, this one’s a great deal. It lasted me a good 2.5 weeks. And they take care of the quality. Great buds.

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