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Discover true calmness with Hhemp.co CBD + CBG Pre-rolls Trio Set A. The bundle brings you three classic and high-quality strains each of which guarantees an otherworldly experience. Made with love and completely organic hemp, you need to buckle up for the best pre-rolls brought to you directly from the farms.

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Hhemp.co puts forward its best products with the Hhemp.co CBD + CBG Prerolls Trio Set A. Made with US-grown hemp, each pre-roll presents a premium blend that’s rich in CBD as well as CBG. 

Experience the calming benefits of OG Kush, Sour Space Candy and Hawaiian Haze today. Each product including the pre-rolls are triple lab tested to ensure that every Hhemp.co product meets high-quality standards. 

If you are new to Hhemp.co pre-rolls, this bundle is the best way to get started. It brings you the best strains and lets you enjoy each of the premium blends. 

Hhemp.co supports the local farmers by employing their services. The brand uses local hemp to make their quality products and also stand as a brand offering farm-direct products at prices affordable for all. 

Product Specifications

  • The Bundle Contains
    1. Hhemp.co hemp flower preroll CBG + OG Kush 
    2. Hhemp.co hemp flower preroll CBG +Sour Space Candy
    3. Hhemp.co hemp flower preroll CBG + Hawaiian Haze
  • 1:1 CBG to CBD ratio
  • 1 preroll per pack. 
  • 100% hemp CBG + CBD Flower
  • Contains no seed, stem, filler or trim.
  • USA grown hemp
  • Non-GMO
  • No preservatives
  • Non-intoxicating with less than 0.3% THC

Lab Test and FDA Disclaimer

Hhemp.co CBD + CBG Pre-rolls are triple lab tested by the brand. It is one step forward to achieve every quality claim and also ensures 100% safety of the products. The tests include cannabinoid analysis, tests for pesticides, residual solvents and more. Third-party lab tests on all Hhemp.co products also ensure that each product is Farm Bill compliant and contains less than 0.3% THC. 

The brand lays out a clear disclaimer explaining that all their claims are not examined by the US Food and Drug Administration. None of the products by the brand should be assumed by the customers as an alternative to prescribed medications as they are not meant to diagnose, cure or treat health conditions. It is advised to consult a professional to avoid any compilations and clear any doubts. 

25 reviews for Hhemp.co – CBD+CBG PRE-ROLLS TRIO SET A: OG,SSC,HH

  1. Julie1999

    This is my first time trying a pre-roll and it’s good. Could not find any difference in three of them but they do taste cool. The flavor was earthy. Also they do have a nice smell to it. I guess the combo of CBG+CBD is super smooth and silky, gives me a calm and relaxed sensation. It hits good after few puffs. I ordered two pack of these. I feel the set is expensive, can’t afford to order more than 2 sets a month.

  2. Jessica (verified owner)

    These HH prerolls are great if your trying ease your mind and filter out whatever pain youre experiencing. I have chronic foot pain and the prerolls gives me relief physically and mentally.

  3. Howard K

    Bought these pre-rolls to unwind some stress after a long day of work, definitely keeps me chilling.

  4. FoxyGirl (verified owner)

    the package was so cuteeee. The rolls were also nicely packed. taste was normal for me. overall, had a good experience.

  5. Mike H

    These are very energizing. I definitely love the price, packing and quantity. Overall, I am giving four stars just because I was expecting an early delivery on the product. 

  6. Tom C

    This pre-rolls set is exactly what I was looking for. Great taste.

  7. LoneRenegade

    Nice taste. Though it’s not like the other ones but has a different hit. Great service guys.

  8. Scott M

    Had a relaxing time smoking these prerolls. Just calms me down within 5-10 minutes. I just love cbd and all of its products. Earlier i used to take the cbd oil and gummies too but since i wanted to try smoking, I was looking for a non-chemical experience. Really enjoyed the flavor.

  9. Fresh247

    All of them were delicious. The burn was very even and the drags were smooth.

  10. SophiaQueen

    Your pre-rolls are really satisfying. I always look forward to taking these and having some quality time with myself.

  11. Travis C

    I just got them, I gave four stars just for the packing. Good work.

  12. LikeMike23

    These are three of my favorite strains. And the deal is so good. Couldn’t keep myself from ordering it.

  13. LIsa (verified owner)

    I use the pre-rolls to manage my stress. They last pretty long. Great for a cheap price. Highly recommended.

  14. Mark A 

    I am very much convinced with the product

  15. Sam

    Normal pre-rolls. Nothing unique.

  16. DC Lam

    I read a couple of reviews about this product before ordering it. Though all the reviews were positive but still i was just not ready to believe that this set could be actually good. I am glad that i took the chance of ordering this set coz these are so smooth. I love these prerolls. Hawaiian haze and sour candy are the best in taste. I recommend this product.

  17. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great quality for the price and I am satisfied.

  18. Mate J

    This set is worth the price. I also liked the quality of the pre-rolls. Satisfied.

  19. Mikey Will

    The price is very attractive. Fits right in my budget. I’m buying it for the third time and it’s always a wonderful experience.

  20. James

    I had only tried the OG Kush before but man each of their CBD is great. Hawaiian and SSC were just as good. Amazing.

  21. Steve Betancur (verified owner)

    Decent product, lasts long and is mild. I can’t smoke marijuana a lot because of the pungent taste and odour but this one i can and its nice. One joint after work and i am good.

  22. Mookiex1

    Works just fine for me. Earlier I paid $30 for the same product, here it is for $27. I am saving $3 on each purchase.

  23. Tim (verified owner)

    Your joints are different and so good. Maybe I’ll order more.

  24. Kim

    I ordered this for my best friend and glad that he liked the taste

  25. DC98

    I must have bought at least 5 packs of these till now but i take mostly hawaiian haze. The other two my brother takes. anyway, these rolls are super smooth and slow-burning. Also, the price is pretty good. Loved the whole set. I’ll continue ordering more.

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