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Hhemp.co CBD+CBG Flower TRIO SET B


Hhemp.co CBD+CBG Flower TRIO SET B


(22 customer reviews)

Get Hhemp.co CBD+CBG Pre-rolls Trio Set B to experience relaxation like never before. You get three of the best CBD flowers in the market, along with The White CBG flower to help you get the ultra-entourage effect.

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Hhemp.co puts together a great bundle with three potent CBD strains along with the White CBG flower in CBD+CBG Flower Trio Set B.

You get CBG+Special Sauce, CBG+Lifter & CBG+Suver Haze along with the white CBG flower. Separately both CBD and CBG have beneficial properties but when taken together their benefits are amplified.

This is a great combo to go for if you have been looking to try out CBD. Every flower is triple lab tested to ensure that the product does not have more than 0.3% THC.

Hhemp.co has always wanted to help farmers grow their businesses. So, they build deep partnerships with like-minded farmers and then support them to help them thrive as well. This means that you get premium quality products to your doorstep, straight from the farmers at an extremely affordable price.

Hhemp.co CBD+CBG Flower Specifications

This bundle contains 3 Jars:

  • CBG+Lifter
    – Potency – CBGa 17.69%, CBDa 18.21%
    – Dominance – CBG, Indica-dominant hybrid and CBD, Indica-dominant
    – Smell – Sweet funk with a hint of lemon
  • CBG+Special Sauce
    – Potency – CBGa 17.69%, CBDa 17.36%
    – Dominance – CBG, Indica-dominant hybrid and CBD, Indica-dominant
    – Smell – Spice, woody, lemon with a hint of fuel
  • CBG+Suver Haze
    – Potency – CBGa 17.69%, CBDa 17.16%
    – Dominance – CBG, Indica-dominant hybrid and CBD, Sativa-dominant hybrid
    – Smell – Spice, pine, and lemon
  • Net Weight -4g
  • 2g CBG + 2g CBD
  • USA Grown
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • >0.3% Total Delta9 THC

FDA Disclaimer:
The statements made in regards to these products have not been confirmed by the FDA. These products are not intended to help diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented here is not meant to act as a substitute for any information given by a health practitioner. Please consult a health care professional to ensure that no potential interactions or complications take place.

Drug Test Disclaimer
This product contains hemp and less than 0.3% total THC by dry weight, This amount of THC may be detectable by stringent drug testing protocol. So, there is always a risk of testing positive for THC.

22 reviews for Hhemp.co CBD+CBG Flower TRIO SET B

  1. Kyle Murphy (verified owner)

    Lots of good smoke at a great price and if you have a problem with anything customer service will take care of you.

  2. Asiyah (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, excellent products, will recommend and continue to be a customer! I purchased both trio sets.

  3. Rookz

    After smoking on CBD for a couple of months, I always wondered if I was able to get better quality products shipped to my doorstep. After trying out different products, Hhemp FLOWER TRIO was what Ive been looking for, premium quality CBD flower for $81.

  4. Helly

    Nice taste an d flavor. Can buy more.

  5. Jason D

    Hey I liked this cbd+cbg combo. I was having a neck pain and after smoking this flower, i felt relaxed. It ain’t go completely away. But earlier, it was kinda painful but after smoking, the pain was lighter. definitely felt relaxed. Thanks man. Great product. Now I definitely wanna try more cbd products. I have heard that cbd is actually very relieving in pain and anxiety. Maybe I’ll order more of these or other strains.

  6. George

    It’s crazy how this cbd flower smells and taste like weed. Well, it is weed but doesn’t contain much of thc which gives that high feeling. It’s like I can enjoy smoking without getting high. And that is kinda amazing stuff, I believe . I started smoking this flower a couple of month ago and now it has become a part of my night schedule when i just smoke a bud and get releaxed. It also helps me with good sleep. So yeah. I really liked the product.

  7. Kara

    The effect was subtle for my taste. Loved it

  8. Marta12

    Very subtle smell, not pungent at all, loved the taste. The flower is so soo good. Very potent for a CBG. The effects are way better than other brands I have tried. Relaxing and not overwhelming at all. It is not harsh in any way. Neither the taste nor the smell and it felt good when I broke it. Like the quality of the flower when it arrived and I broke it was so satisfying for me since I was trying this website for the first time. Man I’m just happy with the product and the services. Also the box looks so cute

  9. Bob

    Enjoyed the effects of this flower. I quit weed a year back but my friend introduced me to this saying it doesn’t have high effects. Smoking cbd doesn’t give me a mind high rather it makes me feel creative. Like, when i smoke this cbd flower, i feel more energetic. It makes me feel like everything is so perfect and it just keeps me in a balanced state. I just take a puff and i’m like gone. haha. That’s how crazy cbd is for me. Though I restrict to one bud a week as it became an expensive habit.

  10. Diane 

    I also use CBG to manage my anxiety, just now I needed a replacement. The trio set is perfect, they last long, and they are cheaper here.

  11. Brenda 

    Brought this trio set for my friends. I am satisfied with my product.

  12. Virginia dickens

    Man, I tried CBG for the first time. I am into weed but I found out this is a beneficial product for your health and I had to try it. This is just amazing. I smoke it for my back pain and not with my friends as it is good for health but not really a product for getting high or anything. I got all these 3 jars and I’ve been using them almost every other day. I even tried CBG with my bud and I guess I couldn’t really pick up on the difference, weed overpowers it obviousl;y but I still could feel the benefits of it. I’m just impressed by the quality of the product and the benefits it is offering me

  13. Jane Kate

    The product is damn good. Loved the taste.

  14. AdamLam

    Sometimes, it’s even hard to walk. I have been suffering from joint pains for the past 4 years now. I saw this documentary of a couple of individuals using CBD as pain-relief. It’s effective.

  15. DJSnake

    The only thing I was worried about while ordering was if I would actually receive the order. I DID!!! Lmao I didn’t expect such fast delivery, man I was so skeptical about the whole buying flower online thing but seriously I loved the services. The order was safely packed, the jars are so cute and useful. The flowers are also good. It Smelled really nice and was aromatic. The taste is, well, nothing compared to weed but it’s really smooth. More than smoking, I loved crushing the flowers haha but no it was one good experience. I am yet to try the third one, tried two of these and they are mesmerizing.

  16. Laura Spen

    I recently discovered the Trio Set, and it’s a success. I am thankful I could find it at a cheaper price. Earlier, I was paying $90.00 for the same product, here it’s only for $81.00. I am saving $9.00 on each purchase. Highly recommended.

  17. Dave G

    I am giving four stars because I think the strain potency could be better. I will definitely buy again.

  18. Allen

    It is of really good quality, the flower had a few seeds but the overall quality of the flower was so damn good. The taste, the smell, everything was perfect. Loved smoking it, so relaxing. I generally smoke plain jane, tried CBG for the first time and I must say this is just an amazing product. This is a lot better quality than the normal outdoor flower. Great experience. Good work you guys!

  19. Masie

    I personally think that White Lifter is a good day time strain because it will lift your spirits instantly. Special Sauce helped me relax completely. I was at ease both mentally and physically. Suver Haze is not my type but will do a great deal for people looking for a unique CBG type.

  20. Zayne G

    The flowers have little seeds in them but the taste is amazing. I have consumed flowers that have seeds earlier, they taste really bad and the effects are mild. So, compared to those flowers the hemp.co CBG trio flower pack is way better.

  21. Oliver

    Lighting the CBG+Lifter is like lighting fire to a sofa spilled with diesel. It instantly produces a funky smell but the best part is that the effects are quite powerful. I prefer taking it during the night because it helps me get some relief from pain.

  22. Adam

    I have tried the Suver Haze earlier. It provides complete relaxation. But this time I decided to purchase the trio pack from vape and CBD. Along with the Suver Haze got Lifter and Special Sauce. So far, I haven’t tried the Special Sauce but I can say for sure that Lifter contains mint-like flavor with sweet undertones. Over all, the effects are quite energetic and it helps reduce pain.

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