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D8 Tincture Drops


Hemp Oil Honey – 180 MG Full Spectrum CBD | 1oz Bottle

Hemp Oil Honey – 180mg Full Spectrum CBD | 1oz Bottle

Green Lotus - Premium Hemp Tincture


Green Lotus – Premium Hemp Tincture


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Green Lotus™ Premium Hemp Oil Tinctures deliver a daily dose of full-spectrum hemp extract. Formulated from organic, Colorado-grown hemp, these drops are available in four strengths: 125, 250, 500, and 1500 milligrams. To use, place one full dropper, or one milliliter, onto your tongue or the inside of your cheek. Lab tested for purity and potency, Premium Hemp Oil Tinctures are available in a variety of flavors.

74 reviews for Green Lotus – Premium Hemp Tincture

  1. Tucker

    I ordered this product for my back pain. After using it for a month I realized that it works, much better when taken directly under the tongue but when I apply on my skin the effects are a bit delayed, however its healthy for the skin too.

  2. J. Nelson

    I take 1 ml solution every day in the morning with tea. This works well for my mild anxiety issues. It helps with my work productivity and has made me more confident with my social interactions.

  3. Bandit. Q

    Green lotus 500mg wasn’t effective for my back pain however 1500mg solution works much better. They should mention this on the bottle.

  4. John Hall

    For severe pain issues, 1500 mg works well, however, it’s a good idea to keep a 125mg or 250mg bottle as an extra for mellow days.

  5. Jamey Flores

    Not that great. Did Not show any results , used it for a week

  6. Scott.T

    It’s medicinal for muscle injuries, I apply it directly on my skin, it heals the bruises quicker than usual. It also works well as a mood stabilizer when taken directly under the tongue. Everyone should have a hemp oil bottle in their hand bag.

  7. Allen. King

    I found lotus green’s flavor much more natural than some of the other hemp oil I have used. I began using it 3 weeks back for my anxiety issues which were affecting my mood and work productivity. My boss asked me to take a week off from work and that’s when I knew something needed to be done about it. Since the first day, I could tell something is different. I have been focusing much better at work since I resumed.

  8. Olivia. G

    Hemp oil matches well with my work hours. I use it sometimes only but love the mellow effects. I have noticed that it’s good for boosting my creativity too but only when used in moderation.

  9. Bailey

    Ordered 1500mg in orange flavor this time, it’s as good as lemon. I use them on different days. Authentic products.

  10. Evelyn Lopez

    I received my hemp oil bottle a few days back. Just want to tell you it’s effective for my back pain and helps me sleep well at night. Thanks for a good quality product.

  11. Ethan Miller

    Love green lotus products. Genuine quality. No doubts

  12. Harper

    My dog gets a little hyperactive sometimes. I tried hemp oil and added a few drops on his chew stick. I couldn’t notice anything. However the next time I directly put a few drops in his mouth. I could notice he was calmer. To assure it I tried it a few more times and it works it this way. This is just great for both of us.

  13. Mason.R. H

    The effects are quick acting and natural. Its flavor is really good. I suggest green lotus products for all hemp oil users.

  14. Mia Greens

    Bought this thing to get relief from my arthritic. It doesn’t work at all. Used the whole bottle. Does Not work at all

  15. Amelia Scott

    Green lotus hemp oil has helped me sleep better at night on most days. It relaxes my mind and has helped me restore my natural sleep cycles.

  16. Charlotte Flores

    My back pain issues are gone. I wasn’t really expecting any drastic change with using hemp oil. But it’s been like 3 weeks and I am sleeping better & pain free.

  17. AaronKing

    I keep a bottle of green lotus handy in my back bag. Yes, I use it occasionally but it has helped me stay calm and relaxed during lost phases. It’s a natural mood stabilizer.

  18. Sophia Hill

    I use hemp oil for my skin rashes and allergies. With changing seasons, especially in winters, my skin gets too dry. Green lotus products have helped me to maintain good skin and get relief from my skin problems.

  19. Isabella Baker

    Only yesterday I received my package. I ordered both lemon and orange flavor of 15oomg bottle. This is the best hemp oil I have used. Bring down my anxiety and keep my mood stable. I suggest green lotus products to everyone who uses CBD for medical purposes.

  20. Isabella Baker

    I dont think this product worked at all, i bought it for my anxiety, used it for a week 10 days. Nothing happened at all. Waste of money

  21. Sammy

    I buy all my cbd products from your website. Just can’t praise enough of this 1500mg tincture. My social anxiety issues are gone for good I think.

  22. LuckySonny

    I have both 500mg and 1500mg bottles for different times. Have to say the quality is really good. Has helped with my back pain and anger issues. However, I think they should mention which bottle will suit which condition the best.

  23. Callie

    I have been facing anxiety issues and having depressive episodes ever since my father passed away. For a period they really got out of hands. Thanks to my friend who helped me during this time and introduced me to green lotus products. I began with 500mg and liked the effects. Though I understood after using it a few times that a higher concentration could be my match. Been taking two drops of 1500mg bottle for two weeks. The effects are a much stable and relaxed mindset. Thanks a ton.

  24. Emma W. Wilson

    Still not sure if this product did anything at all. Bought it for my hyperactive 7 yr old son, 2 weeks I have been giving him. Increased the dosage in the second week from once a day to twice a day. Noticed nothing.

  25. Max Hill

    Hemp oil has helped me with my anxiety and depression. I remember how I used to stay in my room for long hours. Of course, I am thankful for my family who supported me through this time. But I have to say hemp oil has stayed a constant companion as well. Thanks for a genuine quality product.

  26. Harley

    I initially wasn’t very confident about using hemp oil for my joint pain. However, my doctor helped me understand the whole procedure. I stumbled upon your website and found green lotus products. This solution is really effective. Been using it for a month now. Thanks a lot.

  27. Lucas Brown

    Best hemp oil sublingual. The effects are quick acting and impressive

  28. Benjamin

    My wife’s anxiety issues were getting out of hands. She has always resisted seeing a doctor but somehow agreed on trying hemp oil. A friend who already used green lotus products advised me of your website. Both I and my wife have to admit that it works very naturally. Things are calmer at home, thanks a ton.

  29. James. Th

    Been a week I am using this product, haven’t noticed any effects.

  30. Elijah.P

    It’s been 2 weeks, I am using this product for my anxiety issues. Effects are subtle and have helped me to stabilize my mood and stay confident during work.

  31. William Jack

    I reached them through email, as I had to cancel 500mg green lotus which was ordered alongside 1500mg. My person in contact was very supportive and assured a refund. I received the money in my account on the same day.

  32. Oliver Taylor

    This is my first cbd product and I am happy with the results. The effects are mellow and clean.

  33. Noah.White

    Received my green lotus bottle last week only. Have to tell you, I am impressed with the quality. Just after using it for 4 days, I can tell that it’s effective. 2 drops balance my mind and body. Matches well with my working hours.

  34. Liam.T

    It’s been two months since I’m using 600mg cbd oil for my back pain. Sometimes 2 drops work just fine and sometimes I can’t tell the difference at all… I still was confused with the dosage until I bought 1500mg Green lotus. I finally have found the right balance, for severe pain I use 1500mg and for normal days 600mg works well for me.

  35. Steff Harper

    Loved the consistency of this tincture and its fast-acting properties. I will definitely be back to order again.

  36. Glenn Fowler

    Good quality, came very well packaged. I really enjoy my evening after having a drop of it in my juice after the office. But the bottle is bit small for the price.

  37. Brynn l Mendez

    Ordered at the sale price. Loved how smoothly acts on the body and improved the appetite.

  38. Reed Hart

    The dropper of this tincture bottle is very efficient. The dropper top works well, which helps me in monitoring my dosage efficiently.

  39. Nicky Guyy

    Great value and quality! Was delivered a small properly sealed packaging.

  40. Danni K Thompson

    After I met with a road accident, I have been taking many painkillers to get away with shoulder pain. As I was thinking to shift to a natural method, I started including this tincture in my breakfast. Within a week, my regular consumption of 5 tablets has reduced to 1. Anyone looking for a natural medicine should definitely give this a try.

  41. jess carr

    A friend of mine suggested this tincture to me after I told her about my neck pain. I am glad I took her suggestion seriously and ordered it. Now, I have started adding one drop of it to my tea. It may sound less but this dosage has kept me away from the regular pain in the neck.

  42. Gabe w Barrett

    Impressed by the formulation and effects of this tincture. A must-try for the oldies to stay fit and reduce the prescription medicines.

  43. Aiden l

    I used it for the first time last Sunday at my friend’s house. But impressed by how it worked on my headache, I ordered it the very next day. Go-to product with no side effects to cure the headaches after a hectic day.

  44. Blaine Martin

    Perfect. Before ordering I wasn’t sure, but after two days of usage, I realized its effectiveness and also recommended it to my cousin. good buy

  45. Colby k

    This product works exceptionally on me. I just started adding to my breakfast to be more alert and within a week my health improved. Now I hit the gym after eight hours of office with full energy which used to be a big struggle before. However, the price is more as compared to other premium tinctures in the market.

  46. Rashad ruiz

    I like how efficiently it worked on my skin. I was struggling with a lot of acne and dry skin, after applying this topically I could see a noticeable change in the texture of the skin.

  47. Carlos K Schmidt

    It is a great hemp tincture that comes well packaged with proper labels. It surpasses my expectations when my headache reduced within ten minutes of keeping consuming it sublingually. Definitely buying more in the future. bit expensive

  48. Ross Powell

    Bought this hemp tincture online. It works on the body within a short time and is of double strength as compared to products with the same concentration.

  49. Mason F. Reynolds

    Green Lotus hemp tincture is a lab-tested, safe to take sublingual tincture. It comes with good suction that makes it easy for the user to take in the required drops in the dropper and takes some time to show the desired effects. Came in a nice little package.

  50. Harvey w. reynolds

    I used to combine it with my green tea every day, but one day I was in a hurry and kept a few drops of it under my tongue, within minutes I got relieved from the pain. Surprised by how efficiently the sublingual consumption works.

  51. Elliot

    A good combination of various cannabinoids and terpenes that worked excellently on me, making it easy to cope with the menstrual cramps. After 15 minutes of taking this, I could see that my pain was manageable.

  52. Freddie burns

    Got this full-spectrum hemp tincture last week to manage my sleeping issues. Even after taking two drops sublingually, I get a good sleep every night. It is a thick appealing liquid producing therapeutic effects.

  53. Nicholas Anderson

    This is the only hemp tincture with no artificial flavor or additives. Delivered within two days. Happy with the products and their services.

  54. Patrick Lee

    I find the droppers quite convenient as one can take it any time. Even one droperful was a lot of liquid, so be careful. Received it in a properly sealed package.

  55. Samuel Long

    Works well. Though I was a bit worried that it would break on the way. Received in good condition. It was sealed properly which protected while being tossed. At times, the droppers are large. Otherwise, it is perfect.

  56. Benjamin White

    It is a great 1500mg tincture that came in a safe and secure packet. Easy to use and dropper ensures accurate measurement. Arrived on time.

  57. Brandon Paul

    This tincture is of fine quality and of small size, can be kept in the pocket. The onset time of this tincture makes it the best. Will definitely be ordering the next bottle.

  58. Larry Roberts

    Dropper helps me in keeping an eye on the dosage. Works quite fast. Purchased it on the sale price. On-time delivery. All in all, its a great product.

  59. Gary Carter

    I am glad I purchased this premium hemp oil. Though found it bit expensive, even one drop of this is enough to get away the anxiety. Received it in good packaging and the tincture was nicely sealed.

  60. Ryan Mitchell

    Been having the Green Lotus products from a long time. So while looking for a fast-acting product, I ordered this from the Vape and CBD website. Reasonable price. Fast delivery service. Showed effects within a few minutes. Very pleased with the product.

  61. George Campbell

    First tincture that has a pleasant taste and is equally effective. I ordered it online on a sale price and was delivered promptly.

  62. Steven Rivera

    I smoke marijuana when I am very anxious but recently I had a lung infection and the doctor asked me to stop smoking. So while looking for other delivery methods, I found tinctures very convincing and placed the order for the same. Though it can be mixed with any drink or food items, but I prefer keeping two drops under my tongue.

  63. Anthony Hall

    One of the few websites, that provides rock-solid customer service. Mistakenly, I placed the order of 2 bottles, as soon as I realized that double amount has been deducted, I got in touch with the customer care services and the representative refunded the amount of 1 bottle.

  64. Mark Baker

    While ordering I was not sure whether it would really work but was happy how it decreased my anxiety attacks. After putting a few drops in my drink, I enjoy social gatherings to the fullest.

  65. Richard Nelson

    I put three drops of this in my morning green tea every day. It cures my nerve pain completely. I started with one drop but was not happy with how it worked on my body and mind. But then I increased to two and three, and have been taking three for a long time.

  66. Linda Adams

    Received my tincture after two days of the order. Discreet packaging. Satisfied how it has reduced the frequency of migraine headaches.

  67. Barbara Flores

    The CBD content is suitable to be taken by oldies. It has also helped to get a good sleep even after the excruciating pain in the shoulder.

  68. Frank Green

    I add this tincture to various food recipes. It is an effective supplement that keeps me active throughout the day. Loved the way how it provides relief from knee pain. After including this in my diet, my dependency on the painkillers has also reduced.

  69. jesse black

    It comes in an easy to use dropper bottle, to take in the Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils, and other compounds of the hemp plant. I recommend everyone to try this instead of taking prescription medications to avoid the side effects of their long-term usage.

  70. Maria Bullock

    Ordered after seeing that this tincture can help in various types of health issues. Though I am not taking it regularly, whenever I took it, got relief from the pain within half an hour. This is pure hemp oil that is safe to be taken by adults and old people.

  71. Anna L.

    Well packed order arrived 2 days before the estimated delivery. It reduced my stomach ache and improved my digestion over time. And, is also the strongest natural tincture available.

  72. Fiolla M. Purl

    Bought the tincture at a sale price. Good price. The droppers dispense the right amount of tincture into your edible or mouth. Two drops when my joint pain becomes uncontrollable keeps me sane.

  73. Edsel Scott

    While ordering I was worried whether it would make it through the way. But the thoughtful packaging and built, kept the seal. Wonderful dropper. I’m really happy with the way it improved my skin texture.

  74. Bono Moore

    It arrived on time and was packed well. I stirred it before use according to the directions on the bottle. Quite effective herbal medicine, I take this sublingually when I am stressed. Would definitely suggest it to someone stressed due to work and family.

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