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Hhemp.co - The Starter Kit


Hhemp.co – The Starter Kit


(8 customer reviews)

Bundle and save 20%!

Include in the kit, your choice of two 4g jars plus all six of our prerolls.

Shipping: Free Delivery Above $70


8 reviews for Hhemp.co – The Starter Kit

  1. Marco 

    I have been using CBD and CBG to overcome my anxiety. It’s very effective, I like the packaging.

  2. Bob

    We are getting all this in less than $100, and it is amazing. This is a great deal that you can get all these strains and pre rolls at such as affordable price!

  3. John Layne

    I really like this starter kit. The strains are good and effective, and pre rolls are of good quality.

  4. Rick 

    I like the starter kit for a reason that it allows you to explore from different strains. Overall, pre-rolls are easy to use. I loved the packaging. Great product. Another reason behind 5 stars is on time delivery. Keep it up.

  5. George 

    I feel embarrassed about myself sometimes. I am overcoming bad images by using CBG and CBD. In my opinion, the starter kit is very easy to use. It is economical and contains almost the right balance. The strain quality is good. The results were very effective. Highly recommended.

  6. Stanley

    All strains are great but Lifter stood out for me. it does not create a buzz but it’s strong enough to calm me down. The flavor profiles of each strain are also impressive.

  7. Percy

    It’s an amazing deal. I get to try all of their top hemp strains for less than a $100. Love it!

  8. Kiara

    It’s a great way to get to know the brand. It has almost every product in this pack. I’m enjoying it a lot.

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