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CBD sour gummies let you satisfy your sweet tooth with a lip-smacking treat that also offers the whole-body benefits of USA-grown hemp. Our CBD-infused gummies are now in mouth-puckering sour flavors, guaranteed to shake up the taste buds. Each piece is carefully crafted with our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD, providing high-quality deliciousness and consistent CBD with every bite. Try our sour mix of four amazing flavors.

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  • Made with premium CBD containing additional cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Tested for purity and quality by third-party, ISO certified labs
  • A mix of sour orange, strawberry, raspberry, and tropical flavors
  • Guaranteed GMP, THC free, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Available in three CBD concentrations


  • Hemp Extract (98% naturally occurring phytocannabinoids: Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol)
  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Natural Flavors

All Ingredients: Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol), Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Water, Pectin, Natural Flavors, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juice (for color), Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Malic Acid, Organic Sunflower Oil, and Organic Carnauba Wax.

23 reviews for cbdMD – CBD Sour Gummies

  1. Lorren

    Nice product. So, what I see before trying any CBD product is the potency and the other details about the product. So these gummies are tasty and are well portioned. Each gummy has a certain amount of cbd which makes the dosage more accurate. Like, if i am having 2-3 gummies then I know how much mg i am consuming.So kinda good thing. For me, I don’t feel tired or anxious but more like in a middle situation. But I feel the product is expensive. Like, there are other brands selling gummies at a cheaper price. But again maybe it’s the quality that demands more price. Would recommend.

  2. VeeR1997

    Started using CBDmd gummies a few months ago and it really helps me with my poor sleep and anxiety. The gummies taste like candy and it works pretty effectively.

  3. Stacy L. Clark

    I have tried some cbd hemp gummies in the past also, but this one is the best, I would say. The sour taste will shake up your taste buds for sure. And the main thing that I was looking for was its effects on my sleep. I am relieved that now I can sleep for straight 6 hours with my normal heart rate. Satisfied.

  4. Lucy Williams

    You want to sleep like a baby? Eat these gummies for 2- 3 days and see the results. Amazing for sleeep.

  5. Mom

    I lost my husband last year and was going through sleepless nights of depression. I had just given up on my children and i was really sad that nothing is perfect now. My colleague knew my condition and she was so helpful to suggest me cbd gummies and asked me to try this product for a week. I already take anti-depressants but they taste awful. Then i started taking these 2 in a day , one in the morning and one before going to bed. I can;t believe that just after 2 days i slept straight for 4 hours. It was like i am in heaven. I was craving for a sound sleep and i finally got to sleep. Thank you so much for this product. I will use them until i feel completely okay. Good luck to u guys.

  6. Michael Mic

    CbdMD is my prefered brand for CBD products. This is one of the best products of this brand. The taste is so good and the effects are faster. I consume it everyday in the evening and it really helps me deal with my after work stress and tiredness

  7. Shane

    The tropical and orange flavors are good, I didn’t like strawberry much but all of these are effective. Loved them. Yet to try raspberry.

  8. Dave Watson

    Super happy with these gummies. I carry them to work and take before my hectic routine starts. Although they say these gummies should be taken before bedtime but I never felt the need. You can eat them at night if you have sleeping issues.

  9. Tommie H

    These gummies are ok if you like want them for a good sleep or pain relief. In my case, they just taste good and help me to sleep. Also, there’s no THC in this product, which is the best part. And I also read that these are lab tested. So, yeah trustable brand.

  10. Vickiss

    The taste is something!!! Nice product.

  11. That crazy girl

    I always need something to charge me up. Like always!!! I used this gummy pack as an alternative to smoking as I have anxiety issues and smoking helped me to relax. But I tried these gummies recently and they are also effective, given that these are a bit slow in showing the effects. But overall, full marks.

  12. Ron

    What the hell! Guys! These are just small candies for passing your time. Slow effects. Not recommended if you want quick results.

  13. Dolcee Gross

    These cbd gummies work!! After half an hour of taking two gummies, my arms felt more loose and I felt a bit sleepy. I just felt like doing nothing but sit back and relax. People who have anxiety issues, should definitely try out this product.

  14. AV Baker

    Ever since my doctor shifted me from antidepressants to CBD, I have been taking gummies. I try new gummies and even now I have a variety of gummies that I use randomly. These gummies stand out because of their taste. And I guess it is because of the taste, it seems more effective too.

  15. Megan

    My kids ordered these little bears for me as I have anger issues and they thought these gummies would calm me down. And i don’t wanna admit but the gummies actually made me feel more relaxed. I usually take 2-3 gummies at a time and I feel that is enough for my body. Anyways, amazing product.

  16. Sean

    Love. These gummies are just love. Sooooo goood i can’t tell you how much i loved eating these.

  17. Rachael

    I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening or before sleeping, however I like it. Honestly, these gummies are okay, they do help with relaxation. After taking these, I feel a bit calm. But I don’t think they work for severe muscle pain. I took them even for few weeks to see the effects, I could’t really feel any change in the pain but again, I felt more happy and relaxation. So I would recommend to look for high-potent products or cbd oil if you want help with pain. these gummies are helpful for relieving your anxiety symptoms and yes, works great for sleep.

  18. Elvin

    I love sour gummies. These are great.

  19. Jeremey

    These are more flavorable than my anti-depressants, for sure. All the flavors are tasty but I avoid taking the orange one before sleep.

  20. Stacy Elise

    Great taste. Helps me manage my anxiety symptoms.

  21. Nero

    I have been consuming CBD gummy since quite some time now but it was my first time trying sour gummies. These are actually better in taste and more effective. The sour taste gives you a kick. I loved these gummies.

  22. Melody Me

    Effective gummies. I have tried other CBD edibles also, but these gummies taste so good. The sour orange flavor is too energetic for me.

  23. BETTE

    I love the sour orange and strawberry flavors. They charge me up for the whole day. Also, thanks for the on-time delivery of the product.

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CBD sour gummies are just as simple and satisfying to use as our original CBD gummies. Take a gummy piece from the bottle, place it in your mouth, and chew! If you’re unsure about servings, we suggest taking one or two gummies each day for 30 days and observe how you feel. Slowly increase your servings as needed. Our sour gummies can also complement any other form of CBD that you may already use daily. But remember, ingestible CBD, such as gummies, need at least an hour to make its way through digestion and into your system. Speak with your primary healthcare provider about adding CBD into your lifestyle.
cbdMD offers premium CBD gummies created through the highest manufacturing standards to deliver consistency and quality hemp extracts you can enjoy quickly and easily every day. When taken daily, CBD may enhance your wellness in many unique ways.
High-quality hemp extracts, including CBD, CBN, and CBG, infused in our sour gummies, may help maintain balanced wellness and health, helping to calm the mind and body.
Hemp based cannabinoids in our CBD sour gummies work together to boost stability through your body and may offer daily stress management through relaxation.
Cannabidiol and other hemp extracts in cbdMD’s CBD sour gummies may support more natural recovery from temporary pain and discomfort led by intense exercise and fitness.
Our CBD sour gummies offer a quick and tasty way of adding CBD benefits into your everyday schedule, helping to better your health and wellness.
Hemp extracts from cbdMD are from USA-grown hemp cultivated under the highest standards and third-party tested to guarantee no detectable THC in our products.

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