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On a journey to find the perfect CBD oil tincture? Try cbdMD Health – CBD Oil Tincture today to be absolutely gobsmacked by the stunning range of benefits. This oil tincture promises and delivers all the amazing benefits that the brand cbdMD is aiming to promote. Available in two sizes, there are immense possibilities to use this oil tincture for managing unhealthy stress, and aiding your recovery.

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cbdMD Health – CBD Oil Tincture is a special oil tincture as it is made from the amazing cannabinoids that make it arguably the most effective oil tincture of all time. This oil tincture is easy to use, especially in the way of including it in your day-to-day routine to supply your CBD consumption. With negligible levels of THC in this product, it is non-psychoactive and is known to give the user a sense of deep calm which helps them relax completely.

This broad-spectrum formula, therefore, ensures that the amazingness of additional cannabinoids CBG+CBN and special terpenes can also be enjoyed by the users. It is the perfect tincture for beginners to try out as well, allowing the easy way of using the unflavored as well as flavored options to help alleviate some big pains. 

Product Specifications

  • Hemp extracts including Cannabidiol, Cannabinol & Cannabigerol
  • Size Options: 30 mL & 60 mL
  • Flavor Options: Natural, Mint, Berry & Orange
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

Additional information


Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol), MCT Oil, and Natural Flavor.

How To Use

Squeeze dropper to fill (dropper will fill halfway, indicating one full serving).

Squeeze oil under the tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds to allow absorption, then swallow.

Gradually increase amount/concentration as needed.

Consistency is key when starting a new supplement regimen.

Take daily for 30 days for best results.

Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Try mixing with food or drink!

4 reviews for cbdMD – CBD Oil Tincture

  1. Bethany

    it’s my first time using CBD. I have tried this product for 1 and a half weeks now and I’m sure that I made the right choice.

  2. Sara H

    I received it on time. Enjoying it so far. it does trick for me.. Thanks!

  3. Anna

    I was so confused between the different flavors they have. The orange and mint are so different yet so good. One is citrusy and the other is refreshing. Love them both.

  4. Lori Layne

    Oh it’s perfect for daily use. It’s not that strong for me and neither too week. it’s just the right dose. But if you’ve been using CBD for a long time, you may want to find a higher concentration cuz my mother didn’t feel anything with this.

    cbdMD - CBD Oil Tincture
    cbdMD - CBD Oil Tincture
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