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Get the entire Koi CBD Skincare system and experience the power of hemp every step of the way. Every Koi Skincare CBD product consists of a nutrient-rich blend of natural fruit acids, essential oils, and of course CBD in the routine. With about 500mg of CBD,  you get the power of the hemp plant along while cleansing, hydrating, repairing, and restoring balance to your skin.

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Take care of yourself with the help of Koi Skincare’s complete 4 step CBD skincare routine. Get all the products that are required for you to completely manage your skin.

Koi Skincare | CBD Facial Cleanser
Start with gently exfoliating your skin with our facial cleanser and removing all the impurities. Containing CBD, apple amino acids, and Kakadu plum extract, this cleanser is the perfect first step to managing your skin.

Koi Skincare | CBD Tightening Toner
Once you have cleansed your skin, it is time to move on to toning. With the Koi Tightening Toner, you get to regulate oil production and encourage a healthy cell turnover. The potent blend of fruit essences and CBD helps detoxify the skin and replenish the natural restorative properties of the skin.

Koi Skincare | CBD Facial Serum
Hydrate, moisturize and replenish all that your skin has lost with the help of Koi skincare CBD facial serum. This expertly crafted bottle contains a blend of apricot, pomegranate, jojoba, prickly pear, and algae oils to reduce the appearance of lines and under-eye circles.

Koi Skincare | CBD Moisturizer Cream
Lock in the moisture in your skin with the help of this hemp-infused facial moisturizer. It effectively hydrates without over-moisturizing the skin. Harness all the natural restorative properties of hemp whole ensuring optimal skin hydration.

3 reviews for Koi Skincare – Complete 4-Step System

  1. Mamaa

    Love the brand. The package works awesomee for me..

  2. Nina

    Thank uou so much for this pack. The moisturizer and serum are pretty effective.

  3. JM Griffith

    I loved the whole package. Thank you !

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