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Beat the tension of daily life with Chief Stix Delta8 Infused Hemp Smokes. The smooth, slow-burning, and fast-acting hemp cigarettes can help you decompress in just a few puffs. Free from harmful additives, these smokes can be the perfect addition to your late-evening routine and help you wind down even on the toughest of days!

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Try the Chief Stix Delta8 Infused Hemp Smokes to experience true calm and relaxation. Each one of these hemp cigarettes are packed with all the goodness of hemp and none of the side effects. Chief Stix brings you a smoking experience you can indulge in without guilt.

Each Stix is made with premium sun-grown hemp and no tobacco, nicotine or THC. Take in all the benefits of phytocannabinoids and terpenes and leave out the worry of harmful additives.

Get your Chief Stix Delta8 Infused Hemp Smokes today and experience a lightness of being and instant improvement in mood with every puff.

Product Specifications:

  • 10 stix pre-rolled cigarettes in a pack
  • 600mg Delta 8 per pack
  • Organically sourced hemp
  • Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Contains 0% nicotine, 0% tobacco & 0% additives
  • Premium blend of cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids and terpenes
  • Made with unbleached and unrefined hemp paper
  • Biodegradable filters

FDA Disclaimer:
No statements made by the company have been approved by the FDA. Neither does the company claim its products to be a medical substitute that can cure, treat, prevent or alleviate symptoms of a medical condition. It is highly recommended that you consult a healthcare specialist before indulging in any CBD purchases.

The product contains less than 0.3% THC which can show up in stringent drug tests. The company doesn’t make any claims about its products passing any such tests.

29 reviews for CHIEF STIX DELTA8 INFUSED™ HEMP SMOKES – 600mg 10ct PACK

  1. Chavelle Barnett (verified owner)

    My first time smoking hemp cigarettes. Took the edge, felt relaxed and had a goodnight sleep.

  2. QH4

    I love Delta 8 products but never tried cigs before. Can say these work really well. Almost immediately felt a buzz but never crazy hogh. Just chill.

  3. vanessa gamez arguello (verified owner)

    It taste great and works well. I’ve tried other brands, but this one has been the best so far.

  4. Tim

    Great cigs. Thanks for delivering them on time. I have wanted to try these for so long and it was better than i expected. These are so relaxing and nice.

  5. Rupert Parsons

    I had never heard of the brand chief stix before but now that I have tried it’s hemp cigs, I would say it’s amazing. Just my type of flavor and taste. Full points to the brand.

  6. Christian Christensen (verified owner)

    Great smokes. Very relaxing

  7. Nathan Brown

    I just read about Chief Stix Delta 8 smokes a couple days back and I can’t fathom how much they benefit me as a smoker. I surely recommend these hemp smokes to everyone looking to stay chill the healthier way.

  8. Daniel Cliffe

    As a smoker for some time, I wanted to try these smokes. Because it’s free of any chemical, my girl ordered me (she was in no mood for suggestions) to use this instead. I had no choice then, but trying them was a pretty good experience. Glad I listened to her.

  9. Day

    These are awesome best smokes I’ve bought I definitely gonna keep buying them.

  10. Becca Kingsleigh

    Love the flavor profiles they have. The cigarettes are very potent, just what I was searching for. Good job Chief Stix.

  11. Brianne Riley

    They’re simp[ly really good. No nicotine, no tobacco its perff! Love the taste and the fact that I can smoke them like cigs without their harmful chemicals.

  12. Jon H

    I’m seriously in love with these Chief Stix Delta 8 cigarettes. Ever since I smoked just one, it was game over for me lol. They’re legit, they burn slow, has good flavor, gives me a coo buzz after one smoke. Where have you been all my life?! THANK YOU GUYS!

  13. Oliver

    These stix last longer than regular cigarettes and the effects are also better. Doesn’t give you high but a very relaxing, soothing experience. Improves mood and helps you sleep. I highly recommend this product.

  14. Ivy Keane

    What a blend of cannabinoids. They aren’t very heavy on the throat, but also are pretty potent. Nice!

  15. Suzy K

    Nice smokes. Great for any time of the day.

  16. MJ5 (verified owner)

    These are quite strong mann! Of course not like those tobacco ones. But I did not expect them to be so cool. THC’s cigarettes are always awesome for me but this one is now on the top of my list.

  17. S Gordon

    You would lovee this product if you have a high tolerance like me. 2-4 cigs a day and I am flying in the sky. Absolutely love this.

  18. Beck

    Love the flavor and taste. The cigarettes are very potent, just what I was searching for. Good job Chief Stix. Keep launching new cigarettes. I will keep buying them. You know I am jokinnn…

  19. Chris Buchanan

    They last longer than normal cigarettes and are hardly as harsh as cigarettes. Love the hemp smokes.

  20. Hank McCoy

    I have completely stopped smoking cigarettes.they are much healthier and a natural alternative.

  21. Noah

    The quality of hemp is amazing in these cigarettes. I am into hemp and cannabis a lot and can easily tell the quality of the grass used by smelling and smoking it. These cigarettes were really upto mark. Exactly how I like my cigarettes. Smooth, soft and sexy. The strains are good hence the odour is good and it tasted amazing.

  22. Just James (verified owner)

    It’s weird but I really look for packaging first. And Chief Stix never disappoints me with their sexy packaging. And the cigarette is also noice . Burns slowly and tastes well. Will definitely buy more.

  23. Jane Brookshire (verified owner)

    Amazing blend of CBD and delta-8. I usually use tobacco cigs but this one is pretty cool too. Gives me that nice feeling.

  24. Henry

    Hemp stix has improved my smoking experience. I smoke one during lunch time at work and I feel relaxed and ready for the rest of the day.

  25. Justin

    Bought these for my boyfriend. He loved them

  26. Justin (verified owner)

    Bought these for my boyfriend. He loved them!!

  27. Camilla

    My friends introduced me to these delta8 cigarettes a few months back and I have never stopped using them ever since. I am not a regular smoker. Just one cigarette a week works for me.

  28. Emmanuel

    I love smoking these rolls after work with friends. It has taken our cigarette sesh to a whole different level. It’s pure bliss.

  29. Aliyaah

    Tried these for the first time on a trip with friends. Cold weather and these cigarettes blessed our night. I have bought this product thrice since then. Beautiful, beautiful experience.

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