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CBDFX - Day & Night CBD Gummy Set

CBDFX - Day & Night CBD Gummy Set


CBDFX – Day & Night CBD Gummy Set


Munch on the gummies from CBDFX – Day & Night CBD Gummy Set to begin your day with a refreshed mind and to end it on a sleepy note. The best combination gummy set which unites the two most popular gummies of the brand CBDFX, can be used in the morning and night alternatively for optimum results. With the day gummy featuring two additional superfood compounds, Turmeric and Spirulina and the night gummy extending the sleepy benefits of melatonin, this really is the perfect CBD gummy set.

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CBDFX – Day & Night CBD Gummy Set is the ultimate product for a consumer looking to explore all the various beneficial aspects of CBD. Try out the day gummy which merges the goodness of CBD with Turmeric and Spirulina. Take one or two of the Melatonin-infused CBD night gummies to catch a good night’s sleep. Read our CBDfx Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the brand and its best selling products.

When the two most popular gummies of CBDFX have been merged into a set, it makes it convenient for the buyer to get the twofold benefit of both products at a much more accessible price. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on both these gummy jars as soon as possible to have a pleasant CBD experience. Start your day in high spirits and end it with a sweet and peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Product Specifications

Number of gummies in each jar: 60 gummies
Potency of Hemp based Cannabinoids: 1500mg
Potency of CBD per vegan gummy (50mg per serving): 25mg CBD
Potency of Melatonin in each night gummy (50mg per serving): 5mg melatonin
100% organically grown hemp, extracted into broad-spectrum CBD
100% Vegan & GMO-free
No fillers or artificial sweeteners

Suggested use:

Take one or two of the day gummies to start your day with an instant surge of energy.
Take two CBD night gummies about half an hour before you want to fall asleep, and enjoy your descent into your fairy dreamland. Melatonin gently coaxes you to sleep using pre-existing biological pathways.


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