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Topical Hemp Oil Relief Serum

Delta Botanicals - Topical Hemp Oil Relief Serum


Delta Botanicals – Topical Hemp Oil Relief Serum


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Delta Botanica’s NEW Relief Serum is a revolutionary new hemp product designed in our labs specifically for use on skin. Tests have demonstrated their ability to address a wide array of dermatological conditions quickly, affordably, and without the drawbacks of traditional skin therapies.

Each ingredient in Relief Serum serves a purpose:

  • Delta Botanicals full-spectrum hemp works as an anti-inflammatory to address irritations such as acne or dermatitis
  • USDA-certified organic coconut oil acts as a moisturizer to help damaged epithelial cells recover
  • Organic tea tree oil works as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
  • Naturally-sourced, non-synthetic Vitamin E works as an antioxidant to quench free radicals and can help protect from UV (sun) rays as well as minimize scarring

Daily Application (preventative): Gently dab/roll-on affected areas after normal skin cleansing. Massage on and around areas of high blemish probability with clean fingers.

Daily Application (severe conditions): Use a high-quality, gentle exfoliant on the affected skin. Thoroughly dry. Gently dab affected areas with Relief Serum. Spread over affected areas with clean fingers or cotton, if available. Continue normal skincare routine including moisturizers and makeup.

47 reviews for Delta Botanicals – Topical Hemp Oil Relief Serum

  1. Mark King

    Not sure whether it is completely organic or not, but with completely alleviating the pain, it has also reduced my dependency on prescription drugs.

  2. Z. Harris

    I don’t have much idea about how this has been formulated, but the way it works on my body to provide relief from the pain in my shoulders and knee really impressed me. Gradually it has helped me to get relief from the ache after doing a heavy workout.
    Anyone with knee pain should give this a try. After a month of usage, I can say it is a great way to get relief to ward off pain from aching joints caused due to arthritis, aging, or some other health issue.

  3. Keira Cannon

    A great aid against pain and inflammation. But I would recommend it to those who have some patience. Topical products may take some time to generate effects. If you can manage that, it can generate amazing results.

  4. Eli Hood

    Using it for a couple of weeks and really impressed by the overall performance. My skin feels a lot better now. No more acnes.

  5. Ezra Stone

    Topical hemp oil relief serum is simply one of the best products in the market for any type of skin issues. Tried this product for severe rashes on my upper back and saw a notable improvement in the condition in just 5 days. The skin now feels a lot better and smooth. Also, as it is made using natural products, including CBD, organic tea tree oil and coconut oil, there are no side effects. The product will in fact moisturize your skin and help your skin recover the damage easily and quickly. It is no doubt a highly recommended product if you have any type of skin problems.

  6. Gloria Davis

    I used this topical along with some pain medications. Pain went away quickly. But, not sure what actually worked.

  7. Carl Kilian

    Met with a car accident three months ago. Used this product and it successfully alleviated pain in just two weeks. Satisfied with the purchase.

  8. Terry Ward

    Easy to apply on the skin for ultimate relief from pain and inflammation. My personal suggestion is to have some patience for the full effects.

  9. B. Conner

    Have been using the product for three weeks. I noticed a mild difference, but not much.

  10. Grace Durbin

    My friend recommended this, but it didn’t work well for my condition.

  11. P. Rose

    Easy application and instant results. I found it effective for back pain. Great alternative to pain medications. Highly recommended from my side.

  12. J. Denis

    Tried for the first time today and it worked for chronic pain management. Have always had pain to some degree. Applied on the pain areas and have no pain now.

  13. W. Wayne

    I have been suffering from chronic pain for three years now. Have tried traditional therapies and medication treatments, but this topical works way better than them. No side effects. Highly recommended.

  14. R. Morgan

    Works well for irritations caused by acne and other skin conditions. Using for a few weeks. Natural results.

  15. Ivan Philip

    Easy to apply, localized relief from pain and inflammation. No side effects. Prices are also reasonable. Highly recommended product.

  16. Joan howard

    Couldn’t have asked for something better to get relief from backache. After I started to work part-time, the frequency of lower backache increased significantly. While looking for a natural product, I ordered this.

  17. Kyle B.

    Got this at a sale price. The only thing that I apply whenever in pain. Over the six months due to this, I have not taken any medicine.

  18. Lauren cox

    This fall I had a lot of hair fall as I was on steroids. So to control that my friend gave me this serum. Though I was reluctant to apply this, after his several requests I applied it. Just applying before the hair wash for continuously two weeks not only reduced my hair fall but the hair growth also increased.

  19. Walter K. Ortiz

    I never thought apart from pain killers anything else would help me in getting relief from the knee pain. I was pleased to see its effects.

  20. Zachary Cooper

    I was dependent on painkillers to cope with the neuropathic but after using this serum, my dependency has reduced. Even my colleagues have started using it.

  21. Evelyn P.

    This small bottle of serum works well in curing my headache, sleeping issue, backaches, and other physical aches. Could not have asked for something that could help me in reducing the pain instantly.

  22. Christina Morales

    I wish I could have got to know about this serum before. Then I would not have taken so many prescription medications. This is perfect for old people who struggle to perform daily activities due to various aches.

  23. Peter M

    I suffer from hip pain, this serum has helped me to reduce the pain tremendously. I massage the serum till it is fully absorbed by the body and within some time the pain is completely gone. Nice formulation.

  24. Kelly F. Morris

    This is a wonderful product. I highly recommend this natural serum to apply this in place of taking prescription medications. GREAT PRODUCT! Showed effects quickly.

  25. Nathan Reyes

    I use it on my face to improve the skin texture and wake every morning to healthy and hydrated skin. Within a week and a half, my complexion has cleared tremendously.

  26. Victoria Edwards

    I was having a hard time working ten hours a day during the pandemic and this schedule also spoiled my sleep pattern. However, after regularly applying this, I could sleep soundly. Will continue to use this amazing serum though it takes time to show effects.

  27. Douglas Gonzalez

    Though I was skeptical about how it works on my body. As said, it really alleviated the shoulder pain. I have been using it for a month and didn’t encounter any problems.

  28. Joyce S.

    I just bought the second bottle of this serum. If you have pain or are sick of taking medications, you should definitely give this a try. No side effects at all.

  29. Adam

    While checking Vape and CBD products, I came across this hemp serum and ordered. After using it for a week, I can’t stop talking about it to my family and friends about its effectiveness.

  30. Julie Carlos

    I have lived with chronic pain forever, no prescription medication really provided the cure for more than a week. After going through the reviews of this product, I ordered this and have been using it regularly since the day it was delivered. Now I don’t stock up pills but just a bottle of this is enough to get away the ache. small bottle so finishes quite fast.

  31. Henry M

    Due to work pressure, I got a lot of pimples. I used many products but nothing really reduced it. Then I used this product of Delta Botanicals, my skin started clearing up after a week. I took a very small quantity of this, but it did a good job.

  32. Diane smith

    This was recommended to me by a friend. I’m very happy with the effects of this product and after applying this I get a good undisturbed night’s sleep. Great product. Healthy and organic.

  33. Jose B. Lee

    This serum can be used by every member to get relief from the pain and inflammation. It has become my go-to product whenever I have a headache or menstrual cramps. Even my father uses it for back pain and knee pain.

  34. Heather C

    Though the estimated delivery was just after the three days, I received it after a week due to some logistic error. The product reduced my pain and provided significant relief within a few minutes.

  35. Aaron

    For the last two years, I have been trying various medications to get relieved from the serious pain from Fibromyalgia. After my care-givers suggestion, I started using it and was happy how this reduced my pain. Just ordered 2 more to stock up the product.

  36. Dayne P.

    Was delivered after two days. Shows effects after minutes of topical applications. It provided relief from the stiffness in my shoulders.

  37. Stephanie M.

    Bought after my mother appreciated the effects of this serum. After continuously using this for 3 months I have become a firm advocate of this product.

  38. Tyler

    Couldn’t have asked for something better than this to get relief from the pain. This is a fresh and light hemp-based serum that I use whenever I have a headache.

  39. Virginia M. Turner

    Most of the relief serums have an unbearable strong scent. But this does not have any scent and helped me with the aches.

  40. Jerry Stewart

    I purchased to deal with arthritis, but for a week I did not feel any effects. Takes time to provide relief

  41. Janet A

    For the last two months, it has been difficult to survive with chronic back pain. After my physician’s recommendation, I started using this product and was able to do daily activities without any pain.

  42. Dennis Cruz

    For the last two months, it has been difficult to survive with chronic back pain. After my physician’s recommendation, I started using this product and was able to do daily activities without any pain.

  43. Carolyn P. Mose

    I loved this relief serum from Delta Botanicals. Only a few drops are enough to be massaged to get relief from the arthritis pain. Would be ordering again.

  44. Jack Morris

    This product takes away the pain within a few minutes of application. But the price is a bit high for a 381 mg serum.

  45. Judy

    It worked really well on providing me relief from the sore muscles. Must try.

  46. Zipporah Hair

    Either due to hormonal imbalance or diet changes, I had a breakout on my headache. Though I tried many medications and home remedies, nothing really worked While browsing online, I came through this serum and ordered to give it a try. Honestly, I was not expecting any results but was stunned how the acne reduced within a week. Good formulation.

  47. Mike Roscope

    I suffer from chronic pain and I have been using it for more than a month now and it works amazingly well.

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