Buy Platinum Delta CBD Oral Tincture - 3000mg, Full Spectrum CBD
Platinum CBD Oral Tincture – 3000mg CBD

Delta Botanicals - Platinum CBD Oral Tincture


Delta Botanicals – Platinum CBD Oral Tincture


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With 3,000mg of pure full spectrum CBD, our Platinum Label Tincture is one of the highest concentrated CBD tincture ever made.

Developed for users who require the highest possible dosage of CBD, our signature Platinum Label is a premium product that provides one of the world’s strongest medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.

Enjoy the many benefits of CBD with our great-tasting, all-natural CBD Oral Tincture. Naturally flavored hemp extract with a coconut oil base, our CBD  Oral Tincture can be administered directly by mouth or easily added to most food recipes.

With 3000mg of pure full spectrum CBD, our Platinum Label is a highly concentrated CBD tincture that offers almost immediate results. Developed for users who prefer not to vape but still require higher dosages of CBD, our signature Platinum Label is a premium product for those seeking a strong CBD Tincture. Our Platinum Label provides a strong medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.

Bottle size:
  • 30ml
PG/VG ratio:
  • No VG or PG
  • 3000mg Pure CBD
  • Non-GMO fractionated pure coconut oil

27 reviews for Delta Botanicals – Platinum CBD Oral Tincture

  1. ken brown

    So, my grandmother has arthritis pain for years. She has been complaining about it for months now as her medicines do not seem to be effective anymore. Also, she suffered a lot of other health issues due to those medicines. And, while learning more about treating arthritis pain and talking to medical healthcare professionals, I decided to buy this CBD tincture for her. I have started putting a few drops of CBD tincture in her food and she is unknown about it. She is a little hesitant about using cannabis, so I give it to her secretly, without her realizing it. But, yes, her complaints of constant arthritis pain and inflammation has reduced drastically

  2. Leroy johnson

    My friend recommended to use this by mixing in my meals. Earlier I had only used it in a form of a topical. But, I feel that mixing it in the meals makes the effects better and much more soothing that compared to just applying it. It was only recently when I learned that CBD is much more than pain and inflammation relief treatment- it is also effective in treating stress and improve the overall living lifestyle. So, now I and my husband both have a fixed number of drops in our food to benefit from the CBD tinctures. Since it is alcohol-based, I don’t cook it- I prefer to mix it after the meal is prepared and then stir it with the spoon to dilute it. Thank you CBD tincture, we both as a couple have a much better life and mental health now.

  3. Wallace Gracia

    I am satisfied with what I got! I think I chose the wrong potency for myself. My younger sister uses the same CBD tincture for her pain relief but when I use it I do not feel the same relief. Thus, I have decided to go with another CBD tincture that is more potent. Or, maybe increasing the dosage might do the trick too. Anyway, I am happy for my younger sibling to be relishing the benefits and swaying away from the constant pain.

  4. milo ben

    I have read that CBD is used for a certain medical condition, but I decided to use it for myself just to make my daily schedule better. And, I guess I have never found anything better than this yet.

  5. Jett

    My mother has anxiety issues and she gets worried sick because of me and my brother. And, it was our aunt who suggested the use of this CBD tincture and since then, she has almost no anxiety attacks.

  6. Lennox B

    So, I have been experiencing migraine pain for a very long time, and only a recent diagnosis informed me that I have chronic migraine pain. With no permanent solution to this, I really thought of trying this CBD tincture. Using this tincture has really helped me in regularizing my headaches and the frequency of the headaches. I feel so better with this tincture and now I do not have to worry about dealing with that excruciating pain.

  7. Arlo lincoln

    I really like how this CBD Tincture does not ruin my taste buds- the flavor is soothing and the effects are no doubt the best!

  8. Rui Gray

    This product really works in providing relief from all kinds of pain and ache. Will be buying more.

  9. Jonathon Knights

    I used to take around 4-5 pills every day to manage the pain and even then I didn’t get complete relief from it. But after taking this product, my pain goes immediately and the effects also last long. I am thankful to them for reducing my dependency on painkillers.

  10. T Paloma Field

    We bought this to manage the bad depression and anxiety. Within half an hour of taking a few drops of this, I am calmer. Worked quite well for getting relief from everyday stress outs and being more productive. But I didn’t realize that the bottle ran out very fast so I immediately purchased it again. Would really want a bigger bottle of it.

  11. Alex Denton

    I bought this at a sale price from the vapeandcbd website to get relief from chronic back pain. After using it regularly for a week, I have cut down the three painkillers and my appetite is also improving gradually. Thankyou Delta botanicals for such an amazing CBD oil.

  12. Daria Chavez

    What a great product. This is one of the best purchases that have made it easy for me to deal with the arthritis pain in the hands. I would definitely recommend it to anyone to get relief from arthritis pain.

  13. Amin Ellwood

    I use it every morning to kickstart the day in my periods. And, taking it sublingually keeps me away from the menstrual cramps.

  14. Katelyn D

    Started using it after my mother asked me to give her favorite CBD tincture a try. After a few minutes of taking the drops, I was relaxed and calmer. Highly recommended for people struggling with anxiety.

  15. Allen ball

    Usually, in the winter, my old shoulder injury pain is triggered. Nothing really provided me relief from it, but after 4 drops of this tincture, I noticed a reduction in the pain.

  16. Khloe K. Sargent

    A few drops of it when I am PMSing helps to keep my calm and anxiety at bay. It also helps me to stay active in the evening after being exhausted in the day.

  17. Melanie Tanner

    Though it took me a while to figure out the right dosage to get relief from the leg pain, it acts quite fast. Even if I overdosed at times by times, I just had some sedating effects.

  18. Colby Lyon

    Been using tinctures for more than a year, but this 3000mg option from Delta botanicals is the best. I am thankful to vapeandcbd for providing such an effective product at a discounted rate.

  19. Humphrey D Monroe

    I started taking one drop every alternative day to boost my stamina. Within 10 days, I can say it has regulated my digestive system.

  20. Abigail Glass

    An organic safe to be taken for adults and oldies. My mother uses it to get relief from headaches, knee pain, and backache.

  21. Nielsen

    The bottle of this tincture is clearly labeled to ensure you get a clear idea of the dosage and it comes with an amazing dropper. And, it shows effects on the body within 30 minutes to provide you therapeutic relief from the aches.

  22. H Kathleen Chaney

    This is the best formulation that has helped me in maintaining optimal blood pressure. My bp used to shoot up every evening, however, after taking this sublingually, it has stabilized.

  23. Kayne Needham

    This is an effective natural treatment for getting relief from the symptoms of various health issues. And has helped me to deal with fatigue after hitting the gym.

  24. Helena Mary

    Acts immediately and provides a relaxed sensation. I always consume medically supervised dosage whenever I start feeling a little out of place. But the best part is that this tincture works well in case of highly stressful situations.

  25. James B.

    The process ordering the product from beginning to finish was smooth and quick. I am also very satisfied with the quality and potency of the product.

  26. Barry Wine

    The shipping was faster than I anticipated. I received my order in 3 days which was quite surprising. Even the customer service was quite good so I know I can trust them. Will shop again.

  27. Eddie Cornell

    I was looking for a strong CBD tincture and I must say, this is the best one! I fell in love with the taste and effects of Platinum Label.

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