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Delta Botanicals - CBD Oral Tincture Black Label


Delta Botanicals – CBD Oral Tincture Black Label


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With 6,000mg of pure full spectrum CBD, our Black Label Tincture is one of the highest concentrated CBD tincture ever made.

Developed for users who require the highest possible dosage of CBD, our signature Black Label is a premium product that provides one of the world’s strongest medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.

Enjoy the many benefits of CBD with our great-tasting, all-natural CBD Oral Tincture. Naturally flavored hemp extract with a coconut oil base, our CBD  Oral Tincture can be administered directly by mouth or easily added to most food recipes.

With 6,000mg of pure full spectrum CBD per bottle, our Black Label is one of the highest concentrated CBD tincture ever made.

Developed for users who require the highest possible dosages of CBD, our signature Black Label is a premium product for those seeking the strongest possible CBD Tincture. Our Black Label provides one of the world’s strongest medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.

Bottle size:
  • 30ml
PG/VG ratio:
  • No VG or PG
  • 6000mg Pure CBD
  • Non-GMO fractionated pure coconut oil

26 reviews for Delta Botanicals – CBD Oral Tincture Black Label

  1. Trudy Cambell

    Cbd oil is a great companion for my workout routine. I use it occasionally for my muscle spasms or any injury. Higher concentration works perfectly in small quantities. Took a lot of time to deliver.

  2. Aaron.B

    I have had lower back pain issues since last year after I met a road accident. For some reason, I haven’t been able to fully recover. It’s been 3-4 weeks since I have been using this CBD oil and taking 5-6 drops in the night before sleeping. It has helped me cope up with my pain. I’ve been sleeping much better now, after ages.

  3. J Rally

    I had an accident last year and broke my right arm. It is healed mostly but it still pains sometimes and I don’t know why this happens only at night. Bought this product sometime back only and apply it directly on the skin. I have seen positive results since my usage and am sleeping better.

  4. Emily Greens

    Last month I had a stomach infection and due to that I wasn’t able to eat properly and had several digestive issues. My boyfriend got me this product and I have been taking 2-3 drops both in the morning and evening. Thanks so much for a genuine product, it has helped me get through one of the most difficult phases of my life.

  5. Linda Fox

    I have had fibromyalgia ever since I was a teenager. I sometimes suffer from severe headaches and sometimes am just tired throughout the day. I have been using delta cbd oil for a month now, and have to tell you that my condition has improved significantly. I still have some bad days but it’s much better than what it was before.

  6. Kate&marla

    I am quite surprised by how much this product has helped me with my pain. I had a muscle injury last year which was creating issues again. This product has literally helped me get back on the track. I recommended it for pain management.

  7. Firefly

    Bought this product for my neck pain, which I have had for a long time. I avoid using painkillers and other meds, but sometimes there aren’t many options. Happy since I am using this product, it heals naturally and works well in relieving pain.

  8. Laura Quinn

    Product helped me with sleep and pain. Though I didn’t like the taste. But great effects and customer service. I had ordered 2 bottles by mistake and canceled one at the last minute, they made a full refund within minutes.

  9. Lilia Flowers

    I have been using delta CBD oil for months now. They are good for general wellness, keeps your mood stable, and has helped me with my anxiety and sleep.

  10. MiahReid

    I avoid using pain killers, they come with side effects and don’t even work sometimes. My arthritic joints are much better since I am using this product. It’s higher in concentration, that suits me well.

  11. Andre

    Wonder why I haven’t tried black labels before. This product clearly stands out. I use it sublingually, two drops every day to manage my anxiety and hyperactive phases. My work productivity is back on the track and mood is much stabilized. Will come back as this one gets over.

  12. Ema Franco

    It’s been a week, I am using this oil. I take two drops directly under my tongue and have seen positive changes. I’m sleeping better at night and getting up fresh in the morning. However, I am not a great fan of its taste. It still is a great product.

  13. Toni Bain

    My elder brother had just gone through appendix surgery a month back and was experiencing pain. He had already tried hemp oil before and asked me to order a higher concentration. So I ordered 6000mg from your website. It’s been 4 days now, I haven’t seen him complaining. It can see its working and the effects are quite prominent.

  14. C. Senior

    The effects are quick acting. The flavor is natural, few drops are enough

  15. Amy Whitemore

    I wanted to try a higher concentration cbd oil for my back pain. Have been using 1250mg till now and came across this, so I ordered one. To be honest I am a little disappointed. I used it for 4days and couldn’t feel much of a difference between 1250mg and 6000mg. The effects are more or less the same. I’d rather buy a cheaper bottle.

  16. Juno Reed

    It’s my daily dosage of peace and tranquility. Genuine quality product.

  17. Mariah M

    My heart rate and blood pressure both have lowered. I feel much healthier and active. I expected the flavor to be a bit strong but it’s good, feels natural.

  18. Samuel.K

    The best thing about this product is, it heals yours naturally. 6000mg works well when used in moderation, I take 2 drops, 3-4 days a week. My anxiety issues are very much in control. but it takes some time to show some effects.

  19. Rianne W. Moore

    Hemp oil has been a great alternative to prescription meds…. it has helped me revive my mental health without any side effects.

  20. Myah Reilly

    delta cbd oil has helped me with my anxiety and sleeping issues. I usually take two drops at night time before sleeping and sometimes alternate it with my mornings too. Works well both ways. Good quality product.

  21. Amara32

    received my package this morning. Thank you for another timely delivery

  22. Jeremiah Oliver

    Affordable and easy to use. I prefer taking the drops both orally and sublingually during the night. Sublingual administration helps me instantly receive relief from arthritis pain. The best part is that the cannabinoid concentration of this tincture is high so it fits my medical condition perfectly.

  23. Lisa Campbell

    The best part about this tincture is that it helped me alleviate pain to a great extent. So far, I was eating a lot of medicines that made me feel heavily sedated, but the Black Label tincture relaxes my body and helps me sleep soundly at night without causing any pain.

  24. Alvena Gleason

    I was actually looking to purchase it from Delta directly but glad that I found vape and cbd. Saved quite some bucks. I even had a word with their customer care and it was quite helpful. I had some concerns and he was quite patient with me. Definitely would buy again.

  25. Krystina Vandervort

    It is a great alternative to my anxiety medications. I have been using it for a couple of months now. Never faced any issue with the order or shipping.

  26. Jimmy Chang

    Finally found the right CBD to use. I used oral spray some months back and hated it. I have tried lotions, those were good but this has become my favorite. It helped my arthritic hands a lot. Have been using it twice a day and it works great.

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