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Delta Botanicals CBD Oral Tincture

Delta Botanicals - CBD Oil Oral Tincture


Delta Botanicals – CBD Oil Oral Tincture


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Designed with care and packed with excellence, the Delta Botanicals CBD Oral Tinctures contains pure extracts of CBD derived from hemp and tested in ISO-certified third-party labs

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Experience the benefits of naturally and organically grown Delta Botanicals’ CBD Oral tincture. Designed and packed with care, the tinctures come in four (Green, Purple, Golden, and Blue) colors. The products labeled green contain 300mg of total CBD. Other labels such as Gold contain 600 mg of CBD, Purple consists of 1,000 mg CBD, and Blue label contains 150mg CBD. Sized 30 ml, containing pure extracts of CBD derived from organic hemp source, the tincture goes through a process of rigorous testing in ISO-certified third-party labs.

Delta Botanicals CBD Oral Tincture contains cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and CBN with no traces of THC. Because the product derives the tincture through the process of clean extraction, it falls under the category of full-spectrum tinctures that contain naturally flavored terpenes and coconut oil as a base.

CBD Oral Tincture consists of hemp oil sourced from Colorado farms registered under the Industrial Hemp Program. While CO2 extractions eliminate the possibilities of contamination, the workforce at Delta works with the extraction parties on the field to obtain pure form hemp-derived CBD.

In addition to this, to ensure a smooth flow of quality tinctures, Delta Botanicals tests each tincture at a lab in Baltimore to produce an oil with a high cannabinoid profile. Furthermore, the product lab reports are extensively tested to ensure the absence of THC, additives, chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Delta Botanicals CBD Oral Tincture Features

  1. Serving size per dropper: 1 ml
  2. Total amount: 30ml
  3. Container: According to the label each bottle comes in four ( Green, Blue, Purple, Gold) different colored bottles with an easy-to-use dropper. 
  4. Ingredients: CBN, CBG, CBN, terpenes, and natural flavors
  5. Cannabinoid strength: CBD (10mg), hemp oil (14 mg), CBN (<0.03%), CBG (0.12%)
  6. Condition: Green label best serves mild conditions. Gold label best serves low to mild conditions, Purple label best serves severe condition, Blue label suited for vape administration due to low concentration of CBD. 
  7. No added artificial flavors mean zero PG/VG ratio
  8. Non-GMO fractionated pure coconut oil
  9. Effects: Noticed within 15 minutes 
  10. Administration: Best suits for sublingual administration but can be consumed through vape and oral methods.  
  11. Dropper attached to the top of the bottle for the efficient administration
  12. Caters to conditions such as pain and inflammation. Kindly take the dose under medical supervision to alleviate the symptoms of a qualifying condition. 
  13. Comes with an up-to-date Certificate of Analysis
  14. No toxic chemicals or residual solvents
  15. Delivers the CBD advertised on all the four labels.

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300 Mg, 600 Mg, 1000 Mg

6 reviews for Delta Botanicals – CBD Oil Oral Tincture

  1. Alex Saucedo (verified owner)

    Bought it for my Mother since she was going through Cancer treatments this helped her alot with the aches and pains she would have in her bones…great product will buy again.

  2. Wyatt.

    This tincture has worked wonders for my arthritis pain. I didn’t know it would work so well until I tried it out. I’ll definitely keep purchasing this product.

  3. William Ferrel (verified owner)

    Good stuff! Seems to help with arthritis pain in the morning. Used to get out of bed and instantly be in pain. Much better now!

  4. Anders Hubbard

    I love this tincture; Delta Botanicals never disappoints me. I have tried other products from this brand and all of them worked well for me. This tincture too works great. Love it.

  5. Kylie

    Amazing product and quick shipping. It is really effective.,

  6. Cassidy Wheeler

    This is great! This tincture is very effective and I also love the flavor it has. I sometimes add it to my tea every morning to get my daily dose of CBD. Next time I’m going to order the 600 mg tincture.

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  1. To efficiently use the CBD tincture for best results, shake the bottle for proper CBD mixing with the underlying liquid
  2. Read the label for the amount of CBD your bottle contains and then take the dosage as supervised medically with the help of a dropper
  3. Squeeze the dropper. Each dropper will serve 1 ml of the total CBD content inside the bottle. You can consume it orally, sublingually (under the tongue), or thorough vape.
  4. If taken sublingually, hold the liquid in your mouth for two-three minutes for improved absorption rate, and swallow.
  5. Wait for the effects to settle-in and use another dose as per your requirement.
CBD oral tincture by Delta Botanicals is one of the all-natural and hemp-derived tinctures available at $39.99. A great choice for those who enjoy both vaping and oral administration. With pure CBD, this tincture offers relaxation and leaves no room for psychoactive effects or a head high. 

Packaging and Labeling (4.5)

Sized 30ml, the bottle comes in a green-colored design. Interestingly, the colors cater to specific medical requirements. For instance, green labels are best for patients with mild conditions. Anyone seeking a strong tincture for mild conditions should opt for the green-labeled CBD oral tincture (300mg).   For the first three options, you will get CBD concentrations ranging from 300 to 1,000 mg CBD in 30ml bottles. Each bottle comes in different colors and contains different concentrations of active CBD. Very few brands in the market provide such options, especially when it comes to the packaging and design of the product.  The label on the bottle consists of cautionary instructions and nutritional facts. For the 300mg bottle, you will get the following:  Serving size: 1 dropper (1mL) Serving per container: 30 Hemp Oil: 14mg Cannabidiol: 10mg and; 0% fat or cholesterol 

Dosage (4.9)

Pioneering pure CBD standards, with Delta Botanicals a patient can easily identify how many milligrams of CBD is inside the tincture. The tinctures are divided into four different categories respectively:  Blue (150 mg) Green (300 mg) Gold (600 mg) Purple (1,000 mg) According to Delta Botanicals, the Blue line is suitable for vape administration because the concentration is so low that sublingual administration may not work effectively. In other words, instead of taking 6 or 7 droppers full of Blue strength, individuals suffering from chronic pain can administer one dropper full of Purple strength. The Purple strength best serves severe conditions. As far as the Green and Gold strengths are concerned, the former best serves mild conditions. Whereas, the latter helps alleviate the symptoms of low to medium conditions. 

Third-Party Lab Report (4.8)

The product consists of a full-fledged, up-to-date third party lab report. The report shows that the product lacks pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, or any other harmful chemicals. These numbers live up to the expectations of Delta Botanicals because most of its products, including this one, contain full-spectrum CBD oil with zero traces of THC.   An additional ingredient list and the lab report also show that there are no added artificial colors, flavors, additives, or toxic chemicals in the product. However, you have to note that the product does not cater to vegan or vegetarian requirements. 

Flavor (5)

The flavor of this tincture is mostly natural, but the product has a slight hint of peppermint and vanilla, giving it a fruit-like taste. While peppermint provides a strong flavor, vanilla balances the powerful effects. This makes it a good choice for consumers who prefer flavored tinctures over unflavored ones. 

Consistency (4.7)

Delta Botanicals has a range of tinctures, and they vary in size and CBD concentrations. CBD Oral Tincture (300 mg) falls under the green line, which means it is best suited for mild conditions. Severe conditions are best served with the purple line and low to medium cases with the products labeled gold.

Effectiveness (4.9)

A study published in the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology revealed that CBD isolates become less effective after a certain point. On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD continued to provide therapeutic benefits with an increase in dosage. Because Delta Botanicals tinctures contain full-spectrum CBD with different ratios of other cannabinoids, it can aid in pain relief and provide other therapeutic benefits more effectively than CBD isolates.  Also, when we generally talk about full-spectrum products, it means that the product contains traces of THC along with other cannabinoids. However, the exception, in this case, is that this product is made out of hemp extracts. Even though the full spectrum, it does not contain traces of THC. Which, in turn, makes the product stand out from the rest. 

Cannabinoid Strength (4.5)

Ideally, CBD products are processed, keeping in mind the different cannabinoid strengths. For this product, the strength has been designated by the color. However, for further explanation and clarity, the product comes with a detailed explanation. The cannabinoid strength for each component is as follows in Wt. % CBD: 86.59% CBG: 0.12% CBN: <0.03% THC: 0%

Source (4.8)

The product contains hemp oil sourced from Colorado. All Colorado hemp growers are registered with the Industrial Hemp Program. This also means that the products contain hemp oil directly derived from the Colorado farms. Delta also works with the hemp suppliers on the field using CO2 extraction methods to reduce the possibilities of contamination.  Delta's CBD Oral Tincture also goes through a batch of tests to ensure no presence of THC. So, as a consumer, you will receive a product that consists of zero molds or breakdowns of THC. 

Product Standards (5)

The product has high-quality standards, and it contains exactly what the label reads. That’s because the hemp extracts in the CBD oil are blended to produce a high-quality cannabinoid profile at a lab in Baltimore. The process not only provides consistency but also allows the legal sale of this product.  To further expand the standards of quality, Delta Botanicals submits the report of the product for another batch of laboratory testing. The tests are used as proof that the tincture is 100% pure containing zero-THC, molds, pesticides, and heavy metals. If judged on the parameters of quality, the product definitely stands out. 

Availability (4.5)

The tincture is available easily across the legal states. Because the product is color-coded, you will conveniently find out whether it suits your medical condition or not. Also, this product is 100% natural. So, as a customer, you should not have any problems finding or using the product legally. 

Method of Administration (3.5)

Suitable for vape, sublingual, and oral administration. If consumed through sublingual, the effects start appearing almost 15 minutes after administration. You can also consume the dose orally because the CBD concentration of this product lies somewhere between normal and high ranges. Although we think that you should preferably consume the product sublingually because all Delta green line tinctures are best suited for sublingual administration. For vape administration, you can pick a CBD tincture from the blue line.  The only problem here is that the sublingual administration generates an immediate effect. As a result, an individual will receive relief from pain instantly, but the same effect may not last for a longer period. In addition to this, higher doses of CBD work more effectively than low doses. So, the patient might have to increase the dose depending upon the severity of the pain.

Usage and Safety (4.5)

You can use the product with the help of a dropper attached to the top of the bottle. Each dropper consists of 1ml hemp oil extracts. The dropper allows the user to administer medically supervised doses. The dose can be administered orally, but some consumers take the liberty to mix this tincture inside beverages. Which, in turn, can be an experiment to find out whether it   For safety, Delta Botanicals provide an up-to-date certificate of Analysis. The certificate showcases the absence of toxic chemicals, artificial terpenes, and other residual solvents. The same also checks-out THC (0%) and CBD levels. Also, one of the major reasons why consumers using this product will never fail a drug test. 

Shipment (5)

Along with quality, the best part about this product is that there are no added shipment charges. The delivery is fast, quick, and completely free. 

Testing Process (5)

To keep the quality of the product intact, it undergoes constant scrutiny. Delta Botanicals specifically pays attention to the quality of the product. So, besides lab tests and certificates of analysis, the CBD tincture bottle also comes with a detailed manufacturing process. The tests are conducted at a third party, ISO-certified lab exclusively designed to test hemp-CBD products.  In general, the manufacturing process goes through a series of steps. In the first step, the tincture is tested for the quantity and strength of cannabinoids in the product. This test clarifies whether the product label reads exactly what is advertised or not.  Second, a heavy metal test checks the product for impurities such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. The third test is a terpene test, and it ensures the presence of terpenes in the tincture. Another test called the Microbiological Contamination Test is performed to see the presence of aerobic, coliform, or bile tolerant negative bacteria.  Last but not least, the mycotoxin test. This test is performed to detect the presence of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin. While all these tests show that the process of manufacturing and processing is quite thorough and detailed, the Delta Botanical products also go through pesticide, solvents, and pathogenic bacterial tests. All these tests ensure that the product contains no chemical solvents and is free of impurities. 

Overall Review Score (4.7)

After reviewing the product, it’s safe to say that in terms of quality and product standards, CBD Oral Tincture stands out. The lab reports and the testing process indicates that the product contains exactly what is advertised on the packaging. Additionally, the tincture also has a fruit-like flavor, which comes as a blessing in disguise. Furthermore, the CBD oral tincture green line edition caters to mild conditions. This makes it easier for an individual to select a product without worrying about the dosing guide. So, overall the CBD Oral Tincture 300 mg is a 4.7 for us.

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