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Delta Botanicals - CBD Delta Honey Hemp Oil (Full Spectrum)


Delta Botanicals – CBD Delta Honey Hemp Oil (Full Spectrum)


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The 180mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Honey contains pure CBD extracts derived from organic hemp farms and achieved through the process of CO2 extraction. The base of the oil is 100% organic honey and it’s best suited for anyone who is looking to purchase a therapeutic alternative.

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Get the relief your body needs with the help of Delta Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Honey. The product is designed in such a way that it serves those who are looking for a considerably low dosage. You will get exactly 36 mg of honey oil with each serving along with 30mg of CBD per 1 oz. So, if you’re looking for a wellness product with all-natural flavors, mild effects, and organic hemp extracts, this one can be your go-to choice. 

Product Specifications

  • 1 oz size bottle
  • Serves one teaspoonful of CBD’s wellness 
  • Total 6 servings per container   
  • Contains full-spectrum CBD
  • CBG, CBN, and natural terpenes present in fewer quantities
  • Zero THC 
  • No solvents, harmful chemicals, or ingredients
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • 36 mg hemp 
  • 30 mg CBD 



The Delta Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil Honey contains 100%, organic honey. The organic value of the honey is tested and verified at third-party labs. You can find the lab report alongside the product information to verify. Honey adds sweetness to the CBD mixture, and it best suits those who do not like the original taste of CBD. 

Full-Spectrum CBD

Delta uses CBD extracts obtained with the help of the CO2 method. This means that you will get CBD packed with other cannabinoids. In other words, this honey hemp oil contains CBN, CBG, CBC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in smaller quantities. These cannabinoids collectively act to provide the entourage effect and help the user achieve instant relief from pain, inflammation, or any other condition that’s qualified for cannabis use.


  • Derived from non-GMO Colorado-grown hemp 
  • You can mix it with edibles and beverages
  • Does not produce a head high
  • Manufactured in Baltimore city of Maryland
  • Maximum benefits at a low price point
  • Effective for a moderate span of time
  • Safely allows the use of 5-6 drop per day

11 reviews for Delta Botanicals – CBD Delta Honey Hemp Oil (Full Spectrum)

  1. Phil Beachey

    Calming effects and works for anxiety, pain and depression. Pure cannabis extract and reasonable prices. Will definitely return for other products.

  2. Russell Joy

    Took two times a day with snacks. A slow onset and didn’t provide complete relaxation.

  3. V. Bulgarino

    Pain relief, medicinal effects of the whole plant. It doesn’t alter the taste of beverages it’s added into. Worth the money spent.

  4. J. Dance

    Nutritious way of CBD consumption. No instant high and lasting effects. I use the product for anxiety relief in the morning. Take the right dose for desired effects.

  5. Marilyn Imparato

    Used for the first time by mixing in tea, and would say it’s not very good. Mild pain relief and duration is a few hours. Will see how it works with other foods and beverages.

  6. Marie Romero

    100 percent original product. Easy to ingest and quick action. Taste is good and you can also add it into your favorite food or beverage. I recommend this product.

  7. Amber Perkins

    Great product. I take the CBD honey twice by adding it into coffee. It keeps me relaxed and motivated for hours. You can mix it in different foods and beverages.

  8. Roy Callen

    Great product. I take the CBD honey twice by adding it into coffee. It keeps me relaxed and motivated for hours. You can mix it in different foods and beverages.

  9. Juan Santesmases

    It works for pain relief and promoting relaxation. But, has an awful aftertaste. Seek professional help for dosage.

  10. Danielle Booth

    Love the product. Easy to use and fast action. Have been using it for more than 6 months now and haven’t noticed any risks. Highly recommended.

  11. Electa Irwin

    While on a sleepover at my colleague’s place, I had a stomachache after having some Chinese dish. Kerry made me have a spoon of Hemp Oil Honey owing to its healing powers. Though I didn’t notice any instant effects, my stomachache went away after an hour.

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  1. Take it orally during the day or before going to bed. Use one teaspoonful as a safe mode of consumption.
  2. Mix the oil with food or your morning and evening beverage. You can take one or two doses per day. The dose may vary from person to person. If not sure, take the dose as advised.
Delta Botanicals is acknowledged and widely known for producing high-quality, lab-tested, cleanly extracted, and full-spectrum CBD products. Since 2012, the Maryland based company has worked in the field with extractors to produce high-quality e-liquids and CBD oils, tinctures. Under the same category falls the 1oz sized Hemp Oil Honey bottle containing 180g of purely extracted cannabinoids. Organically produced with the help of CO2 extraction, the oil has a honey base made with 100% organic CBD useful for those seeking therapeutic benefits.  

Packaging and Labeling (4.7)

Delta CBD’s Hemp Honey Oil comes with a single concentration level of 180mg. This means that it best caters to low medical requirements than severe conditions. For severe conditions, users must use oils with a higher CBD and hemp concentration. As far as the packaging is concerned, it comes packed in a simple box that reveals the picture of the product in the font and content listings on the back.

The best part about labeling and packaging is that the Hemp Honey Oil comes with a detailed list of ingredients used. In simple words, the user can easily find out what the product contains and at how much concentration. This way, it is extremely convenient for the user to consume the right amount of dose. Also, it is very important to note that very few brands in the market provide a full-fledged cannabinoid concentration list.

Third-Party lab Reports (5)

Because the product contains organically extracted cannabinoids, the lab report becomes an integral part of the product review. A lab report enables a user to analyze whether the product contains what the label reads or not. Besides the CBD concentration list as part of the packaging material, the product just like every other Delta CBD product has a detailed lab report.

Each product goes under a detailed analysis of tests. For instance, a third-party lab report in case of hemp honey oil the tests are performed at ISO-certified third-party lab reports. The lab report contains details such as date of manufacturing, date of analysis, and batch no. Along with these details, the lab report consists of cannabinoid details listed below:

  • CBD: 885.92mg
  • CBG: 1.22mg
  • CBN: <0.30mg
  • THC: ND
  • CBC: <0.30mg
  • THC-A: ND
  • CBD-A: <0.30mg
  • MAX CBD: 865.92mg
  • TOTAL ACTIVE: 867.14mg

Furthermore, the lab report also reveals the presence of residual solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides. Fortunately, the product does not contain chemical substances because the product undergoes a series of tests. For starters, the microbiological contamination test is conducted to analyze the presence of harmful bacteria and molds. Next, the mycotoxin test verifies the presence of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin. Another set of tests, also known as the heavy metal test is carried out to detect the presence of harmful substances like arsenic, lead, mercury, and lead.

Not only this, but the certificate of analysis also reveals that the product is tested for the presence of label accuracy. In other words, the terpenes and cannabinoid concentration. The product must contain the same amounts of non-psychoactive compounds as the label reads. Other tests include the terpene test and the pathological bacterial contamination test. Overall, it's safe to say that the product undergoes a series of tests to ensure zero presence of harmful chemicals. This also helps Delta Botanicals advertise labels such as 100% organic on the bottle with no added artificial colors and pure CBD.

Dosage (3.9)

Perfect for beginners, the product is made with the C02 extraction method to obtain the purest forms of hemp and CBD oil. The technicians have designed the product in a way that it serves those who require a considerably low dose of CBD. In order to identify the right dose per serving, the user can read the label to understand the concentration level. For example, the bottle serves exactly 36mg of hemp oil per teaspoon and 30mg of CBD out of the total 1oz. This also means that total servings per bottle winds up at 5 or 6. So, a user might require another bottle of the hemp CBD honey oil in order to continue using the bottle for a long period.

Flavor (4.6)

The organic and all-natural CBD hemp honey oil is made with honey as the name itself clearly establishes. Because the oil contains honey, the user can easily taste sweet hints of honey mixed with the natural flavors of other cannabinoids. Unlike other oils, the taste of hemp oil will allow the user to mix it with beverages and edible food items. So, for those who like flavored, organic hemp oil, this one is a good choice.

Mode of Administration (3.8)

The quantity of this oil pertains to low doses. This indicates that it's best suited for vape administration. A patient can also administer it in the form of sublingual, however, you have to note that because of its low concentration, the effects will disappear after a brief moment of time. So, instead of using 5 or 6 drops of honey oil, one can buy oil with higher concentrations of CBD. Additionally, the hemp honey oil will also work best in case of immediate relief. But those with severe conditions will have to increase the dose as supervised medically.

Effectiveness (3.8)

Delta CBD’s Full Spectrum Honey Oil tends to become less effective after a certain period of administration. As it contains low concentrations of cannabinoids and hemp, the therapeutic benefits will be limited to low conditions. As mentioned earlier, those who have severe pain or inflammation must consider purchasing CBD oils with at least 1,000mg of CBD concentration.

The only difference, in this case, is that full-spectrum oil does not produce a head high. So, even for a brief moment, the user will feel the euphoric effects that come with THC containing products. Besides, the product contains 0% THC indicating that it can help alleviate low forms of pain, inflammation, and other qualifying medical conditions.

Also, you have to keep in mind that Delta Botanicals’ do not use artificial flavors, colors, or any forms of additives. Thus, making it a suitable organic product for those who require non-GMO Colorado-cultivated grown hemp.

Source (4.9)

Manufactured in Baltimore city of Maryland, the hemp comes from farmers who grow hemp organically with clean extraction methods. In fact, Delta Botanicals have gone one step further to ensure that their customers get high-quality products. For the same, the team at Delta Botanicals, self-analyzes the process of Co2 extraction by working in the field with third party growers. Also, after the step of extraction, the product goes under the process of rigorous testing.

The process of testing is monitored by the John Hopkins University in order to ensure the product contains pure extracts of cannabinoids without any traces of THC. Furthermore, the certified technicians employed at Delta Botanicals specifically use organic hemp. This allows consumers to purchase products legal on the federal level. While each Delta Botanical CBD product uses pure extracts of hemp and CBD a consumer can expect to receive a product that does not contain any impurities.

Product Standards (4.9)

Delta Botanicals is known for producing organic hemp-derived CBD oils. For the same reason, consumers seeking quality can go for something as simple as this hemp oil. Moreover, when it comes to quality Delta Botanicals is one brand you can trust. They source hemp grown under the supervision of the State Department of Agriculture in Colorado. Plus, people at Delta Botanicals use the best Co2 extraction methods to avail of full-spectrum CBD products. So, the standard in terms of quality and originality deserves high points.

Usage & Safety (4.5)

The certificate of analysis reveals that this product contains no traces of harmful chemicals. This means that a user can consume the oil without worrying about the side effects ideally pharmaceuticals have. In fact, the hemp honey oil also contains cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes to enhance the therapeutic performance of the oil. So, all in all, anyone seeking pure organic honey hemp oil can go for something like this product.

Additionally, in order to use the product effectively, a teaspoonful of the oil should do the job. All you have to do is administer the dose as supervised medically. More vitally, you can also use the oil with various other healthy food items to witness the therapeutic advantages.

Value (4.9)

The price range for this product is $12.99. Considering the price range, quality of hemp used, CBD concentration, the hemp honey oil seems like a reasonable option that provides value for every penny you pay. Not only this, but the price of the product is so low that you can purchase two-three bottles together without burning a hole in your pocket.

Shopping Experience (5)

The product is available at a single concentration (180mg) level. The only exception, in this case, is that it contains honey. So, you won’t face any difficulties locating this product online. Moreover, as a user, you have the option of reading the certificate of analysis published along with the product, which builds the trust factor for those seeking high-quality CBD oils.

Overall Score (4)

After closely researching and analyzing the product technically, physically, and through third-party lab reports, we would like to give this product an overall score of 4 out of 5. The score individually points out the quality and CBD concentration of the product. Also, because the product pertains to very low conditions and lasts up to 6-7 doses, it loses a few points. Besides that, if we take factors such as source, lab reports, clean extraction methods, impurities, and technicalities in mind, we think that Delta Botanicals Hemp Oil Honey definitely deserves a pretty good score. So, if you seek a product that contains organic hemp with a hint of sweetness, and low dosage, this oil makes up for a good choice.

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