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SimpleLeaf - CBD Capsule Focus + Energy - 1200mg

SimpleLeaf - CBD Capsules Focus + Energy


SimpleLeaf – CBD Capsules Focus + Energy


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Unlock your potential with Simple Leaf’s CBD Nootropic supplement. This formula features synergistic ingredients that promote calm energy, mental acuity, and concentration to help you power through your day. Great with your morning coffee, or after lunch for a mid-day pick me up.

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Buy CBD Capsules 1200mg
Simple Leaf’s Focus + Energy CBD capsules are an innovative nootropic brain-boosting supplement that provides a clean and clear focus unlike anything else on the market.

First… each serving includes 20mg of lab-tested organic CBD. And while CBD is powerful on its own… It’s the complementary ingredients that make this formula one of a kind.

Focus + Energy CBD by Simple Leaf helps you think fast and stay on task. The formula features Artichoke Extract plus five key ingredients to help boost your focus and your brain.

7 reviews for SimpleLeaf – CBD Capsules Focus + Energy

  1. Ann J.

    My ADD is really bad and these Simple Leaf capsules have been a great help with keeping me on track and moving along with my projects. HIGHLY Recommend!

  2. Patrice

    I get my caffeine fix in the morning and take two of these CBD capsules to help with my focus. Ever since starting these focus pills, I drink so much less coffee. I get real clarity whilst knowing it’s also good for me. Would highly recommend it.

  3. Jamal

    I’m Obsessed! This has been a game-changer for trying to manage to work from home and staying focused. I love how the ingredients are natural and there is no “crash” feeling. It keeps me energized and motivated all day.

  4. Peter

    I took it while I was working on a huge work project. My focus and productivity were on point. Focus + energy was right there for me when I needed it. Game changer.

  5. Angelina

    My job is very boring and I usually dread it. These cbd capsules make my day better. I stopped taking it for a few days and noticed a difference. I’m getting a subscription next time I order.

  6. Jeff

    I take 2 of these CBD capsules every morning. They are FIRE. I usually take another 2 in the afternoon after lunch. They work.

  7. Kelly

    I work from home now because of Covid. I lost motivation and couldn’t focus. I was going to try Adderall but I decided to try a natural solution first. These were the first CBD that I tried and I noticed a difference the first day. I can’t get enough.

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