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Starting with a less concentrated tincture (2.5 mg per serving) allows smaller, more precise adjustments to find your ideal amount. Our pure and simple tincture is crafted via proprietary clean extraction without solvents—a potent full-spectrum formula with just two ingredients: Organic MCT and Organic Whole-Plant Hemp Extract.

  • Per Serving: 2.5 mg CBD
  • 120 1/4 ml servings
  • Gluten-Free, Kosher-Certified, Non-GMO
  • Organically grown & made in the USA

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Our pure and simple tincture is crafted via proprietary clean extraction without solvents—a potent full-spectrum formula with just two ingredients: Organic MCT and Organic Whole-Plant Hemp Extract.


Clean, Potent & True to the Plant
Grown and made in the USA from unique varieties of CBD-rich clean hemp, our pure, all-natural formulas are exceedingly simple: just Organic MCT Oil (Coconut Oil) and extract derived from Organic Hemp.


Mind-Body Balance & General Wellness
A regimen of non-intoxicating CBD (cannabidiol) is said to encourage ideal mind-body balance and an overall sense of wellness. It’s also often chosen to encourage evening relaxation and restful sleep.


How CBD is Extracted Matters
Our proprietary method of gentle thermal extraction of CBD means absolutely no harsh solvents or additives are used. “Flash activation” preserves the source plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile to ensure a truly full-spectrum extract.


Crafted with Safety & Quality in Mind
Our ethically grown hemp and CBD tinctures are meticulously lab-tested for safety and consistency. This commitment to social responsibility extends to our 1-for-1 program. Our pledge: For every purchase of a BLOOM FARMS CBD product, we donate a healthy meal to a food-insecure individual or family.

Read our Bloom Farms Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the brand and its top selling products.

Additional information

300 mg Balance Tincture Specs

Serving Size: 1/4 ml
Servings: 120
CBD per serving: 2.5 mg

Good for: Starting a regimen with a less concentrated tincture allows a new user to make smaller, more precise adjustments to find their ideal amount.


Organic MCT Oil, Organic Whole-Plant Hemp Extract.

Taste & Color

The exceptional quality of the full terpene profile is evident in its distinctive taste and color. Free of artificial colors and flavoring, its earthy unfiltered flavor and rich amber hue indicate that it’s all-natural and full-spectrum.

CBD Tincture - How to Use

Shake your CBD tincture
1. Shake. Because they have different weights, coconut oil and CBD may slightly separate between uses. Simply shake to restore the suspension.

How to measure CBD tincture

2. Measure. Use the included dropper to select proper measurement. Pull tincture into the dropper to the indicator line for a 1/4 ml serving.

How to take a CBD tincture

3. Deposit. Place tincture under tongue, being careful to keep the dropper clean. If taking more than one serving, deposit only 1/4 ml at a time.

How long to absorb CBD tincture

4. Relax. Allow absorbing for 30-60 seconds. Activation may take up to 45 minutes; however, sublingual delivery may result in immediate onset.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 as needed to achieve the desired amount.

How to store your CBD tincture

5. Store. After use, seal tightly and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The included duster bag will keep the bottle clean and secure in a drawer or your carry-on.

10 reviews for Bloom Farms Wellness – Balance CBD Oil Tincture

  1. B Blanco

    I love the fact that the dosage is not strong. Would buy more after I finish this one.

  2. Justin

    I have a hard time sleeping sometimes. Ever since I started using this tincture, it actually helped me sleep at night and stay relaxed throughout the day.

  3. Tae Hung

    I have tried a wide range of products from Bloom Farms. This is the first time that I bought a wellness tincture from these people and after trying it a few times, there are a few things that I noticed. First, it tastes really good. Second, the 300mg concentration works wonders for me, and third, now I know where to buy high-quality CBD tinctures.

  4. Selena G

    Not buying a tincture for the first time, but compared to the other tinctures that i have used in the past, this one did not stand out. I loved the packaging though.

  5. Don Toliver

    The 300 mg concentration works perfectly well during the night. For a stronger dose you can try a 600 mg dosage. Rest assured, this CBD tincture will help you feel really good.

  6. Rob Cruz

    This tincture tastes amazing. I wonder how they manage to make it that tasteful. It has helped me deal with a lot of problems and I am glad they could deliver me two bottles of the same tincture within a few days.

  7. Linda

    Happy with the delivery service and customer support. Looking forward to trying the Bloom Farms wellness tincture.

  8. Carol Wolfe

    It’s a decent tincture. The taste is also fine. Surprisingly, these people got the product delivered quite early. However, I could not see any significant changes after using this tincture.

  9. Roy M

    Loved it!

  10. Rony

    I think the concentration does not work for me. I gave the tincture to my friend. Would prefer a high concentration CBD

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