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CBD Living Tea Silicon Infuser


CBD Living Tea Infuser Ball

CBD Living Infuser Ball
CBD Living Tea Infuser Straw

CBD Living Tea Leaf Infuser Straw


CBD Living Tea Leaf Infuser Straw


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Brew a delicious cup of CBD Living Loose Leaf Tea with the innovative Tea Infuser Straw. Ditch the teapots, mesh tea infusers and other cumbersome equipment – the Tea Infuser Straw is the only item you need to make freshly brewed loose leaf tea.

The Tea Infuser Straw can be used to brew either hot or cold drinks.

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3 reviews for CBD Living Tea Leaf Infuser Straw

  1. Nathaniel le

    I have tried various tea straws but found nothing to be enough that provides good taste. And is also suitable for making tea in small cups.

  2. Lewis

    Overall this is a great product. No leakage. Nicely sealed unit.

  3. Ethan Alle

    I wish I would have got my hands on this. The strainer has the ability to handle the finest particles, which was my main concern while ordering this. However, try to be as gentle as possible for an extended lifetime.

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