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CBD Living Tea Infuser Ball


CBD Living Tea Infuser Ball


(7 customer reviews)

Brew the perfect cup of CBD Living Loose Leaf Tea with the Tea Infuser Ball. This mesh ball holds loose leaf tea and infuses it into water – no teapot necessary. Can be used to make hot or iced tea.

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7 reviews for CBD Living Tea Infuser Ball

  1. Connor Adams

    Got it delivered within a week. Just after a few days of usage, I can say it infuses tea very well.

  2. Cara Parks

    My wife accidentally spotted the strains. Delivered within three days. Overall, a fantastic product on the go.

  3. Laverne Clark

    Awesome product. Very fine mesh, I totally love this.

  4. Lynda

    Fits very nicely inside a small cup and can be used in larger containers as well. Easy to clean.

  5. Alberta Miles

    Quite useful. Well-built. Extremely happy with the product.

  6. Desiree

    Quality product. I accidentally spotted this online and now have been using it every day for four weeks.

  7. Patricia

    The infuser looks great. Overall, it is very useful, no time to filter again.

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