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Absolute Nature CBD-CBD Oil for Pets

Absolute Nature CBD - CBD Oil for Pets


Absolute Nature CBD – CBD Oil for Pets


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Our CBD formula is 100% natural and always independently tested to ensure quality, purity, and efficacy. We only use non-GMO hemp, organically grown in Colorado by local federally licensed farmers, so you can be sure your CBD oil does not contain any pesticides. Created following the highest standards at every step of the growing, harvesting, extraction, and bottling process.

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We take absolute pride in producing our 100% natural 500mg of beautifully created Full Spectrum CBD oil. Our top-quality full-spectrum CBD oil contains not only a high amount of CBD but other naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis/hemp plant, providing all the benefits without the high.

We believe that your pets deserve the exact same standards, quality, and formula used for our “human” pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil. Our pets are as important to us all as our family members and as such should be given only the best quality health products. So, that’s what we do. Why downgrade our products to save a few $, and give second-grade products to our beloved pets?

We also decided it is counterproductive and more expensive to consumers overall if we reduced the potency just to give our pets more drops each day. Why give 5 drops of 100mg oil to your pet, when 1 drop of 500mg is the same, cheaper, and easier to administer.

With an average of 600 drops in each bottle, giving your pet 1 to 4 drops per day, this bottle will last up to 5 months or more.

We use MCT oil (fractionated Coconut oil) as the carrier for additional health benefits for pets as well as increasing CBD absorption rates. Only the best ingredients make it into our unique formula.

4 reviews for Absolute Nature CBD – CBD Oil for Pets

  1. Joseph Joe

    Have been giving my dog cbd oil for some time now and it’s good. I don’t overdose, just a few drops and it works fine for him

  2. Eve143

    Loved the oil!! My little fur baby feels at ease after taking a few drops of CBD oil. I mix it with some veggies and give it to her. She is often a little anxious and sad around her periods, and CBD oil helps!

  3. Denise47

    Thanks for this pet oil. I adopted a new dog, he is old and settling in a new house was evidently difficult for him. Somebody suggested to me that there are CBD oils for pets that can help me out and it actually did. My dog is way better than before. Less anxious, tries to spend some time with us, has started eating more and we can see the changes. I am honestly very thankful.

  4. Mila S. Edwards

    I loved the product! My always furious cat loves it. That little monster has never been this calm and I cannot even believe that it is MY cat

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Give your pet the recommended dosage depending on their weight. It may take up to two days to see noticeable results. Always ask your vet before discontinuing your pet’s medications or other treatments.

Figuring out the correct CBD dosage for pets will largely be up to you, the owner, as you know your pet best. Make sure to keep an eye on them for a few hours after the very first time you give your pet CBD. Be sure to pay close attention to your pet to ensure you notice any effects. It’s widely recommended that you start with 1 drop, 4 times a day to begin with, making sure your pet is reacting positively.

CBD is metabolized rapidly by mammals & therefore pets should be given CBD 3 to 4 times daily. Pets under 20 pounds should start with 1 to 3 drops (0.1ml), 3 to 4 times daily, and pets over 20 pounds should start with 3-5 drops (0.1ml), 3-4 times per day.

To determine the maximum daily dose, it’s recommended that you do not give more than 1 mg/kg or 1 mg per 2.2 lbs.

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