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Absolute Nature CBD – Bubba Kush


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To enjoy amazing relaxing benefits in your body after a long and tiring day there is nothing better than Absolute Nature CBD- Bubba Kush. This special flower is a proven effective treatment for a lot of health disorders and can be easily utilized by people to alleviate those symptoms. Order this product today and feel the effects soon enough.

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With the way that lifestyle-borne diseases are commonly affecting the busy people of today’s day and age, there is a need for effective CBD flowers like Absolute Nature CBD- Bubba Kush to help them get through the day. Belonging to a brand that takes special care by hand trimming the best hemp flowers, this product was created to deliver all that it promises. This product is available in recyclable glass jars with a variety of weight options for your individual needs.

At our store, you are bound to receive this product at the fairest price and with the assurance of high quality as well. Covered in trichomes, Absolute Nature CBD- Bubba Kush is thus a clean, safe, potent, and tried and tested product that helps people feel relaxed and mellow.

Product Specifications

  • CBD Product Category: CBD Rich Hemp Flower (Hand Trimmed Buds)
  • Genetic Formation: Hybrid Containing 60% Sativa & 40% Indica
  • Available in Quantities: 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g & 28g
  • Bud Sizes: All Varying sizes from small and medium to large
  • Container: Recyclable glass jars with childproof lids
  • Looks Like: Cream-colored frosty Trichomes with a lot of red and/or purple pistils. Color Combination of shades of green ranging from light to dark and orange with flecks of purple.
  • Smells Like: Gives a sweet, woody, piney & fresh minty aroma
    Tastes Like Subtle fresh flavors of mint and spice with a sweet earthy and coffee aftertaste.
    CBD %age in the flower (CBD%+CBDA%): 15.1% (0.49%/14.44%)
  • Total CBD mg Per Gram: 168.3 mg/g
  • Measured  Cannabinoids %Age: 16.03%
  • Total Cannabinoids mg Per Gram: 180.8 mg/g
  • All Terpenes in the Flower: Ocimene, Ɓ-Limonene,ſ-Caryophyllene, ž-Humulene,  Camphene, ƀ-Terpinene, Linalool, (-)-Guaiol, ž-Pinene, & Terpinolene
  • Measured Terpenes per gram in the Flower: 3.4 mg/g
  • Main Benefit: This flower offers calming, relaxing, and focusing benefits with pain relief.
  • Lab Tested: Yes (Purity & Compliance)
  • Non-GMO
  • No Traces of Heavy Metal
  • 100% Organically Grown

Additional information


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

5 reviews for Absolute Nature CBD – Bubba Kush

  1. Nick

    Had a smooth smoking experience

  2. Emax22

    Fresh minty like taste. Loved the product!

  3. Ubercoool (verified owner)

    I got that buzzy feeling which I wasn’t expecting but yeah liked it. smoked this for straight three days and now can’t stop myself from sleeping.

  4. MARY

    Burnt Quickly but I liked the taste. I had heard a lot about this strain and now that I have tried it, it tastes pretty sweet and minty.

  5. Gravin Stone (verified owner)

    This flower works just fine. I prefer mixing it with something to make it less dry and get a more smooth smoking experience. This work well with the cotton cigarette filters. overall, nice product.

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Bubba Kush gets to work almost immediately after consumption, instant relief, and aches melt away. These Bubba Kush CBD flowers have been a firm favorite with our pre release testers & staff. Reports that small amounts are uplifting, energetic, yet calming. More significant amounts seem popular for night-time with a full-body relaxing & mellowing for the perfect sleep aid.

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