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Absolute Nature CBD Pre-rolls

Absolute Nature CBD - Pre-rolls - Suver Haze

Absolute Nature CBD – Pre-rolls – Suver Haze

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To enjoy a relaxing evening after a stressful day at work, make use of the Absolute Nature CBD Pre-rolls – Suver Haze. Enjoy a rather hassle-free smoking experience with the rich terpene profile and fresh aromas of this special strain. Rolled to perfection, all you only need to do is light up this pre-roll and settle back on your couch. So what are you waiting for? Order a single pre-roll or a bunch and enjoy the relaxing effects that are sure to hit you.

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Without any need to crush the Suver Haze flowers and roll joints, the amazing Absolute Nature CBD Pre-rolls  give you the opportunity to light up a smoke and enjoy a relaxing session anytime, anywhere. Not only will this help in soothing all the anxiety that plagues a person but also helps refresh them during the same smoking session. Due to the high CBD content, all the stressful flutterations are alleviated easily.

Absolute Nature CBD has carefully curated products that have been delivering the goodness of CBD to people the world over. With these pre-rolls also, the aim of the company is quite clear, to get rid of the overwhelming, everyday anxiety. It is a product which is suggested to people often for its amazing range of benefits. Try it out today to find out how it works for you!

Absolute Nature CBD Pre-rolls Specifications

  • Genetic Formation: Suver #8 x ERB
  • Sativa-dominant Hybrid
  • Smells Like: Has a strong, fresh, sweet, fruity, and spicy aroma
  • %age of CBD (CBD+CBDA): 17.54%
  • mg of CBD per gm: 187.8 mg/g
  • %age of Cannabinoids: 21.51%
  • mg of Cannabinoids per gm: 215.1 mg/g
  • Major Terpenes: Ocimene, β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene & δ-Limonene
  • % age of Total Terpenes: 1.7%
  • Effects: Body relief, comforting, soothing, relaxation & sleep
  • 100% Indoor Grown CBD Hemp Flower
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Slow Cured
  • Lab Tested for Purity & Compliance
  • No Heavy Metals
  • GMO-Free
  • Recyclable Glass Jar with Child Proof Lids

4 reviews for Absolute Nature CBD – Pre-rolls – Suver Haze

  1. Melissa

    Thanxx for this suver haze pre-rolls! Loved the effects. absolute nature has become my absolute favorite! haha!

  2. JEN1FF3R (verified owner)

    Services are okay, a bit delayed but the product is okay. Won’t say worth the wait, i hate waiting but yea these pre rolls are actually good. Better than a bunch I tried before . Definitely better than rolling your own joint. I have loved absolute nature’s flower and these pre rolls are as good as the bud

  3. Kylee Gutberlet (verified owner)

    Toit prerolls! Very soothing results loved smoking CBD man. And CBD is good. It helps me get rid of muscle soreness after work

  4. Jay_G

    Pre rolls are hands down the best product ever manufactured in the CBD industry. Oh god I cannot thank whoever came up with the idea of rolling joints for people. You have made my life easier, you little stranger angel. Amazing pre rolls, amazing!!

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Due to its potency, rich terpene, and cannabinoid profile, Suver is comforting, soothing, demanding relaxation and sleep. If you’re looking for that full-body medicating, calmness. Suver Haze is one for you.

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