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Satisfy your craving for good quality CBD with Absolute Nature CBD – Hawaiian Haze Prerolls. Each drag will take you closer to a state of complete relaxation and calm. Enjoy the burst of flavor and freshness with top-quality hemp flowers by Absolute Nature CBD that never disappoints.

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Absolute Nature CBD – Hawaiian Haze Pre-rolls are a great way to get on with life in a calm and composed manner. Different doses of this preroll promise different health benefits ranging from relief and energy to calmness and relaxation.

Hawaiian Haze is a hybrid between DC Haze and ERB. With every drag, you will be able to get sweet, earthy, and fresh flavors with slight notes of cinnamon, pine, and tropical fruits. Top it up with high CBD content and terpenes like limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene and you have a whole package of health and taste in a small preroll.

Absolute Nature is a celebrated brand that has received several awards for its top-quality products. Besides working towards delivering consistent, transparent, and quality products, the brand also promises to donate to charities for every order they receive.

Product Specifications

  • Available in 3 quantities: 1, 7 and 14
  • Total CBD (CBD+CBDA): 16.8% or 168.3 mg/g
  • Total Cannabinoids:20.67% or 206.7 mg/g
  • Total Terpene: 1.8%
  • 100% Organic
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Slow cured
  • No pesticides
  • No heavy metals
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in the USA.

Lab Tests and FDA Disclaimer

Absolute Nature CBD – Hawaiian Haze Pre-rolls are lab tested by third-party laboratories. Each product is tested for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, etc. to ensure that the products meet the high claims of the brand.

The brand also clarifies with a disclaimer that none of their products are tested by the US Food and Drug Administration. None of their products are meant to be used as a drug and cannot help diagnose, cure or treat any medical condition.

11 reviews for Absolute Nature CBD – Hawaiian Haze Pre-Rolls

  1. Marsha (verified owner)

    I found this to be a nice smooth smoke. Very enjoyable.

  2. Joshua

    I’m a regular customer of this website. I’ve bought a variety of products here and I have never been disappointed. The services are amazing, the website is amazing and the products are of high quality. I love this store particularly

  3. R Adams (verified owner)

    I tried hawaiin haze at someone’s wedding and I’m glad I did. The buds are great and the overall smoking experience is so smooth.

  4. Julie hholmes (verified owner)

    These joints taste different than normal and they are actually good. The smoke is slightly fruity and it does not hit the back of the throat.

  5. Bobby B

    I tried these out for a change and these actually were pretty good. I didn’t expect this good an experience, impressive. Maybe you all can try this for a new experience.

  6. Mike J

    I received my product within two days with no hassle whatsoever. The packaging was also good. The joint was really nice. Kinda sweet, not nasty at all. Highly recommended

  7. Dylan Beckman

    I don’t like the flavored taste of joints. Like its okay if you want to explore but I believe the taste even affects the overall experience. Overall, I would give three stars.

  8. Bruce

    These are actually better than classic joints, I can smoke without creating issues as the smell of the smoke isn’t bad.

  9. Kathy

    It is a decent product but I didn’t find it very effective. I smoked a whole joint and still didn’t feel high.

  10. Sammy Rose

    Amazing joints and affordable than other pre-rolls in the market. The after taste and smell is also tolerable.

  11. Jane Rose

    I have never bought pre rolls, always buy buds from a local market and roll my own joints. I bought these because I wanted to try them out and since they were not very expensive. Thank Goodness I made this decision. These pre rolls have made my life easier. You’ll can give it a try.

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Hawaiian haze gets to work almost immediately after consumption, instant relief, and aches melt away. These Hawaiian Haze flowers have been a firm favorite at the dispensary. Reports that small amounts are uplifting, energetic, yet calming. More significant amounts seem popular for night-time with a full-body relaxing & mellowing for the perfect sleep aid.

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