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Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes

Redwood Reserves - CBD Cigarettes

Redwood Reserves – CBD Cigarettes

(13 customer reviews)

Redwood Reserves’ CBD Cigarettes embrace the principle of originality. All their smokes are tightly rolled in industrial hemp – cultivated in the best soil conditions under natural sunlight with no added toxins or chemical additives. This pack of 20 smokes will help you experience tranquility while ensuring that you get only 100% CBD flowers.

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Redwood Reserves allow nature to do its job. One of the biggest reasons why their cigarettes contain only high-quality cannabidiol. Not only this but these smokes are backed by third-party lab reports. You can find lab reports detailing information such as terpene concentration, cannabinoid profile, and THC percentage for complete satisfaction. Because these cigarettes are sourced from industrial hemp, you will experience no head high, only calming effects.

The soothing blend between Carolina Dream, Wild Bourbon, and Golden Redwood will provide a high-end effect. Their broad terpene profile accounts for the earthy flavors and original hemp-like taste. So, make sure you light them where it’s safe. You can also carry them anywhere you want and smoke them discreetly while gaining the benefits of CBD as you go along.

Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes Specifications:

  • Rolled in cotton filters
  • Tightly packed with 100% hemp
  • Completely free of chemical additives and tobacco
  • Non-psychoactive with fewer amounts of THC
  • Induces calm and relaxing effects
  • Rich in terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and pinene
  • Filled with a higher concentration of CBD with each cigarette containing 80-100gm of cannabidiol.
  • Fast-acting, discreet, and easily available online.
  • Contains a perfect blend of three strains: Golden Redwood, Carolina Dream, and Wild Bourbon.
  • Made using sun-grown and carefully selected 100% CBD flowers
  • 1200mg CBD per packet

How to Dose CBD Cigarettes?

As per your dosage requirement, you can smoke these cigarettes during the day or night. That is completely a personal choice. However, it’s mandatory to keep the dosing guide in mind. Like with any other smoking product, CBD cigarettes can have some side effects such as lung irritation. One of the biggest reasons why you have to take the consumption habits and dosage into consideration. As for any CBD and hemp-derived product, we also recommend that you start slow and smoke once a day. This will give you an upper hand in managing the effects while you will also be able to adapt to your smoking patterns accordingly.

13 reviews for Redwood Reserves – CBD Cigarettes

  1. Jenn

    Tried cigarettes for the first time with this product. I really started feeling the effects in minutes. It usually takes atleast half an hour with gummies. But cigs made my throat scrathy so maybe i’ll switch between cigs and gummies on different days.

  2. H. Gubler

    Satisfactory product. Has good flavor and good effects.

  3. Croft

    Perfect after a long day. These help me feel calm and relax. I’m not using these cigs every day, just when i need them.

  4. Diane (verified owner)

    I really enjoy these cigs, however, they really burn my throat, but, I do enjoy the effects! I’m probably gonna try the jelly bears!

  5. Mackenzie B. (verified owner)

    I have been using cannabis for the longest time so when I wanted to cut down on my weed consumption, I knew I had to give CBD flower a try. This was one of the first options to pop up. I tried them out and I was very very impressed. I felt calm and alert without the intense body high that usually accompanies the other flower. For sure, one of my new favorite things to use.

  6. Jordan B (verified owner)

    I like these cigarettes. They are relaxing and are of top quality. Overall experience is good too. They are calming and have decent flavor as well.

  7. Victoria

    Smooth cigarettes! I have had a bad time with tremors for a long time. These really help with those. Once I smoke these I really have no issue with tremors.

  8. Charles Cardin

    I ordered a carton of these recently after I used up a pack in 3 days, They really are just that good. I would recommend this product to everyone thanks to how convenient and simple to use it is.

  9. Taaquanna (verified owner)

    Relaxing and tasty, this is my go-to product to curb my anxiety and inflammation.

  10. Sierra Heath

    These cigarettes are very smooth and have a good flavor. This is definitely one of the best CBD products.

  11. Casey

    I got CBD cigarettes to help manage my nicotine habit and it has been a joy. The draw is very smooth and helps relieves your stress by sending you into a state of blissful relaxation.

  12. Karen

    This is a great CBD cigarette but if you have to look at which is better I hands down prefer the menthol ones more.

  13. Jordan

    I haven’t smoked a cigarette ever since I have started smoking these. It doesn’t make my throat burn or anything like that.

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