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Chief Stix - CBG+CBD Hemp Smokes (20ct/Pack)


Chief Stix – CBG+CBD Hemp Smokes (20ct/Pack)


(36 customer reviews)

Chief Stix CBG + CBD regular smokes (20CT/PACK) is the best way to relax your mood after a hectic day in the office. These organically made hemp stix have been made out of American sun-grown hemp with no additives or chemicals. Because the cigarettes are designed with the utmost care, each contains the right concentration of cannabinoids making it a great option for customers looking to get an alternative to tobacco.

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The CBG + CBD Regular Smokes by Chief Stix is a pack of 20 hemp-made CBG cigarettes. These Stix are rolled with precision. Inside each of these carefully rolled CBD & CBG cigarettes, you can find high-quality cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. Every single component, in particular, CBD, CBG, and terpenes are present inside the biodegradable filter used in the making. Slow-burning with earthy tones of hemp and immediate effects is how we would like to describe Chief Stix smokes for you.

Additionally, these 20 Stix also have a certificate of analysis. You can download the certificate by scanning the QR code present on the packaging of these Stix. The report will help you determine the concentration of cannabinoids present inside this tightly rolled hemp smokes. They contain 0.3% THC and each one can help you experience tranquility.

Chief Stix CBD Smokes Product Specifications:

  • Smokes derived from American sun-grown hemp
  • 20 organic hemp smokes
  • CBGa concentration: 15.4mg/g
  • CBDa concentration: 74.6mg/g
  • THC concentration: 0.3%
  • Terpenes Concentration: 2.81mg/g
  • Rolled in unbleached biodegradable paper
  • No tobacco or nicotine
  • 0% chemical additives
  • Smooth and slow-burning smokes
  • Pleasantly earthy tones
  • Lab-tested with a certificate of analysis

Chief Stix CBG Cigarettes: Drug Test and FDA Disclaimer

We offer the Chief Stix Delta 8 Infused Hemp Smokes in states that legally allow its use. Because it’s a hemp product containing around 0.3% THC, federally it is legal for consumption, use, and sale, especially on a dry weight basis. However, the Online CBD Store does not claim the product provides specific therapeutic benefits. Or else, helps treat severely debilitating conditions. We strongly advise you to consult a doctor before using it for specific medical conditions.

The product displayed here has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulatory body. We are currently not selling or delivering Chief Hemp Stix to states such as Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming until future state permissions.

36 reviews for Chief Stix – CBG+CBD Hemp Smokes (20ct/Pack)

  1. Ramses Villalba (verified owner)

    Helped me mellow out like i needed

  2. OliverS (verified owner)

    Tried this for my anxiety and sleeping difficulty, honestly work much then I expected. Good taste, very smooth

  3. Kayla

    Great smokes, made me feel very relaxed. No weird flavors,simple cbd cig. I don’t know how much cbg I’m feeling but its nice.

  4. Martha

    Very easy on the throat. I like that it is so smooth. Helped me alot with back pain too.

  5. John K.

    Good smokes. I’ve tried all variations but i like D8 best so far!

  6. Sloan

    Smooth smoke, good taste, good effects. Worked great for me. Would recommend

  7. JK

    Pretty good stuff. Taste good, smells good. Not overwhelming.

  8. Lok3y

    Awesome smokes you got. These and delta 8 worked amazing for me. I’ll try cbn next. Do you have any recommendations?

  9. Esmeralda Gomez (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, mild tasting, definitely helps with the anxiety 10/10.

  10. David Maier (verified owner)

    Its a great price and a smooth smoke. Does what I want it to do

  11. Gerry Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Very mild tasting, but does it’s job.

  12. Danielle Mancilla

    Sweet earthy taste! Had a mild neutral taste

  13. Donnie Thomas

    Super awesome for relaxation. Loved this CBG+CBD smokes

  14. JIm Wadsworth

    Spectacular customer service these guys have. Huge shout out for that and I got my product guys. Thanks so much.

  15. Rishab Somani (verified owner)

    I enjoy the placebo smoke it offers and have been using it as a way to ween off THC. The pain relief is also good.

  16. Jean Underhill

    Really liked the packaging. Some great stuff!

  17. Dante (verified owner)

    This pack is nutzz! No more sore throat. I loved the cigarettes

  18. Mary (verified owner)

    My friend recommended this cbd cigarette to me. Initially I was not sure but when I tried my first smoke, it was satisfying. Thinking of ordering more. Good one.

  19. Max Burns

    full stars for on-time delivery! Good Job guys

  20. Dat Gal

    Earlier I had ordered delta-8 infused hemp smokes and now this cbg+cbd combo. Didn’t get the difference in taste but was nice smoking these too.

  21. Mark

    Just my type of taste man! Awesome cigarettes. The product description says that it’s free from tobacco and nicotine. At first I didn’t believe it but now it’s been a month I am smoking these and I can feel the relaxing effects. And smokers will easily recognize that these cigarettes don’t have tobacco as the taste is different but it’s satisfying after some time.

  22. Sandra James (verified owner)

    Got my first pack today and these are cooool.

  23. Nick K

    Really impressed by these cigarettes. Also, the customer service is good as the shipping time was pretty fast.

  24. Nick K (verified owner)

    Really impressed by these cigarettes. Also, the customer service is good as the shipping time was pretty fast.

  25. John V

    Great product for me. I was buying CBD cigarettes for $12.99 for the past one year. Now, all I have to pay is $8.99, and the quality is good

  26. Jackie 

    Best Cigarettes. I recently started smoking cigarettes and found this brand that makes CBD smokes. I am giving four stars because I think they are good value for the price

  27. Alexis J (verified owner)

    The CBD quality is good. Very fresh. However, don’t think it can be an alternative to your nicotine cravings. It says so on the package. other than that, I think they are a great pack.

  28. Theo

    It’s definitely a better option than normal cigarettes. I smoke one almost everyday and it’s more than enough for me.

  29. Brandon

    The shipping was really quick. The product was great too. It made my day. I love them. It’s turning into my favorite brand.

  30. Bailey90 (verified owner)

    I am amazed by the cbd collection you guys have! So far the best are cbd gummies and these cigs.

  31. Richard

    Chef Stix is a great product, I was giving four stars but then I never knew that they would deliver it on time. That’s the reason I have given five stars.

  32. Adam Miller (verified owner)

    Good product. Giving 5 stars for the service and taste.

  33. James

    The taste is different. Really enjoyed it. Will buy it again.

  34. Lily

    Me and my girls smoked these cigarettes together and honestly, we had a good time. You can feel the taste all inside your body and talk with more ease. I’m gonna give full points.

  35. Keith

    I was looking for CBD cigarettes, great products

  36. BeeRocker 

    For 32 years I have been suffering from pain management issues. My friend recently helped me to get into a CBD therapy. I smoke one cigarette every day to reduces my pain.

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