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Chief Stix - CBG Menthol Smokes (20Ct/Pack)


Chief Stix – CBG Menthol Smokes (20Ct/Pack)


(29 customer reviews)

Each CHIEF STIX CBG MENTHOL SMOKES pack contains 20 smokes, with over 10.27% of CBG per stix. These cigarettes are a healthier alternative to regular smokes that contain tobacco. The smokes contain top-notch and carefully collected American sun-grown hemp to deliver the finest experiences. The cigarettes do not contain any added additives or chemicals, which makes them a safer option for everyone.

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Chief Stix CBG menthol cigarettes are tightly rolled in naturally grown hemp with a higher concentration of cannabigerol (CBG). Our filtered CBG smoke looks just like your traditional cigarettes, but these hempettes are 100% tobacco-free to help you experience a safe and convenient smoking session.

Always with you and the go, Chief Stix CBG menthol smokes clearly deliver the benefits you seek. They are known for inducing calming effects. With these cigarettes, you will always find the benefits of CBG close at hand. So, find the right dose of tranquility at your doorstep and order right away.

Product Specifications:

  • 100% hemp – American sun-grown
  • 0.43% of CBD per stix
  • 11.44% of total cannabinoids per stix
  • Total THC less than or equal to 0.3%
  • No added additives or chemicals
  • 0% tobacco
  • A soothing blend of menthol and earthy tones of organically grown hemp
  • A broad terpene profile for a flavorful and better experience.
  • Smooth and slow-burning smokes
  • QR code on the packaging to scan the certificate of analysis
  • Tested by third-party labs

Drug Test and FDA Disclaimer:

We offer the Chief Stix Delta 8 Infused Hemp Smokes in states that legally allow its use. Because it’s a hemp product containing around 0.3% THC, federally it is legal for consumption, use, and sale, especially on a dry weight basis. However, the Online CBD Store does not claim the product provides specific therapeutic benefits. Or else, helps treat severely debilitating conditions. We strongly advise you to consult a doctor before using it for specific medical conditions.

The product displayed here has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulatory body. We are currently not selling or delivering Chief Hemp Stix to states such as Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming until future state permissions.

29 reviews for Chief Stix – CBG Menthol Smokes (20Ct/Pack)

  1. Ken D.

    They taste great and help me control anxiety impulses. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

  2. Mia

    These smokes helped my sister get off cigarettes. Highly recommended to anyone trying to quit tobacco.

  3. Nicole Hjerpe

    This cigarette with a menthol flavor was fantastic. It makes me feel better. It’s more of a body-relaxing experience. I believe it would be beneficial to folks who are suffering from anxiety. I intend to purchase more of them.

  4. Richard

    smoking on these hemp menthol stix got me feelin good about myself. healthier alternative and it doesn’t make you smell bad for a affordable price

  5. Stephen King (verified owner)

    These are some nice organic CBG cigarettes for the price. Every time I smoke these its gives me a smooth menthol flavor with a nice slow burn.

  6. Danny

    This pack is fantastic. The cigarettes are packed good and tight. It’s really smooth. It feels good and easy. Also, these are not very strong but have a slightly lighter taste. Hey, and also liked the box. You’all did a good job man!

  7. Flybird

    Nothing could be more relieving than the fact that these cigarettes are organic hemp made. I’ve used these a couple of times and this menthol flavor is just amazing. Keeps me in a good light mood. You’all should smoke these.

  8. Rio Walker

    Great product. It calms me down. Its more sort of a body relaxation. I really think that it would help people suffering from anxiety issues. And don’t worry guys, it’s not tobacco or nicotine. These are organic hemp based cigarettes , so you can try them without worrying about the harmful effects.

  9. K Xion

    Amazing cigarettes. Price is also ok for me.

  10. Kim Fu

    I always wanted to try methanol cigarettes but never really did that. This methanol flavor cigarette was amazing. I am planning to buy more of them.

  11. Michael Caldwell (verified owner)

    Nice package. I had no intention of trying out these cigarettes until my girl friends introduced me to them at the party we had. And I have to say that these are pretty cool. We were drunk but I remember the taste. Overall, we liked this pack

  12. Lenora Thomas (verified owner)

    I was a chain smoker two years ago but quit it due to some health problem. Later, I felt better and was looking for some nicotine free smoke option as tobacco cigarettes are harmful for my condition. I got my hands on this cbg hemp cigs and I am elated that I loved these. Thinking of buying them more.

  13. Holly M (verified owner)

    I have been a smoker all of my life but as they all say, my health also started affecting with the regular use. Honestly, I got scared and really wanted to quit smoking. But a smoker would know that it ain’t easy to just quit it like that. I literally spent weeks without cigarettes and it made me frustrated, irritated and what not. So, I started searching for organic cigs an this pack from chief stix had nice reviews. That’s how I land on this product. Though these are not as tasty as the tobacco ones but at least they satisfy my cravings. and the best part is these are free of nicotine and other additives. I would say, this product is a great transition for people who are smokers and want a healthy way out for smoke. Great job guys. Thanks for this one.

  14. Snoopie

    Great service. The customer care was also helpful. Good job

  15. Vincent S

    I am overcoming stress using CBD therapy. I use Chief Stix because they have a calming effect. I think spending $8.99 CBG smoke is good, since smoking tobacco cigarettes adds to my stress level.

  16. Tupiman 

    It’s hard to find 100% organic CBG cigarettes at this price. Five stars from me. 

  17. Jeff B

    Last month I brought menthol CBG cigarettes at $9.99 and now I can get it for $8.99. Excellent work

  18. Kathy M

    I have been smoking cigarettes for 20 years now. I tried a variety of flavors and menthol CBG cigarettes too! I am giving five stars to Chief Stix because the menthol quality is good.

  19. Andrea Griswold (verified owner)

    Awesome cigarettes. It smells like weed but not that strong. Kinda earthy flavor. It’s my daily burn these days. Also, when you smoke these for the first time, the menthol taste will hit you and you would like it. Personally, menthol ones are my favorites. In love with these.

  20. Debbie

    It’s a perfect gift for my granddad. I really want him to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes

  21. Nikita Pelt

    It’s a pretty good deal and that too for such a price. High quality packaging and good ingredients. It adds a perfect end to my days.

  22. Trisha

    I’m already a big fan of This just came as a pleasant surprise to me. Good quality ingredients as always.

  23. SamtheMan

    It’s affordable and the taste is also good.

  24. Me Ronald

    Nice ones. Menthol flavor is the coolest and my favorite.

  25. Basshunter247

    The flavor is so smooth and it doesn’t taste cheap like the other products out there. These are definitely my go-to stogies right now!

  26. Alyssa21 (verified owner)

    These taste fantastic. It feels like a lighter version of organic tobacco cigs. Would love buying these more.

  27. Billy

    Phenomenal service. I had the best deal in such a long time. These cigarettes are affordable, tasteful and the packaging is also nice.

  28. Jolene

    I’m a big fan of CBG. I try every CBG product I see. I laid my eyes on this and couldn’t wait. These are just amazing! I haven’t tried others but this one by far is becoming my favorite.

  29. Selena K

    I like them. Don’t prefer smoking but these smokes are the one I go to when I need to.

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