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Chief Stix - CBG + CBD Menthol Smokes (20ct/Pack)


Chief Stix – CBG + CBD Menthol Smokes (20ct/Pack)


(33 customer reviews)

Chief Stix CBG + CBD Menthol Smokes is your key to relaxing and stress-free experiences. It features the classic menthol flavor paired with notes of hemp’s earthiness. These cigarettes by Chief Stix are made using organic American-grown hemp. Each pack contains 20 sets of stix with a total concentration of 60mg CBD.

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Upgrade your smoking session with Chief Stix CBG + CBD Menthol Smokes. These organically made and widely marketed cigarettes contain 100% organic components including hemp. With 0.3% THC, the pre-rolled, menthol-flavored hemp smokes are designed to provide a tranquil experience. You receive approximately 9.67% of all the major cannabinoids with around 6.71% of CBD in the entire package.

In addition to this, the products are third-party lab tested for the detection of impurities and chemical solvents. You can find a QR code on every packet, scan it, and download the certificate of analysis to view the complete lab report. Even better, go through the percentage of cannabinoids and determine whether these smokes are worth your time or not.

Product Specifications:

  • Smokes derived from American sun-grown hemp
  • Menthol flavor
  • 20 organic hemp smokes
  • CBG concentration: 16.8mg/g
  • CBD concentration: 73.6mg/g
  • THC concentration: 0.3%
  • Rolled in unbleached biodegradable paper
  • No tobacco or nicotine
  • 0% chemical additives
  • Smooth and slow-burning smokes
  • Pleasantly earthy tones
  • Lab-tested with a certificate of analysis

Drug Test and FDA Disclaimer:

We offer the Chief Stix Delta 8 Infused Hemp Smokes in states that legally allow its use. Because it’s a hemp product containing around 0.3% THC, federally it is legal for consumption, use, and sale, especially on a dry weight basis. However, the Online CBD Store does not claim the product provides specific therapeutic benefits. Or else, helps treat severely debilitating conditions. We strongly advise you to consult a doctor before using it for specific medical conditions.

The product displayed here has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulatory body. We are currently not selling or delivering Chief Hemp Stix to states such as Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming until future state permissions.

33 reviews for Chief Stix – CBG + CBD Menthol Smokes (20ct/Pack)

  1. X

    Great taste and very convenient. You simply have to grab a cigarette from the pack and light it up, no preparation involved.

  2. GG

    Got my order yesterday and I’m pretty happy with it. Used it once only so ill try more and see how well it works.

  3. Jonnathan

    The menthol was too cool for me. I think the original ones work better for me. But i liked the overall product, good calm relaxing cigs.

  4. Alex Morefield

    This is the only thing that helps me deal with work stress efficiently.

  5. Stella

    Amazing product. I love this brand. All of their cigs with cbg and d8 are crazy. Love em’.

  6. Sonja

    Very nice! I use both THC and CBD/CBG to treat a number of health conditions and the Chief Stix are perfect for me for daytime use. I can take the ‘edge’ off without becoming too loopy.. The is a nice plus (former smoker here)

  7. Amanda (verified owner)

    Love this menthol cig. have been consuming this flavor for 2 weeks now. Initially I did not like it’s smell because not a big fan of smoking. But gradually within a week, I got used to the smell n everything and started liking the flavor. You would start enjoying the effects after a few days when your body will know what’s going on inside. Annd the packaging is super cool. sometimes i keep playing with the box. Thanks for these menthol cigs.

  8. JoshOP

    Ive started to smoke on hemp stix since last month and now I have to say I have no regrets! The menthol stix are definitely my go to right now, they’re soo GOOOD!

  9. Phil89

    I got a few packs shipped to my apartment and found out these chief stix menthol smokes are really good. Definitely money well spent!

  10. IamMark (verified owner)

    Great flavor and taste.

  11. G. Brown (verified owner)

    I smoke regular cigarettes usually but when I am physically exhausted, I smoke these stix and it really helps me. These are effective. Probably will just switch to these.

    Chief Stix - CBG + CBD Menthol Smokes (20ct/Pack)
    Chief Stix - CBG + CBD Menthol Smokes (20ct/Pack)
  12. Wendy S

    Great product. What I liked is that it’s cheaper than the other brands. The smoking experience was also good as the menthol flavor was new for me.

  13. Jason R

    I used to smoke cigarettes everyday but now I just smoke on these. It’s a good alternative to smoking and it also helps me relax throughout my day.

  14. Kim Chasteen (verified owner)

    Wanna say thanks to this store for shipping my order on time. Fast shipping is a thing which you can’t really expect from most of the stores these days. And the customer guys were also very helpful and kind. A guy solved my query through email and i really liked the overall service. And these smokes I ordered for my brother and he kinda like the taste. Maybe we’ll order more when there be a sale again. . Highly recommend folks.

  15. M Johnson

    This is the first time I tried a menthol-flavored cigarette and have to say that it was a good experience. Giving 4 stars.

  16. David

    These all natural CBD Menthol Cigarettes are so niceeee! The flavor’s so smooth and doesn’t feel harsh on your throat. Great quality CBD smokes

  17. SK

    The best thing is that this cigarette is free of tobacco. Had a good experience trying it. People who like to try different types of cigarettes, can try this

  18. Ziggy

    These are a great pack of CBD cigs. Very fresh and relaxing. Must give it a try.

  19. JJ (verified owner)

    The boost of menthol just sweeps me off the floor. It’s so good. I reach out for these every time I need to calm down.

  20. Charmi

    The Chief Stix smokes are unbelievably amazing. I have been smoking hemp cigarettes for a couple of years now, but the reason I gave five stars to Chief Stix is because they have a quality to it.

  21. Johnny Black

    I am happy with my purchase

  22. Johnny Jo

    I enjoyed smoking menthol CBD cigarettes. They are better than ordinary cigarettes and have a good flavor. I am giving four stars to Chief Stix. I think the prices are bit high.

  23. Heather

    I’m a huge fan of these cigarettes. The packaging, the taste and the mild hit, everything is great.

  24. Stephan

    These are really cheap. I bought a box of each of their different types. So far I’ve tried this one and it’s great. Very refreshing and light.

  25. Kdperry H

    Five Stars. They are menthol smokes and perfect for a midday break.

  26. Merry

    This makes an excellent gift for my boyfriend. He is overcoming his nicotine addiction

  27. Porche (verified owner)

    It’s great for relaxing the mind. Smoke it before taking your dog on walks. Trust me, it makes the entire walk very pleasant.

  28. Christan

    I started using these smokes last week and I haven’t been able to move onto anything else. Love it.

  29. Sam

    I loved the menthol flavor. Elevated the whole experience.

  30. Will

    I started smoking CBD on doctor’s recommendation. I have severe depression. I have tried cigarettes of different brands and I have liked this one the most. There are other brands that have amazing stix as well and they are extremely effective but what I love about these stix is that the strains used are of good quality and the taste isn’t much bitter. I don’t like flavored cigarettes but these ones I’ll stick to.

  31. Samantha

    I am a regular smoker and I switched to chief stix to get over my addiction. It has been a significant time and I have seen changes. My smoking sessions are reduced. I don’t crave cigarettes and I only smoke like thrice a week. There was a time when I used to smoke thrice a day.

  32. Ana (verified owner)

    I like smoking but i don’t wish to get high and that’s one of the reasons i started using these cigarettes. These are helpful in reducing pain and relieving stress. Plus no side effects so I can smoke one every alternate day. Though these do get you a bit high sometimes but I don’t lose my control.

  33. Pedro

    The best money I have ever spent. Love the menthol flavor and the freshness it provided my mouth. Highly recommend if you are looking to make a switch.

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