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Wyld CBD Real Fruit Gummies

Wyld CBD - Real Fruit Gummies


Wyld CBD – Real Fruit Gummies


(21 customer reviews)

Eating gummies is probably the easiest way to consume your regular dosage of CBD in your day-to-day life which is super fast. Nothing about gummies is boring or dull instead as they come in a wide variety of colors it is something of a fun treat for the user. As the consumption of these gummies gives some great health benefits, they can be used to help relieve people of certain severe symptoms inside their bodies. Wyld CBD Real Fruit Gummies as a product promises to deliver the goodness of CBD to the user in a fun way which it successfully does.

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Pop Wyld CBD Real Fruit Gummies into your mouth to enjoy the amazing effects of CBD in your body whether it be by boosting the natural wellness of your body or to resolve a particular health issue. Chewing on these gummies is a fun way of enjoying the goodness of CBD real fruit gummies which come in the yummy flavors of Huckleberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, and Lemon. These flavors give individual benefits to the user which can be evaluated and then taken as per convenience by the customer.

Wyld CBD is a trusted CBD brand that supports the belief that life is an adventure and should be enjoyed as such. With these gummies as well, the main purpose was to either prepare the people for the challenge that awaits them or to enjoy a relaxed and calm time after a physically exhaustive task was performed. However, it is important to remember for the patient to indulge in the consumption of these gummies only when they want to experience a particular effect in their body or something similar.

Wyld CBD Real Fruit Gummies Specification

  • Strength Variations: 250mg, 500mg & 1000mg of Hemp Extracted CBD
  • Strength of CBD Per Serving: 25 mg
  • Flavors: Huckleberry, Raspberry, Blackberry & Lemon
  • Lab Tested for Potency and Safety

21 reviews for Wyld CBD – Real Fruit Gummies

  1. Tami (verified owner)

    Taste very good! Have used these before always yummy

  2. Jake.

    A lot of the gummies I have tasted before have bland or artificial tastes. However, wyld gummies taste phenomenal. They have a taste matching the flavors in real life. The effects are also nice and do not take very long to kick in. I LOVE them.

  3. Marilyn

    Got myself the raspberry and lemon gummies and they’re absolutely delicous. I’ve always been a fan of CBD because of how calm i feel after using it and these made me feel just as nice. High Quality Product!!

  4. D. Jo

    Good taste, nt overwhelming. I’ve tried all the flavors and i think the blackberry suits me best.

  5. Janice Oseguera

    Raspberry flavor is quite tasty. Anyways, thanks for the product.

    Wyld CBD - Real Fruit Gummies
  6. Brandon Alexander (verified owner)

    Was very fun and enjoyable

  7. Kenya

    Thank you for these gummies. I take them for my back pain. It’s my fourth time buying these gummies. Super tasty and effective!

    Wyld CBD - Real Fruit Gummies
  8. Lisa Smith (verified owner)

    The blackberry gummies have really helped me sleep, but most importantly I can really notice an improvement in my osteoarthritis when used consistently. I had tried a couple other brands, with so-so results. One bottle of the Wyld gummies and I could tell it was a superior product compared to the other brands. I was very pleased to see that onlineCBDstore.com had it at a great price and fairly quick shipping! Looking forward to becoming a repeat customer!

  9. HK Samuels

    Loved the taste. Will buy more.

    Wyld CBD - Real Fruit Gummies
    Wyld CBD - Real Fruit Gummies
  10. Dave Payne

    All the flavors are pretty tasty. Nice gummies.

  11. Stella

    I am taking raspberry gummies for better sleep. It is good, effective but way too sweet. It’s weird to have it before going to bed.

    Wyld CBD - Real Fruit Gummies
  12. Aurora (verified owner)

    I’m super skeptical about anything that I put into my body but I ordered these gummies and they just worked amazingly for me. Great product especially if you love CBD and gummies in general

  13. Oliver

    Gummies in general are love but these gummies take me to the moon with them. I have never had such an amazing experience sleeping. I wake up so fresh and happy. I’ve been using these gummies for quite some time now. One pill in the morning and one before bed works for me. Earlier I used to have two pills before bed now I have reduced it to one. Still works wonders.

  14. Andrea

    I haven’t tried all the flavors yet but lemon gummies are just love. Will try blueberries next. Please don’t disappoint

  15. June (verified owner)

    Bought these blackberry-flavored gummies for my mum, for her knee pain. She takes a pill before sleeping. That is the time her pain is on peak so she takes a pill at night and it allows her to sleep. It hasn’t reduced the pain per say but yeah for some time it does affect it and helps her sleep but it is same the next day. We are still trying though. Maybe it’ll take some time.

    Wyld CBD - Real Fruit Gummies
  16. Scarlett

    These are so yummy and effective. I have two gummies in the morning and they work great for me. Also, the flavors are good. I’ve tried huckleberry and raspberry and I am buying blueberry now.

  17. Zoey (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these gummies for mild anxiety and they have worked for me. Whenever i get a little anxious i just take one gummy it is effective but there are times when i have to take two. Overall, it’s a good experience.

  18. Hazel

    A friend of mine recommended these to me but they haven’t worked for me. I guess I need a more potent strain or something. Works for her.

  19. Evan (verified owner)

    Good product. Sweet and effective.

    Wyld CBD - Real Fruit Gummies
  20. Nicholas

    These gummies are just incredible. I can eat these all day long, so delicious. They have a little tangy taste and that adds to the fun.

  21. Claire

    These gummies tasted different from the pack I bought before. Same gummies I bought earlier had a weird taste but this time it was good. The effects were the same earlier too but just the taste was kinda funny.

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Every body is different, and responds differently to CBD. We recommend consulting with your health care provider if you have questions about how much CBD you should consume based on your unique needs. Most people start with one gummy or drink one can to experience Wyld CBD.

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