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CBDFX – Morning & Night CBD Capsules Set


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For 24-hours of wellness, our broad-spectrum Morning and Night Capsules have you covered. Our Morning Capsules 30mg of CBD and 5mg of CBG per serving, special time-released caffeine to give you energy throughout the day, antioxidants, and a curated mix of focus terpenes plus L-Thyrosine to keep you energized. Perfect just before bed, our Night Capsules put your mind and body at ease, making sleep not only easier but longer and more restful. Blending 30mg of CBD,  2.5mg of CBN, sleep-enhancing botanicals, and a specialized mix of calming terpenes for a solid night’s rest. Both capsules are vegan and gluten-free.

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They’re the perfect addition to your morning routine.

Tackling the day ahead is often filled with unforeseen challenges and hurdles, and to overcome them, you’ll need to make sure your physical and mental energies are at their highest potential.

CBD + CBG Morning Capsules combine a host of natural compounds and ingredients to give your body everything it needs to get up and get after it with renewed vitality.

For anyone wishing to get the most out of their day with a healthy punch of energy and focus, these Vegan CBD + CBG Morning Capsules are a must-have addition to include in any morning routine.


If you ever have trouble sleeping—and most Americans do—they can be an incredible asset for getting yourself to sleep easier than ever.

Our days at work or at school can be long and hard, and although we might be physically and mentally exhausted by the time we’re ready for bed, sometimes our minds are still going. In these cases, getting to sleep can be difficult, and worse still, staying up can cause us to be groggy and fatigued come morning, making the day’s challenges that much harder to take on.

Instead of tossing and turning, waiting for yourself to get tired, it’s better to use a natural sleep aid to prepare your brain for bed when you need it most.

Thankfully,  Vegan CBD + CBN Night Capsules achieve just that, utilizing the natural calming effects of CBD and CBN, combined, and adding a host of other natural sleep-enhancing botanicals to make getting to sleep easier and more energizing.

Read our CBDfx Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the brand and its best selling products.

5 reviews for CBDFX – Morning & Night CBD Capsules Set

  1. Spencer Wade

    Ordered the CBD capsules for my sister. She was very happy with the purchase and asked me to write a review. Thank You for the great product.

  2. Isabella

    These CBD capsules are great for fixing sleeping issues and improving my sleep quality. Daily I’m waking up feeling refreshed and energetic.

  3. Pete Marshal

    Amazing product. Got the product at a really good discount. Must say it was a steal deal. Gonna order again before the end of the sale.

  4. Mia Benjamin

    I have used many CBD products but they were not so effective. I tried this one and surprisingly this worked on me. Also, got the product at an amazing price.

  5. Sofia Goel

    I have been using these capsules for the last week. They are very effective to fall asleep. The best part is, that it feels very energetic the next day.

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