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Bouquet | CBD-Infused Tincture 30ml Bottle - 750mg

Bouquet - CBD-Infused Tincture 30ml Bottle - 750 MG


Bouquet – CBD-Infused Tincture 30ml Bottle – 750 MG


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The Bouquet CBD-Infused Tincture delivers full-spectrum CBD with terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and MCT oil. To ensure the highest quality CBD, Bouquet utilizes a proprietary water-based extraction method. This tincture is also Farm Bill compliant and lab tested for purity and potency.

The CBD-Infused Tincture is available in three strengths, each designed with .3% THC or less. The 1500-milligram tincture comes in a 30-milliliter bottle, while the 375-milligram option is offered in an ultradiscreet 15-milliliter bottle, and the 750-milligram tincture is available in both sizes.

Each bottle is equipped with an easy-drop applicator for the perfect dose. To use, place the drops under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

15 reviews for Bouquet – CBD-Infused Tincture 30ml Bottle – 750 MG

  1. Emily

    Delivered after two days of the order. Acts quite fast keeps me away from the backache.

  2. Amy_20

    A few drops of this in the morning relaxes me and keeps me energetic for the entire day.

  3. Dane

    I use it before my bedtime for a good night’s sleep. It has been a week and my sleep cycle and schedule is better than what it used to be. I wake up all fresh the next morning.

  4. Richard boyer

    The product is pretty good, but I wish the bottle was bigger. The taste is nice and the effects of this CBD tincture are even better. I will soon buy another one.

  5. Pearl Q

    It is a nice product. I am happy it helped in managing my inflammation of the skin. I am going to buy another bottle soon.

  6. Drew Davidson

    I just bought this product and used it for the first time. I hope it turns out to be as great as it claims to.

  7. Shay k Conner

    My brother is 14 years old but due to some reasons, he faces anxiety issues which also lead to some unwanted events. We knew about CBD and its benefits, so we decided to go with this CBD tincture for start. And, the results were really great. He is better at school and studies well now too.

  8. Avery

    I heard a lot of hype about this CBD tincture and its effects. But on using it, I really do not find anything that miraculous about it. Although, it has made me calmer than before which is guess a good enough reason to give it a three-star!

  9. Lane Adams

    I bought this CBD tincture for my mother. She has some conditions that could not be handled with various treatments we tried. We decided to try this as suggested by a doctor. She is better now and really happy with the product. And this makes me happy!

  10. Eli Green

    At first, I was skeptical to try this CBD tincture but using it for a while has brought some major changes. I have become calmer, and more relaxed. I worry less. Only a few drops a day makes my day easy going. The best part is that I enjoy all the benefits without any side effects.

  11. Will Flores

    My elder sister struggled a lot with her migraines and there was a time when she could think nothing except her pain. Her routine was hampered. But this tincture worked wonders for her. It helped her get back on her feet and stay mentally sound and strong.

  12. Quinn Hill

    My Dog was suffering from a neurological problem for quite a long time. A well known and trustworthy doctor suggested me this CBD tincture to be added to his meals. And, within a few weeks, he got so much better. I am glad to take that advice!

  13. Lilah Fields

    I have used a few of the other CBD-based products previously. But I think I’ve finally found what I was looking for. This CBD tincture works just perfectly for my anxiety. I’ve been using this product for around one month now, and the relief is fantastic. Vapeandcbd even offered me a discount on my subsequent purchases. Completely satisfied with the product as well as the service.

  14. Joy Graham

    The stressful work environment hampered my sleeping cycles. My health deteriorated after I didn’t get 8 hours of sleep every day. I heard about CBD-Infused Tincture from a friend. I received the product after two days and was amazed at how it worked. After a week’s usage, I can say it helps me to sleep better and stay healthy.

  15. Thaddeus Sterret

    This tincture is fantastic. I have been a long time user of CBD-Infused Tincture and this provides quick relief that lasts long. Will definitely order more products from them

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