Bouquet | CBD-Infused Tincture 15ml Bottle - 750mg

Bouquet | CBD-Infused Tincture 15ml Bottle – 750 MG


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Bouquet | CBD-Infused tincture 30ml Bottle - 1500mg

Bouquet | CBD-Infused tincture 30ml Bottle - 1500 MG


Bouquet | CBD-Infused tincture 30ml Bottle – 1500 MG


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The Bouquet CBD-Infused Tincture delivers full-spectrum CBD with terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and MCT oil. To ensure the highest quality CBD, Bouquet utilizes a proprietary water-based extraction method. This tincture is also Farm Bill compliant and lab tested for purity and potency.

The CBD-Infused Tincture is available in three strengths, each designed with .3% THC or less. The 1500-milligram tincture comes in a 30-milliliter bottle, while the 375-milligram option is offered in an ultradiscreet 15-milliliter bottle, and the 750-milligram tincture is available in both sizes.

Each bottle is equipped with an easy-drop applicator for the perfect dose. To use, place the drops under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

28 reviews for Bouquet | CBD-Infused tincture 30ml Bottle – 1500 MG

  1. P Molloy

    Love this product. Take it every night to deal with my anxiety and get a good sleep.

  2. Darell Thomas

    Recently started using it as a substitute for prescription medicines. I like how it helps me to relax after a long day.

  3. Trent C

    I ordered after checking the overwhelming reviews but didn’t really get the strong effects. The euphoric effects are only for a few minutes or maybe I have developed tolerance towards it.

  4. Emmett Dolan

    Been using CBD tincture for a while, but never came across anything this effective. I felt the difference in the first use. Would definitely be ordering again.

  5. B Rollins

    Helped me to manage stressful situations and deal with panic attacks. And, a perfect gateway to kickstart your day whenever I am stressed.

  6. Neil Andrade

    This helps me to get good sleep. It has negligible THC content, so create no high.

  7. Lacie Preston

    It is the most potent tincture that I’ve tasted so far. Safe and light. Though dosage should be taken care of.

  8. Alexa F Smith

    It has helped me sleep and reduced my dependency on prescription medications. A drop of it before sleeping not only helps me to get a good sleep but also wakes me up fresh.

  9. Tadh Moon

    This is my second bottle but I have got it a lesser price than before, thank you.

  10. K Munro

    On-time delivery. Great customer service, I got my address changed after 15 minutes of placing the order.

  11. Habibah Knox

    I generally take it when I am too tired to go for my night shift after a 6-hour class. Only one drop gives my energy and concentration a boost.

  12. Milly Esquivel

    Someone I know was taking them and so even I tried three it after hearing about its effectiveness. It s a safe and convenient way of reaping the benefits of this miraculous substance.

  13. Quinn Burnett K

    This product has been helping me with anxiety for the last few weeks. It works as described and a few drops of it are good to cope with hard times and take the right decision.

  14. Darrell Bravo

    I purchased this to get rid of restlessness at night. Didn’t notice any effects after taking it for a week, but I was relaxed and stress-free.

  15. Frederick G

    After a few minutes of applying this, I got relief from the pain. I believe this is a great product that can be used to control the symptoms of every health issue. Priced high from the tincture of the same oil.

  16. Janet Alcock

    Something that changed my views on CBD products. It has become a reliable tincture to get relief from headaches, backaches, and other issues.

  17. Patrick Rose J

    I usually take a few drops of this, when I am on the edge of getting ill when the temperature drops. Only 2 drops of this, gives me the strength to work properly even when I am not feeling well.

  18. Darrell Connor

    Very good! The best extract out there! Effective for medical use. I have used this product off and on throughout the last seven months.

  19. Roberta Kim

    Gifted it to my father to make his nerve pain quite manageable. The therapeutic effects of this tincture have improved his overall health.

  20. Emilis D Worthington

    One of the best tinctures that I have ever used. I kept on trying different brands to get a better product however after I got this, I am not going back to the other brand.

  21. Ayda Curtis

    Bought it after listening about its efficacy from my friend. After 10 minutes of application, I get complete relief from the cramps that I get after hitting the gym.

  22. Stefan Murphy

    I used to struggle to sleep at night for more than three hours which also led to me being very sleepy every day. But when I take this before sleeping, I sleep within 10 mins of laying on the bed.

  23. M Pate

    It took a while for me to realize that I paid for such a small bottle. But it acts quite fast and helped with the chronic backache.

  24. Lubna John

    Whoever made this, ensured the quality of the oil is prioritized and has the best dropper. Also, it came well-packaged. Will definitely place more orders.

  25. S Boyd Ferreira

    I’m happy I bought this from the vapeandcbd website. Though I have to mix it with some oil to reduce the strength, it works very well and relaxes me.

  26. Janet pugh

    Really liked how this works on my neuropathic pain. Very strong. Definitely recommended and will buy again.

  27. Megan J Betts

    The price is far too expensive for the amount that’s given. Within a week, one bottle finished. But it’s quite effective and provides instant relief from neck pain.

  28. Oscar Meyers

    I love the way it works for my insomnia issues. The easy-drop applicator helps perfectly in taking the dose. Finally, I am able to have a goodnight’s sleep.

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