Bolt CBD - Gummy Bears – 1000mg

Bolt CBD – Gummy Bears – 1000mg


Bolt CBD – Gummy Bears – 150mg

Bolt CBD - Gummy Bears – 150mg
Bolt CBD-Neon Mix Fruit Flavored Gummy Worms_3000mg

Bolt CBD-Neon Mix Fruit Flavored Gummy Worms


Bolt CBD-Neon Mix Fruit Flavored Gummy Worms


CBD gummies have quickly risen in popularity as they have a sweet taste and offer significant health benefits.

Bolt’s CBD gummies come in all kinds of exciting flavors, colors, and concentrations. They offer that signature chewy texture and give you a feeling of goodness.

These gummies are one of the most convenient ways to consume CBD. They are portable, discreet, delicious, and easy to eat without, making them a great option for people looking to get their CBD fix.

To put it simply, if you are interested in trying CBD products, gummies are a great starting point.

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Our custom-made CBD-infused Gummies provide 25mg / 50mg / 100mg of Active CBD per Gummy per (advertised mg description) Manufactured in a GMP facility, our CBD gummies are guaranteed to relieve pain and reduce inflammation upon consumption. Unlike other CBD gummies. Our products are infused with real, organic, pure CBD and NOT just “coated” or “dipped”. All of our products are “tested” to ensure the highest quality of CBD potency edible sure to satisfy your needs. Enjoy a delicious fully potent gummy today and be on your way to a stress and pain-free “state of mind”.


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Bolt's CBD gummies jars have different variations and amounts. These jars can contain from 100 to 3000 MG of gummies. The gummies themselves are 10-50 MG depending on the variation of the package.

If you don't have any experience with CBD products, you can start with a jar containing a lighter concentration of CBD gummy bears and then work your way up.

Our gummies can take approximately 2 hours to take full effect. So, if you feel like the effects are light, you can increase the dosage. The effects last for 4 to 6 hours, depending on potency.

Benefits of Choosing Gummies

Easy to Track

You can easily measure your daily CBD intake as our gummies are simple to track. If you want to feel stronger effects, gradually increase your consumption to see what works best.

Calming Effects

Bolt's CBD Gummies can help you tackle stress and anxiety. They will quickly induce a sense of calmness in your mind. As the act of chewing distracts your brain from anxious thoughts, the CBD effects come into play. It significantly reduces your cortisol levels, effectively lowers your stress, and keeps you in a good mood. Plus, you can also easily consume it in public without bystanders giving you weird looks.

Laser Focus

After consuming our CBD gummies, you’ll experience improved focus. Take it while working to significantly improve your concentration. How do CBDs achieve this? By positively affecting the serotonin flow towards your brain.

Improved Appetite

CBD gummies can help boost your appetite. So, whenever you need to eat a heavy meal, just pop a delicious CBD-infused gummy in your mouth and you’ll start craving for food in no time.

Lungs Protection

It is a well-known fact that smoking can hurt your lungs. Bolt’s CBD gummies will help shield your lungs from any damage that may be caused by smoking. Now, smokers at least won’t have to worry about their lungs.

Potential Risks

Just like regular gummy bears, our CBD gummies are 100% safe to consume and offer a plethora of benefits. They are made from organically available broad and full spectrum CBD and are free from any harmful substances. However, daily intake should be kept in check. If you are taking any other medications for treatment, it's best to first consult with your physician.

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