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Bolt CBD Gummies

Bolt CBD Gummies (100mg - 2000mg)


Bolt CBD Gummies (100mg – 2000mg)


(30 customer reviews)

Discover the calming properties of CBD with a Bolt CBD Gummies. Infused with the goodness of potent broad-spectrum CBD, one delicious gummy is enough to leave behind physical discomfort and mental stress and helps you dive into a state of complete relaxation. Experience refreshing blends and pure CBD to enhance your lifestyle.

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Bolt CBD Gummies can be a perfect addition to your lifestyle. Whether you are always on the run or spend time at home, a CBD gummy daily will take you one step towards a better mind and body. The brand offers a variety of CBD concentrations varying from 100 to 2000 mg CBD per bag. The variation makes it an ideal choice for a wide variety of health needs and priorities.

With Bolt CBD gummies, you get an affordable deal on delicious gummies infused with organic CBD and natural fruit flavors. You can count on premium quality CBD and potent effects with every bite.

Each CBD Bolt gummy contains a specific amount (10mg to 50 mg depending upon the total CBD concentration) of CBD which is an ideal amount for boosting wellness.

Bolt CBD Gummies Specifications:

  • Available in six different concentrations:
    – 100mg (10 gummies)
    – 150mg (15 gummies)
    – 300mg (15 gummies)
    – 500mg (40 gummies)
    – 1000mg (40 gummies)
    – 2000mg (40 gummies)
  • Certified pure CBD per bag
  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Organic
  • Not coated or dipped
  • Assorted Natural Fruit Flavors
  • THC free
  • Lab-tested
  • Made in the USA

About the Brand

Bolt CBD has garnered a reputation as a brand that’s consistent with quality. Each of their products is made from 100% US-grown hemp and US-produced material. Besides locally sourced ingredients, Bolt CBD promises to deliver premium CBD blends in an honest way. Each of their products is made with complete transparency to make sure every customer gets what they need.

The wide variety of products offered by the brand is made to enhance the lifestyle and help deal with everyday issues. Bolt CBD prices each product at an affordable price but without compromising quality.

30 reviews for Bolt CBD Gummies (100mg – 2000mg)

  1. Ian Romas

    Good stuff, very delicious. The 300 mg gummies weren’t very strong for me for i’ll try the 1000 or 2000mg next.

  2. Anonymous

    These gummies are amazing! Will continue to use….they do as advertised!

  3. T Wallace

    Thank you for the timely delivery. I was facing a lot of trouble because of a leg injury and am off pain meds. These don’t take away the pain completely but they still help.

  4. Marina

    Awesome gunnies. These work great for my cramps and mood swings during periods. Help me relax and my day goes smoother.

  5. Orsolya Nagy-Czirok (verified owner)

    These gummies taste exactly like regular gummy bears, with regular use they help with my sleep and stress issues. Also, they are great for IBS related stomach pain.

  6. Stanley752 (verified owner)

    Crazy good. Loved them. People saying they are not potent enough don’t know how gummies work I guess. These aren’t your regular marijuana flower people, these are CBD gummies. They are perfectly potent for what they are.

  7. Rizaan

    They are not over sweet so that was a plus point. But not very potent i’d say.

  8. Arish

    Effective and delicious.

  9. Zaynlover1706

    I love the chewy soft texture of the gummies the most. Probably the reason why I like to eat gummies over any other infused item. They are good but I have tried better.

  10. Saisha (verified owner)

    Good product. Gummies taste good and work efficiently i’d say

  11. Davis110

    he sweetness is subtle so I am liking the taste. Obviously aren’t as potent as the bud but they are good

  12. Sharon

    Ordered the largest packaging and oh god are they gonna last long? Wayyyyy longer than I am expecting. Very potent.

  13. Jane

    I love almost every product from Bolt CBd so my review may be a little biased but the brand is genuinely amazing and I just cannot shift to any other brand. They are just perfect for me.

  14. Christopher (verified owner)

    I was told to consider CBD as a way to help with my anxiety and stress so I tried these and it really creeps up on you. I thought there was no change until everyone around me started commenting on how much more relaxed I was, how I wasn’t getting as angry as I use to, and how I seemed happier. Not to mention I started loving the taste! I’d recommend these to anyone wanting to give CBD a shot.

    Bolt CBD Gummies (100mg - 2000mg)
    Bolt CBD Gummies (100mg - 2000mg)
  15. Janet21

    I started consuming CBD gummies and I just stopped consuming caffeine because I read somewhere that coffee is not good for anxiety, and I have felt a difference. It could be because I stopped coffee but I believe it is because of these gummies . I am happy.

  16. Elizabeth M (verified owner)

    It tastes perfect! I sleep so well and wake up feeling well rested.

  17. Patrick (verified owner)

    These gummies are really good. The fruity taste and the variety is what I love the most. Just one gummy before bed works for me.

    Bolt CBD Gummies (100mg - 2000mg)
  18. Thomas

    It’s the combination of sugar rush and CBD rush for me that I keep coming back to these gummies.

  19. Chuck

    I was using melatonin before giving CBD a try. Loved these gummies the most, I have tried smoking as well but gummies are just amazing.

  20. Michael

    Taste is good but don’t give a high.

  21. Eva

    I take 2 gummies almost everyday before bed, loved the product.

  22. Reece (verified owner)

    I’ll be honest. These gummies weren’t very effective initially but now they work great for me. Guys, have patience if you want to see results. You might not experience the effect in just one day.

  23. Sharon

    I was planning to remove my wisdom tooth and this helped with the pain before I got the surgery, didn’t totally get rid of the pain but it was way better than before. Also, these taste good.

  24. Jessica

    Man such amazing gummies for just 6 effin dollars!!

  25. Kathie

    My friends loved these. I bought it for my anxiety issues and I asked my friends to try them. I don’t know but these gummies didn’t work for me. However, since my friends liked them, I am giving it three stars.

  26. Charles H (verified owner)

    I love these, if you have anxiety or struggle sleeping, get them!! They really help.

  27. Charlie

    Really loved these gummies, tasted amazing and helped me a lot with stress. I don’t consume them regularly but whenever I feel anxious or a little stressed about the situation, I pop one. Really effective.

  28. Ruth

    I liked the product. They do taste good and also helped me with my joint pain. May be it’s the placebo effect that I have in my mind but it worked. Ever since I started taking this gummies, I feel good and seen a significant reduction in pain.

  29. Amy JJ

    The only thing I loved about these gummies is its packaging. The gummies were in their perfect form and shape. I enjoyed eating them but I would not say they served their purpose.

  30. Rachel

    I bought these gummies for my brother. He was having issues at his workplace. He didn’t believe that these gummies could help him but he tried for my sake and he told me the other day that he is thankful to me for suggesting him these gummies. So it’s a yay for me.

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