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Bolt CBD - Cat Treats
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Bolt CBD - CBD Coffee


Bolt CBD – CBD Coffee


(6 customer reviews)

Bringing together the best of both worlds, Coffee & CBD, our Bolt Ground Cbd Coffee is an organically grown, low in acidity, stress relieving, energy fueled coffee that is sure to wake you up in the morning. Smooth in texture, our uplifting and enjoyable coffee carries an aroma of honey and almonds.

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6 reviews for Bolt CBD – CBD Coffee

  1. James D

    Aroma of honey
    Hi, my name is James. I have been using CBD products for a couple of months now. I am giving four-star reviews to Bold CBD coffee because of its aroma. When you open the jar, the aroma of honey quickly fills the room. I really enjoy the flavor. Good work!

  2. Lily

    Stress relieving
    I am on a day shift. Often, we have to work for long haul hours to complete the task. The coffee breaks keep me and my team going. The premium hemp CBD Ground Blend coffee is just the thing you need. Apart from that, you can drink it at night and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

  3. Carter Will

    Low in Acidity
    The products match the description. Based on what I read about it online, I received a similar product. It’s a mellow ground coffee and capable of inducing a state of relaxation. I feel awake and alert, just the thing I needed. Overall, I really liked the jar.

  4. Wyatt W

    I enjoy Bolt CBD ground coffee. It’s delicious and helps me to kick start my morning. The smooth texture induces sweetness. Overall, the coffee settles your taste buds and keeps your going throughout the day. I have been using CBD products for a couple of years now. I really enjoy sipping on Bolt CBD ground coffee.

  5. Harper Stephen

    Hi, my name is Harper and I have been using CBD infused Bolt CBD instant coffee for a couple of months now. Instant coffee is part of my morning routine. It’s totally effective and also affordable. Sometimes, I make a quick coffee round when I feel stressed. Overall, I am satisfied with the product. Way to go.

  6. Madison James

    Smooth texture
    The body of Bolt CBD coffee is smooth, it flows around the entire mouth transmitting the sensation to your brain. The flavor is well balanced, basically, they have harmonize the bitter and sweet part. This coffee is a treat for taste buds. Also, I feel very refreshed after drinking instant coffee.

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